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  1. my brother’s keeper
    Obama, Nicki Minaj Reforming Justice SystemObama’s anaconda don’t want none unless you reform the justice system, hun.
  2. Watch LCD Soundsystem Guns n‘ Bowie“We earned an extra f*cking song,” Murphy said.
  3. the end
    Vampire Diaries May End After Season 8Star Ian Somerhalder says they will “do justice” to the story.
  4. box office
    Melissa McCarthy Bosses Batman at the Box OfficeShe’s the boss she’s the boss she’s the boss she’s the boss …
  5. bloodline
    Watch the Bloodline Season Two Trailer“You’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t.”
  6. kanye loves kanye
    Painting of Kanye Kissing Kanye Sells for $100KHe’s just trying to stake his thousands.
  7. invisibility cloak and dagger
    British Spies Defended Harry Potter From PiracySo mysterious, so secretive.
  8. obits
    Tony Conrad, Seminal Musician/Filmmaker, DiesConrad helped name the iconic art rock band the Velvet Underground.
  9. it’s hard to be a saint in the city of greensboro
    NC Congressman Calls Springsteen a ‘Bully’Well, ok then.
  10. richard linklater fought the law and the law won
    Badass Richard Linklater Was Arrested in College“I wasn’t driving while black, but I was driving with black.”
  11. rock and roll hall of fame
    Rock God David Byrne Eulogizes Rock God David Bowie With a Cover of ‘Fame’The Roots and Kimbra joined Byrne at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  12. box office
    Did Moviegoers Abandon Batman v Superman?And if thou gaze long into Zach Snyder’s abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee, and his movie will probably make less money.
  13. transparent
    Caitlyn Jenner Joins Transparent Season ThreeSeries creator Jill Soloway called the casting “a dream come true” at the GLAAD Media Awards.
  14. kendrick lamar
    Watch Kendrick Lamar Perform ‘untitled 07/levitate’ Live for the First TimePimp pimp, hooray!
  15. does dave bautista dream of electric sheep?
    Dave Bautista Teases He’s a Replicant on TwitterLet him tell you about his mother.
  16. doctor strange
    New Doctor Strange Pics Show a Magical Bromance#TrueDetectiveSeason3
  17. take me down to the reunion city
    Watch (Some of) Guns N’ Roses Play Together for the First Time in 23 YearsAxl, Slash, and Duff played together for the first time in 23 years.
  18. box office
    Holy Money! Batman v Superman Makes $424 MillionBatman wasn’t the only one doing some killing over the weekend.
  19. Preacher Has an Arseface a Mother Couldn’t LoveSeth Rogen shared a picture of the anus-faced Preacher character.
  20. reunited and it feels so good
    James Iha Reunites With Smashing PumpkinsThe guitarist joined the band on stage for a handful of tracks from Siamese Dream.
  21. where be your gibs now?
    Who Stole Shakespeare’s Skull? Alas, Poor William! We didn’t really know you very well.
  22. kurt sutter
    Kurt Sutter Creates Comic About Hitman From HellLucas Stand sounds like Spawn meets Constantine meets Buffy meets Preacher meets …
  23. people getting hurt at concerts
    Adele Is Sorry a Fan Got Hospitalized By a Falling Chain at Her Glasgow ConcertYikes.
  24. the talk show host we deserve
    Conan Drives the Batmobile and, Unlike Ben Affleck, Doesn’t Brood or Kill AnyoneNa na na na na na na na Co-nan!
  25. the purple one
    Prince Did a Sexy Cover of Bowie’s ‘Heroes’“We can be heroes, baby.”
  26. kids say the darndest pick-up lines
    Suave 12-Year-Old Hits on Selena Gomez“Are you Google?” he asked her, as cute as it is creepy.
  27. hugh jackman to the rescue
    Hugh Jackman Becomes a Real-Life Superhero, Rescues Son From DrowningThe once-and-always X-Man dove into the hostile Australian waters to rescue several swimmers, including his son, caught in a riptide.
  28. box office
    Moviegoers Pledge ‘Allegiant’ to ZootopiaThe third film in the Divergent series had a disappointing opening weekend.
  29. obits
    James Sheldon, Who Directed 1,000 Episodes of TV, Dies at 95He worked on over 100 shows and an estimated 1,000 episodes in virtually every genre.
  30. deck the halls
    Michael C. Hall and Lena Hall Kill a Cover of Radiohead Oldie ‘Ripcord’Hedwig alum Michael C. Hall and Lena Hall teamed up for a night.
  31. kanye and kanye sitting in a tree
    You’ll Love This Mural of Kanye Kissing Kanye Like Kanye Loves KanyeThe sexy, 20-foot painting adorns a wall in Australia.
  32. the long and winding legal road
    Paul McCartney Wants to Get Back, Get Back, Get Back the Rights to His SongsThe rights to his share of the Lennon-McCartney catalog is up for reversion in 2018.
  33. twin peaks
    Ana de la Reguera, Hugh Dillon Join Twin PeaksThey join the long list of actors who are tentatively in the revival, in roles we know nothing about.
  34. dance yrself clean
    Radiohead, LCD, RHCP Headline LollapaloozaOther performers include Lana Del Rey and J. Cole.
  35. fuller house
    Bob Saget, Carly Rae Sing Full House ThemeMillennials, rejoice!
  36. box office
    Cute, Anti-Bigotry Animals and Scary John Goodman Win the Box OfficeZootopia and 10 Cloverfield Lane made a combined $75 million this weekend.
  37. with bob and saul goodman
    Better Call Saul Cameo Blew Bob Odenkirk’s Mind“I lose track of how the story plays out.”
  38. time time at last
    Very Busy Kevin Spacey Drops Out of RelativitySpacey’s Trigger Street Productions consort Dana Brunetti will stay.
  39. john goodman is a good man
    John Goodman Will Play the Hero in Peter Berg’s Boston Marathon Bombing Movie“Commissioner Davis is an American hero.”
  40. how could you be so hartless
    Kevin Hart(less) Cheats to Win a Race Against a Female Track StarHe later posted “#SheWasPissed.”
  41. trump-underwood 2016
    Kevin Spacey Likens Trump to Frank UnderwoodWho would win in a debate?
  42. box office
    Moviegoers Flock to Zootopia Instead of the Racist Gerard Butler MovieZootopia chops down The Lorax for best March animated opening, too.
  43. legalese
    Lawyer Says Adam Levine’s Show Exploits Artists“NBC will own all rights to use and exploit all of your songs involved in the show including the songs you submit in the initial application.”
  44. hotline bling
    Watch Miguel and Arcade Fire’s Win Butler Cover ‘Hotline Bling’I know when that Miguel sing / That can only mean one thing.
  45. get well soon
    Lena Dunham Hospitalized, Will Undergo Surgery for Ruptured Ovarian CystShe has discussed her bouts with endometriosis on multiple occasions.
  46. don’t vote for trump
    Louis C.K. Begs You Not to Vote For Trump/Hitler“He’s an insane bigot. He is dangerous.”
  47. morrissey for mayor
    Morrissey May Run for Mayor of LondonIs it really so strange? Actually, it kinda is.
  48. hamilton
    Woman Catches Hamilton Ticket Counterfeiter“He murdered my dreams of seeing Hamilton.”
  49. Watch Elton John and Lady Gaga Perform ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’You have to see Gaga’s pumps.
  50. academy awards
    Quincy Jones Will Address Diversity With the Academy’s Board of GovernorsJones promises to stick to the script on the telecast.
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