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  1. rip
    Remembering Nick Nemeroff, a Master of MisdirectionThe stand-up, who died recently at age 32, had a unique superpower.
  2. stand-up
    This Weed Joke Is As Potent As Today’s WeedComedian Ralph Barbosa’s Don’t Tell Comedy set sneaks material about guns and taxes into clever jokes about weed.
  3. comedy writing
    For Kevin Iso, Interesting Beats FunnyTalking Flatbush Misdemeanors and That Damn Michael Che with the comedian and writer.
  4. stand-up
    The Director Who Captured George Carlin’s Most Prophetic EraRocco Urbisci looks back on his 30-year creative partnership with the legendary stand-up.
  5. sub standards
    Two Bilingual Comedians Try to Decipher Their Own SubtitlesSome jokes survive a translation. Others become “surprise eggs.”
  6. survey says
    What Do Comedians Think of (the Non-Joke Parts of) Stand-up Specials?Here are insights from 39 of them.
  7. lights cameras jokes
    Meet the Technical Artists Behind Comedy’s Most Impressive Specials“Of the many mediums I work on — TV, film, and commercials — making a live comedy special is hardest of all.”
  8. duos
    John Mulaney and Conan O’Brien Have an SNL-Monologue ChatThe full episode of O’Brien’s podcast is out next week.
  9. russia invasion
    Watch a Ukrainian Comedian Perform Inside a Bomb Shelter“I wrote it in a week, so sorry if it’s not funny. I was in a hurry to avoid death.”
  10. comedy albums
    What If Stand-up Comedy Had a Musical Score?Comedian Skyler Higley and musician Nicholas James teamed up to find out.
  11. bodega boys
    Michelle Yeoh Puts Desus and Mero (and Stuntmen) on NoticeShe will not hesitate to front-kick you.
  12. chat room
    Nothing Entertains Claudia O’Doherty Like a Really Bad LiarThe comedian talks Killing It, working with fake snakes, and how everyone’s always telling her “no” in Australian.
  13. last night on late night
    Jerrod Carmichael Had a Tense Phone Call on His Way to Late NightThe comedian opened up to Seth Meyers about an “emotional” talk with his mom following the release of Rothaniel.
  14. snl
    Inspired by SNL, Netflix Creates “Short-Ass Movies” CategoryPete Davidson’s love letter has been answered.
  15. 🏆
    Participation Trophy Jokes Can Be Good … SometimesOther times, they help brands trying to engineer Twitter engagement.
  16. chat room
    Bust Down’s Freddie Gibbs Never Wants to Play a RapperHe’d rather fight Michael B. Jordan in the next Creed.
  17. stand-up
    Five Years Later, Quincy Jones Is Still Burning the LightHe lived out his dying wish of recording a stand-up special, but then his condition stabilized and people stopped laughing.
  18. start here
    Want to Try All Fantasy Everything? Start Here.Highlighting our favorite episode of Ian Karmel’s fantasy-draft podcast.
  19. the audience
    The Rise of “Clapter” ComedyThe phenomenon coined by Seth Meyers is everywhere in comedy. Is it hurting the form?
  20. On the Verge: Drew MichaelWelcome to our series On the Verge, where our contributors highlight comedians they feel are ready for their next big break. Whether they’re […]
  21. Hasan Minhaj’s ‘Homecoming King’ Is an American Story, Whether You Get the […]When I first stumbled across Hasan Minhaj’s YouTube videos back in 2012, I was at a strange point in my evolution as a comedy consumer, where […]
  22. criticism
    Comedy vs. CriticismOn the uneasy relationship between comedy and its critics.
  23. Desus and Mero Are Playing with House Money When David Letterman retired from hosting the Late Show back in May of 2015, there was a great deal of analysis lamenting the idea that “late […]
  24. The Underappreciated Genius of Stewart Lee In a recent episode of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle—the popular British comedian’s standup showcase that recently concluded its 4th season on […]
  25. Maybe Political Correctness Isn’t Ruining Comedy The seemingly never-ending war on political correctness has felt particularly salient these past few years. For every self-righteous person […]