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  1. Why Damon Lindelof Is Ending The Leftovers“I really thought it would energize the team to say, ‘We’re going to do this one last time.’”
  2. cannes
    Here Are the Cannes 2016 Award WinnersThe jury and the critics did not see eye-to-eye.
  3. Jon Stewart and Wife Save an Abused HorseJon Stewart is making America a better place.
  4. bring tissues
    Florence Welch Sings Tear-Inducing Harmonies With a Fan in Hospice You’ll be reduced to a pool of sweet, sweet tears.
  5. bae watch
    Rogen and Efron Fight Zombies in Neighbors 3Zac Efron is a thirst trap and Seth Rogen has a sword — what else do you need?
  6. notorious b.k.n.y.
    May 21 is Now Officially ‘Notorious B.I.G. Day’ in BrooklynWohoo!
  7. last night on late
    Watch Joanna Newsom Perform on Jimmy KimmelLook at her play that harp. Look at her!
  8. roll clip!
    Watch Radiohead Perform A Moon Shaped Pool SongsThey also exhumed a few Bends-era tracks, for those missing the guitar-rock days.
  9. obits
    Madeleine Lebeau, Last Living Cast Member of Casablanca, Dies at 92She’s best remembered for shouting, “Viva la France!” at the end of “La Marseillaise.”
  10. burn the radiohead
    Radiohead Earns Ire of Trumpton CreatorsThe video borrows the Trumpton aesthetic to make a cryptic political statement.
  11. upfronts 2016
    CBS Passes on the Sarah Shahi–Fronted Nancy DrewIt was considered “too female.”
  12. graduation day
    Paul Feig’s Advice to Aspiring Filmmakers: ‘Don’t Be an A**Hole’Feig’s movies make a lot of money so he must know what he’s talking about.
  13. defacing national parks is a federal offense
    Vanessa Hudgens Carves Heart in Rock, Fined $1kVanessa, you rebel, you heart-carver.
  14. upfronts 2016
    CBS Picks Up Katherine Heigl Legal Drama DoubtLaverne Cox and Elliott Gould co-star.
  15. not returning
    Recovery Road Won’t Recover for a Second SeasonIt aired on Freeform.
  16. a moon shaped pool
    Radiohead’s New Album A Moon Shaped Pool Is HereThe album is available in digital formats on the band’s site.
  17. box office
    Captain America Makes a Lot of American DollarsCivil War had the fifth-best opening of all-time; three of the top five are Marvel movies.
  18. Police Protest Outside Beyoncé’s Houston ConcertProtesting Bey is not how you fix your shoddy public perception.
  19. now playing at a theater near you
    P.T. Anderson’s Radiohead Video Is in TheatersAlamo Drafthouse, New York’s Metrograph, and other great theaters will screen the short.
  20. louis ck is ay ok
    Louis C.K. Says Horace and Pete Isn’t Canceled“In a couple of months, this show will be paid for.”
  21. prince
    Stevie Wonder Honoring Prince May Make You Cry ‘Purple Rain’ TearsIt’s beautiful.
  22. marvel cinematic universe
    Marvel ‘Committing’ to Make a Black Widow MovieFor sometime beyond 2019.
  23. tower of marvel
    Guardians of Galaxy Taking Over Tower of TerrorBecause there isn’t enough Marvel stuff.
  24. five card stud
    Five-Card Stud Idris Elba Joins Aaron Sorkin’s Poker MovieHe’ll play the defense lawyer.
  25. anti-viral marketing
    Radiohead Disappears From Web, Returns With BirdThe band seems to be deconstructing the notion of modern viral marketing to build hype for #LP9.
  26. finally
    Malick’s Voyage of Time Is Finally Coming OutVoyage of Time began production in the 1970s and has become one of cinema’s great What-Ifs.
  27. women in film
    Female Filmmakers Have It Just As Rough in Europe As They Do in HollywoodThe gender-disparity problem isn’t unique to Hollywood.
  28. box office
    Captain America Invades Europe for $200 MillionIt’s the 14th-best foreign opening ever.
  29. no elephants on parade
    Ringling Bros to Feature Elephants for Last TimeElephants have been a part of the circus for over 200 years.
  30. team foxcatcher
    Why Mark Schultz Isn’t in Team FoxcatcherHis widow explains it in a new interview.
  31. A Teacher Shows Class The Human Centipede 2Director Tom Six responded that the movie should be required viewing in all schools.
  32. drake
    Drake Says Views Sold 620,000 Copies OvernightBut that might be a bit misleading.
  33. open sesame
    Prince’s Cornucopia of 2,000+ Unreleased Songs Has Reportedly Been OpenedThis is the most exciting opening of a vault since Geraldo excavated Al Capone’s.
  34. double double toil and snail mail
    Radiohead Teases ‘Burn the Witch’ in Creepy WayIt’s been gestating since at least 2003.
  35. fast men in spandex
    The Flash Director Seth Grahame-Smith Leaves Film in a HurryHe won’t make his directorial debut with The Flash after all.
  36. wrong rachel
    Dear Beyhive: Rachel Roy Is Not Rachael RayAfter sipping the Lemonade, Beyoncé’s fans stung fast and fiercely, but at the wrong person.
  37. straight outta coachella
    Watch Dr. Dre Perform With N.W.A at CoachellaKendrick Lamar also joined the iconic rap group on stage.
  38. guilty
    Real Life Bernie Given 99 Years for MurderThe real-life Bernie is much sadder than Linklater’s 2011 comedy.
  39. prince
    See Pages of the Unproduced Simpsons Prince EpPrince allegedly objected to the screenplay, which lead to the episode being scrapped.
  40. doctor who
    Pearl Mackie Is the New Doctor Who CompanionThe little-known actress will join Peter Capaldi for the tenth season.
  41. music
    Watch LCD Soundsystem Honor Prince With a Voluptuous Cover of ‘Controversy’LCD played the iconic 1981 song during their latest Coachella set.
  42. ah bartleby! ah inhumanity!
    Disney Expunges Inhumans From 2019 Release SlateDisney/Lucasfilm’s upcoming Indiana Jones movie has bumped Inhumans back to an unspecified release date.
  43. last night on late night
    Colbert and GoT Creator Talk Female Characters“The women on the show are all amazing.”
  44. Axl Rose Takes Over AC/DC Front-Man DutiesBrian Johnson issues statement saying he’s not retiring.
  45. feel the bern
    Spike Lee Wants You to ‘Wake Up’ and Vote BernieSpike’s five-minute video also features Susan Sarandon and Alan Cumming, among other celebs.
  46. the end is nigh
    Neil Gaiman Adapting His Novel Good Omens for TVA posthumously found letter from Terry Pratchett urged Gaiman to go on with the project.
  47. box office
    Jungle Book and Barbershop Make a Lot of MoneyMaybe we can get a Jungle Book and Barbershop crossover, Baloo v Barbershop: Dawn of Buzzcut?
  48. museums
    Swiss Museum Honoring Charlie Chaplin Hopes to Keep the Auteur’s Legacy AliveChaplin was terrified of being forgotten; this museum wants to make sure that never happens.
  49. repeal hb2
    Cyndi Lauper Is Donating Raleigh Concert Profits to Help Repeal HB2Kudos.
  50. horace and pete
    Louis C.K. Says Horace and Pete Is Dead“Take your time watching it. Give it time.”
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