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    Crime Fiction Kingpin Dennis Lehane on Going Back to the Boston of Gone, Baby, Gone“I’m not a mystery writer. Those are whodunnits and I’ve only written two of those and it’s very clear while reading them that I don’t give a shit who did it.”
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    Rainn Wilson on His New Spiritual Book and How The Rocker’s Epic Flop Changed His Life for the Better“If I have a legacy besides playing weird, creepy goofballs it would be to try to get the ball rolling for taking philosophy out of academia and reclaiming it for 17-year-olds … “
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    Kids in the Hall’s Scott Thompson Weaves the Unmissable Tale of a Man-Boob Mammogram (and More)“I went to the doctor and he said, ‘Well, it’s not cancer. It’s tits. You’re growing breasts.’ I had to have a mammogram.”
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    Original Saw Director James Wan on His Horror-Movie Comeback“I wanted to come back with a scary movie, that didn’t have an ounce of blood in it, to counteract what I’ve become known for with Saw … “