1. the end of a world
    Fortnite Is Dead. Long Live Fortnite.Your favorite video game was sucked into a black hole this weekend.
  2. music
    Kanye’s New Music Might Now Arrive On October 25, But We’ve Been Burned BeforeHis IMAX movie Jesus Is King premieres on October 25, so either way, something to look forward to.
  3. additional shots fired
    Scorsese Doubles Down On Marvel Movie Critique: ‘We Shouldn’t Be Invaded by It’“We need cinemas to step up and show films that are narrative films.”
  4. snl
    Chance the Rapper to Be Chance the Host and Chance the Musical Guest on SNLHe’ll be pulling double duty October 26.
  5. obits
    Robert Forster, Oscar-Nominated Star of Jackie Brown, Dead at 78The 78-year-old character actor appeared in over 100 film roles.
  6. skeletons
    Chance the Rapper Tosses the Skeletons Out of His Closet in ‘We Go High’ VideoSome people just get under your skin. All the way under.
  7. sequels
    Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston’s Next Vacay Already Ruined by Murder Mystery 2The era of Adam Sandler sequels has finally arrived.
  8. the industry
    Stepmother vs. Godmother: Idina Menzel and Billy Porter in Talks for CinderellaAn icy chill shoots up John Travolta’s spine. Oh no, not again.
  9. health
    Alex Trebek Reflects on Fighting Pancreatic Cancer While Hosting Jeopardy!“I’m not afraid of dying,” he said. “I’ve lived a good life, a full life, and I’m nearing the end of that life.”
  10. new additions
    Nick Jonas Plans to Take a Spin Around The Voice as Season 18 CoachBecause rotating in a massive mechanical chair in the privacy of your own home gets boring after a while.
  11. what might have been
    Ed Norton Knows the Two ‘Dark’ Hulk Films He Pitched Would’ve Been Cool As HellMakes sense. That Bruce guy can get very angry.
  12. cut for time
    The Only Thing Between You And Broadway Is a Nebraskan Accent in Cut SNL SketchJust try one without looking it up. Okay, that’s probably better than they did.
  13. trailer mix
    Rick and Morty Trailer Invites You to an Akira-Type Situation Behind the MallThe show returns on Sunday, November 10.
  14. cut for time
    SNL’s Cut-for-Time Tampax Secrets Ad: Hide Your Tampons… With Something WorseSure, a dead mouse or a Cosby Show DVD aren’t great, but at least they aren’t a tampon.
  15. box office
    Todd Phillips’s Joker Maniacally Dances Its Way to New October Box Office RecordIf only he had gotten these numbers before, he might never have become Joker in the first place. Really makes you think.
  16. live musicals
    Auli’i Cravalho Welcomes You Under the Sea in Little Mermaid Live! TeaserWhat have you got? A lot of sand. They’ve got a hot crustacean band featuring Shaggy.
  17. obits
    Rip Taylor, Comedian, Actor, and King of Confetti, Dead at 84The rubber-faced comic first made a name for himself on the ‘60s late-show circuit, racking up appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show.
  18. cooking lessons from the rock
    The Rock Returns to Offer Some Cooking Lessons on WWE’s Friday Night SmackDownThe WWE People’s Champ returns to the ring and has the crowd chanting “STD” in no time.
  19. dating...?
    Miley Cyrus Begs You, Please, Let Her Make Out Over an Açaí Bowl in PeaceShow some respect for her #HotGirlFall.
  20. go go gadget reboot
    Disney Activates Nefarious Plan for New Live-Action Inspector Gadget Film[Pounding cyborg umbrella arms on the table] Gritty reboot! Gritty reboot!
  21. 31 days of halloween
    Kim Petras Drops A Full Halloween Album, Because She Is Using Her October WiselyWe already have more than enough Christmas albums, right?
  22. true love
    Zooey Deschanel and Property Bros Jonathan Scott Smooch in the Front Row at DWTSNothing gets those juices flowing like watching Sean Spicer gyrate to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
  23. now streaming
    New on Netflix: October 2019The Breaking Bad movie, Dolemite Is My Name, Raging Bull, and more.
  24. tv adaptations
    Chelsea Handler’s Life Will Be the Death of Me Will Likely Live Again on TVUniversal TV is reportedly adapting the comedian’s 2019 memoir into a television series.
  25. wedding bells
    Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Make Their Wedding Guests Watch The NotebookSeems like you wouldn’t want the greatest love story ever told to pull focus, but okay.
  26. collabs
    That Beyoncé-Adele Collab Was Obviously Too Good to Be TrueRyan Tedder now says jk.
  27. trailer mix
    BBC’s The War of the Worlds Trailer: Definitely Do Not Keep CalmThis British invasion involves a lot more giant mechanical spiders.
  28. fall!
    Saturday Night Live Invites You to Come Spend $45 to Pick $10 Worth of ApplesTake home a few penis gourds while you’re at it.
  29. surprise?
    Kanye Performs In New York, But Jesus Is King Has Been Delayed Once AgainThe second reported deadline has come and gone, and still no album drop.
  30. obits
    Linda Porter, Superstore’s Myrtle, Dead at 86“We’re lucky to have been a small part of her long career. The Superstore family won’t be the same without her.”
  31. obits
    Rob Garrison, Karate Kid Actor, Dead at 59Garrison played the role of Tommy in the original 1984 film, The Karate Kid Part II in 1986, and YouTube’s Cobra Kai.
  32. cancellations
    Pretty Little Liars Spinoff The Perfectionists Canceled After One SeasonThis has the Professor’s fingerprints all over it.
  33. trailer mix
    Jesse Pinkman Lies Low in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Trailer“You ready?”
  34. emmys 2019
    Singer Michelle Williams Asks You Not to Yell at Her Over Anyone’s Emmys SpeechSome of you seem to be very confused, and in more way than one.
  35. last night on late night
    Megan Thee Stallion and Jimmy Fallon Usher in ‘Hot Girl Fall’ on Tonight ShowEnjoy your hot girl shit and a crisp autumnal breeze.
  36. reboots
    Warner Bros. Wants to Take You Back to New Jack CityIt’s always business. Never personal.
  37. casting
    Jonah Hill Reportedly In Talks to Terrorize Gotham in Robert Pattinson’s BatmanLet him play the Joker too. Give us more, more! Infinite Jokers!
  38. emmys 2019
    Michelle Williams Calls for Industry to Support Women of Color in Emmys Speech“One day she might stand in front of you and say ‘thank you’ for allowing her to succeed because of her workplace environment, not in spite of it.”
  39. emmys 2019
    The Wildest Bits of Thomas Lennon’s Surreal 2019 Emmys CommentarySuccession is loosely based on the Murdoch family, the same Murdoch family that has ordered me to sit here at this microphone and tell jokes.”
  40. trailer mix
    Time Is Running Out for Kerry Washington in Netflix’s American Son TrailerWashington and Steven Pasquale reprise their roles from Christopher Demos-Brown’s Broadway drama.
  41. emmys 2019
    Phoebe Waller-Bridge Wins at the Emmys, Which Means Julia Louis-Dreyfus LosesIt’s fine, Julia already has like a million of these guys.
  42. trailer mix
    Netflix Fractured Trailer: Jodie Foster Might Have Some Tips for Sam WorthingtonSo soon we forget Flightplan.
  43. looks sardonically to camera
    Netflix CEO Says Fleabag the One That Got Away After Losing Bid to AmazonSo, if you see a little fox chasing him around, that’s what it represents.
  44. adaptations
    Ariana Grande Morally Obligated to Appear in Netflix Adaptation of Broadway’s 13The 2008 production of the all-teen Broadway musical brought with it the debut of Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies, among others.
  45. god bless us every remake
    Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds Chipped in, Got You a New Musical Christmas CarolThe Muppets couldn’t reign supreme over the holiday forever.
  46. new music
    Hear ‘When I Wasn’t Watching,’ Mandy Moore’s First New Song In a DecadeAdd it the soundtrack of your Wistful Girl Fall.
  47. the industry
    Sophie Turner Fights to Survive on Quibi in First Post-Game of Thrones TV RoleAlongside 24: Legacy star Corey Hawkins.
  48. remakes
    Issa Rae Reportedly Ready to Set It OffThe Insecure star is developing a “reimagining” of the 1996 heist drama.
  49. dinosaurs
    Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic Short Welcomes You to An America Where Dinos RoamCamping? Fun while it lasted. Vacationing without the fear of a T. Rex eating your kids? We had a great run.
  50. golden girls 3000
    Jane Lynch and Cyndi Lauper Developing ‘Golden Girls for Today’ at NetflixYou were already devouring an entire cheesecake. Make it in their honor.
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