1. tv couple scuffle
    TV Couples: Tami and Eric vs. Tony and CarmelaWhich of these two best TV couples ever is the best-best?
  2. vulture essays
    Silicon Valley: So Much Money, So Much DespairThe new guys feel so much like the old ones.
  3. fame
    Why Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence Are BelovedSocial media’s effects have made it imperative for actresses to always feel accessible. Woe be unto Anne Hathaway for acting like a star.
  4. sitcom smackdown
    Sitcom Smackdown: Community Vs. Larry SandersMeta vs. vérité, Troy and Abed vs. Larry and Artie.
  5. end of days
    Why TV Apocalypses Are Really Wish-Fulfillment FablesSure, there are zombies and militias on The Walking Dead and Revolution, but life is so simple.
  6. truthiness
    Why Ninja Turtles Are More Real to Us Than Abraham LincolnWhy Americans are more upset about altering the fictional history of cartoon turtles than they are about changing the backstory of honest Abe.
  7. drama derby
    The Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years, Round Two: The Sopranos vs. The ShieldTwo tonally different series, united in excellence.