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  1. Oh, There’s Gonna Be Another Super TroopersToday in Unwanted Sequels, the News of Which Will Delight a Few and Frustrate Many, there’s going to be a Super Troopers 2. Actor and director […]
  2. A Sweltering Week in Comedy- We guided you through the comedy landscape of Austin, TX. - We spoke to Aziz Ansari about his new self-released standup special. - We […]
  3. Steve Holt! Wants to Be in the New Arrested Development EpisodesSteve Holt! (That was a Steve Holt! of despair.) Justin Grant Wade, the actor who played Steve Holt on Arrested Development, has not been asked […]
  4. Dave Chappelle’s Twitter Account: The Animated Taiwanese Re-Imagining I’m not really sure why Next Media Animation keeps restricting itself to coverage of news stories. In just this one video about Dave […]
  5. Jenny Slate to Make Super Fun Night Into Extra Super Incredibly Fun NightGood news: Jenny Slate has just joined the already amazing-sounding CBS pilot Super Fun Night, written by and starring Rebel Wilson and […]
  6. What Does Odd Future Have In Common With Jackass? Another way to phrase that headline: What’s part pranks, part man-on-the-street interviews, part sketches and all created by violent hip-hop […]
  7. Community Falls in Ratings But Leads NBC’s NightOkay, so maybe Community couldn’t quite sustain the high ratings of its triumphant return last week. It was down a half point last night, even […]
  8. Bob Odenkirk Is Taking Over Reddit at 1:30PM[blackbirdpie id=”183204116686843905”] This afternoon will see a Reddit AMA from Mr. Bob Odenkirk. Start preparing your questions about Mr. […]
  9. Take the High Road with Doug Benson’s New Movie Here’s the trailer for the latest movie from Doug Benson, comedian and Known Pot Smoker. It follows him on tour as he tells joke and smokes […]
  10. Up All Night Recap: ‘Daddy Daughter Time’Of course Ava’s dad is Henry Winkler playing a Jewish hippie who thinks he is black. “I think it’s jive, but I don’t wanna be a hater, oy,” he […]
  11. Jason Segel and Jake Kasdan Are Filming a Sex Tape TogetherYeah, no, Sex Tape is just the name of the movie. The movie in which Segel and an as-yet-uncast female lead play a couple who make a sex tape. […]
  12. Bent and the Problem With Romantic Comedy TV ShowsThe pilot of Bent premiered last night on NBC, and it gave me a teeny-tiny wave of deja vu that carried me back to watching another solidly […]
  13. Will Ferrell Doesn’t Have Time for the President, Damn It Will Ferrell swung on over to Conan last night to let Conan and Andy try on his woman’s sunglasses (if there is any difference between Conan […]
  14. The Sad Details of The Onion’s Exodus to ChicagoJeez, the Onion’s editorial staff is really leaving New York. Well, uh, five out of the sixteen of them are. This story has the details of […]
  15. A.C.O.D. Gets Even Better-Sounding With the Addition of Adam PallyAdam Scott, Amy Poehler, Catherine O’Hara, Jane Lynch, Richard Jenkins and Clark Duke wasn’t really enough of an amazing cast for the upcoming […]
  16. Todd Barry, the ‘Laurence Olivier of Sarcastic Twerps’This profile of Todd Barry is a master class in backhanded compliments. (He’s funny, but not because of his material or delivery. I love this […]
  17. The Dave Chappelle Comeback Starts on TwitterThe Dave Chappelle Comeback Tour has begun! First stop, Twitter. Next stop, total standup comedy domination.
  18. Alec Baldwin Promises a Live 30 Rock This April[blackbirdpie id=”182570141991702528”] Alec Baldwin’s been running his mouth again. But who can be mad at him when he’s promising a 30 Rock […]
  19. Dwight’s Spinoff & Mindy Kaling’s Pilot Are Taking Their Toll on The OfficeBig shakeups are about to hit Dunder Mifflin. Paul Lieberstein will likely exit as showrunner next year, the better to focus on the […]
  20. The Onion News Network Is No MoreA day full of such IFC joy cannot avoid bringing with it a little IFC sadness. The Onion News Network has made its last broadcast and will not […]
  21. Horatio Sanz Nabbed the Joseph Kony Interview the World’s Been Waiting For In this exclusive video interview written and directed by Horatio Sanz, worldwide celebrity Joseph Kony speaks out about how it feels to have […]
  22. My Damn Channel Is Launching a Live Comedy Talk Show on Youtube My Damn Channel’s new live comedy show, My Damn Channel Live, is premiering a week from today at 4 on Youtube and will air every day after […]
  23. A Trailer Told by Three Stooges, Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing Dear God, this Three Stooges trailer is not only more ridiculous than the last one, it is a virtuoso display of pratfalling slapstickery so […]
  24. Adios for Now, I Hate My Teenage DaughterFox has removed I Hate My Teenage Daughter from its schedule, effective immediately, after its ratings sank even further downward this week. […]
  25. Jeffrey Tambor Reveals the Genesis of Oscar BluthHey, anyone laboring under the impression that Arrested Development was meticulously plotted down to the last chicken dance before the first […]
  26. Aziz Ansari Is Doing a Reddit AMA Starting…Now[blackbirdpie id=”182481192434667522”] Get your refresh button ready, ‘cause Aziz Ansari’s Reddit AMA begins right about now. Ask him smart […]
  27. Eddie Izzard Is Your New Grandpa MunsterEddie Izzard has been cast as Grandpa in Mockingbird Lane, the upcoming NBC remake of The Munsters. An interesting choice! Izzard has an edge […]
  28. Comedy Bang! Bang!, Portlandia, & More News From the IFC Upfronts Whew, that Bunk preview was only the beginning. The IFC upfronts yesterday yielded all manner of programming information, from release dates […]
  29. Rob Corddry Is Having Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant’s Hell BabyThomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant are stepping out of the screenwriting circle and into the directing triangle with horror comedy Hell Baby, […]
  30. Watch the Best Friends Forever Premiere Right Now The first episode of Best Friends Forever is online, which means you can watch it right here. C’mon, it’s hump day. They don’t really need you […]
  31. Bunk Looks Like a Spaghetti-Spillin’ Good Time I’m going to tell you as much as I can about this preview for Bunk before my intern is done picking up a box of uncooked spaghetti. Patrick, […]
  32. Community’s Ratings Are Objectively High Enough for Another SeasonThe good news just keeps on coming to Greendale. The show’s joined 30 Rock and Up All Night in the “more likely to be renewed than canceled” […]
  33. Ask Ugly Americans Creator Devin Clark AnythingDevin Clark, the creator of Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans, is doing a Reddit AMA right now. So far we’ve learned that his favorite line from […]
  34. So Abby Elliott’s Not Leaving SNL This Year After AllVery suspicious news is in the air. Abby Elliott has left the pilot cast for Ben Fox Is My Manny after “it was determined that she wasn’t the […]
  35. Josh Brolin Will Host SNL on April 14 With GotyeJosh Brolin will invade Studio 8H on April 14 with musical guest Gotye. It’s still a month away, but SNL’s costume designers have no doubt […]
  36. How Big Bang Theory Reruns Made TBS the #1 Cable NetworkHere’s a fairly stunning look at how reruns of The Big Bang Theory helped boost TBS to the #1 cable network among 18-49 year olds, and how […]
  37. Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase Will Have a Vaguely Described Movie ReunionDan Aykroyd announced on his Facebook page last night that he and Chevy Chase are “about to start work on a script concept for a comedy movie.” […]
  38. Got $10,000? Buy the Writers Room Table From The Onion’s New York Office[blackbirdpie id=”181864748978151424”] Now that the Onion is moving to Chicago, the staff has some priceless memorabilia to unload. Like their […]
  39. Jeffrey Tambor Has Had Some Great Lines Over the Years Jeffrey Tambor stopped by Late Night last night to promote tomorrow night’s premiere of Bent on NBC, and he dropped a couple of his […]
  40. Aziz Ansari Is Pulling a Louie With His New Standup Special Everyone’s doing it! C.K., Gaffigan, and now Ansari. As you can learn in this helpful video, Aziz Ansari is selling his new standup special […]
  41. Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart Are Your New Favorite Buddy Cop PairSeth Rogen, meet your new partner Kevin Hart. You two have drastically different ideas about police work (likely) and pretty unorthodox methods […]
  42. We’re All Following Woody Allen To Rome With Love on June 22Woody Allen’s new comedy with Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, and Ellen Page is now called To Rome With Love, and it’s coming to theaters June […]
  43. Bob’s Burgers Is Rebounding in the Ratings After a So-So PremiereRatings for Bob’s Burgers were up 11% last night after a non-amazing season two premiere. Maybe you didn’t know the Belchers were back on the […]
  44. Tom Papa Is Going to Give TBS the Naked TruthIFC’s not the only network working up new shows with standup comics. TBS has ordered a pilot for Naked Truth, a series hosted by Tom Papa that […]
  45. A Beetlejuice Sequel May Not Be Worth Dying ForThe Beetlejuice sequel is still happening, according to screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith. If the script impresses them, Tim Burton would be back […]
  46. Will Ferrell Can’t Help Being This HealthyI know you’re exhausted by all this news about how fun and well-adjusted Will Ferrell is and how none of us will ever measure up to his […]
  47. Nielsen Ratings Getting Less Awful by Comparing TV and Online AdsIn the ongoing battle to get Nielsen ratings to even somewhat resemble the reality of who’s watching what television shows, a blow has been […]
  48. Watch a New Yorker Cartoonist Doodle and Chat at the Same Time Here’s a video interview with New Yorker cartoonist Matt Diffee, in which he discusses the business of “drawing funny” and also doodles a […]
  49. IFC Has Grabbed Ten Episodes of Marc Maron’s New SeriesThe podcast-inspired pilot Marc Maron shot a while back has finally found a home. IFC is expected to announce this week that they’ve picked up […]
  50. A South By Week in Comedy- We interviewed comedian and Fun Dad Pete Holmes. - We considered the raw quality of Zach Galifianakis’ standup. - We got serious about […]
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