Hannah Gold

  1. #metoo
    Sarah Jessica Parker Says a ‘Very Big Movie Star’ Harassed Her on Set“No matter what my role was on set, I didn’t feel as powerful as the man who was behaving inappropriately.”
  2. a modern family
    Karlie Kloss Says Being Related to Jared and Ivanka Is ‘Hard’We can imagine.
  3. connections
    Wait, Marianne Williamson and Laura Dern Used to Be Roommates?Transcendental meditation works in mysterious ways.
  4. boyfriends
    Keanu Reeves Thinks Your Undying Ardor for Him Is ‘Wacky’But also “great.”
  5. good times
    Kylie Jenner Celebrates Friend’s Birthday With Handmaid’s Tale–Themed PartyPraise B-Day
  6. music
    Madonna Says Harvey Weinstein ‘Crossed Lines’ With Her, TooShe talked about the ‘open secret’ in a recent interview.
  7. dracarys
    Looks Like Emilia Clarke Shared Your Feelings About the Game of Thrones FinaleJust look at her face during the finale’s read-through.
  8. creepy
    Natalie Portman Says She Never Dated Moby, Who Is A CreepHe made the claim in his new memoir.
  9. music
    Britney Spears Requests Restraining Order Against Sam LuftiIn new court documents, the singer accuses her ex-manager of threatening her and using the #FreeBritney to harass her.
  10. crime
    Ashton Kutcher May Testify Against Alleged ‘Hollywood Ripper’ Serial KillerHe was dating one of the man’s alleged victims at the time of her death.