1. all that ham
    Now You Won’t Be Able to Get Hamilton Tickets in Chicago EitherThe Hamilton national tour begins September 27, 2016.
  2. blonde hair don’t care
    Chloë Moretz’s Little Mermaid Will Be ‘Progressive,’ Also BlondeBlonde is the new progressive.
  3. grocery lists
    Did Omarion’s ‘Post to Be’ Deserve a Grammy Nomination? An InvestigationMaybe the Grammys aren’t down with anilingus.
  4. comedy tour
    Hillary Clinton Will Be on Seth MeyersHer late-night tour continues on December 10.
  5. vulture quiz
    Week in Culture QuizWere you paying attention?
  6. popebars
    The ‘Pope Bars’ Meme Will Add Some Bass to Your PrayersBlessing fingers turn to trigger fingers.
  7. transparent
    Transparent Season 2 Will Premiere Monday NightRevisit the Pfeffermans, starting Monday, November 30.
  8. nostalgia
    This Roast of the Hey Arnold! Credits Is SavageFootball head, explained.
  9. i don’t know her
    Breaking Down the Shade Ava DuVernay Threw at Quentin TarantinoSavage.
  10. jessica jones
    Who Jessica Jones Characters Are in the ComicsGet the backstories.
  11. money money money
    TV Stand-up Specials Are Raking in the BucksNetflix is where it’s at.
  12. billboard wars
    Justin Bieber Tops Drake’s and the Beatles’ Billboard RecordSeventeen songs on the Hot 100. Damn.
  13. black love matters
    Will Smith Wanted Django to Be a Love StoryHe wasn’t big on the film’s violence.
  14. breakups
    Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s Breakup, As Told By Adele’s 25We all know what “When We Were Young” is really about.
  15. week in culture quiz
    Vulture’s Week in Culture QuizWere you paying attention?
  16. hannibal
    What Happens When the Creator of Hannibal Makes a PETA AdPETA wants to scare you away from eating meat.
  17. back to the future
    Jenny McCarthy: Sheen Could’ve Told Me About HIVJenny McCarthy knows a thing or two about time travel.
  18. drizzy season
    Drake Teases Views From the 6 on VineDrizzy season approaching.
  19. pitchy
    Ryan Seacrest Says Every Idol Judge Will ReturnWhat’s good, Mariah?
  20. the heat is on
    Miss Saigon to Heat Up Broadway Again in 2017The revival will bow in spring 2017.
  21. past lives
    Do People Realize That Brie Larson Was a Pop Star?She dropped an album, Finally Out of P.E., in 2005.
  22. thirsty
    Zayn Malik Sips Tang, is Too ‘Cool’ for One DirectionYou can’t party with your girl and listen to One Direction.
  23. they just keep crossing the line
    Debra Messing Does Not Want Your Unsolicited Dick PicsMost women don’t, actually.
  24. critics
    Pierce Brosnan Didn’t Even Like SpectreBrosnan was neither shaken nor stirred by the film.
  25. let’s talk about sex
    Jonathan Groff Is Gonna Have a Lot of Sex in the Looking MovieThat’s a lot of Groffsauce.
  26. fast spinoffs
    Here Are the Odds on Who Will Get a Fast and Furious Spinoff MovieSorry, Bow Wow. There’s not gonna be a Twinkie movie.
  27. on her way to steal your man like
    Erykah Badu Is Sliding Into DMs to Steal Your Man on TwitterIf you come for her on Twitter, beware.
  28. the parent death trap
    Lindsay Lohan Is Obsessed With MurderHappy birthday, Charles Manson?
  29. week in culture quiz
    Vulture’s Week in Culture QuizWere you paying attention?
  30. allmymovies
    How Shia LaBeouf Reacted to Every One of His MoviesLike all of us, he had a really good time watching The Even Stevens Movie.
  31. pinnochip-hop
    All the Missy and Pharrell Puppet Dance MovesThe real stars of Missy’s “WTF (Where They From).”
  32. ham4ham
    Lin-Manuel Miranda & Lea Salonga Sing AladdinLeeeeeaaaaaaa.
  33. cut for time
    SNL Tries to Save Trump’s Hair in Unaired ClipMan vs. nature. Hair vs. wind.
  34. soap operas
    Soap Opera Tips for Faking Cancer on Reality TVWhy is everyone on Real Housewives faking cancer?
  35. goopin’
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Will Now Publish BooksGoop: not just for the World Wide Web anymore.
  36. eff that fish
    Prince Once Fired Questlove As a DJ and Played Finding Nemo InsteadAs Prince does.
  37. beefs
    Columbus Directed Home Alone Because Chevy ChaseColumbus says Chase treated him “like dirt.”
  38. candy
    Billy Eichner Puts Amy Sedaris Through a Shondaland Obstacle CourseAmy Sedaris tries to win the coveted role of mayor of Shondaland.
  39. thinspiration
    Shonda Rhimes Is Serving Body After Losing 127 PoundsShonda Rhimes discussed what inspired her weight loss on The Ellen Show.
  40. wtf
    We’ll Never Know If Rita Ora Slayed ‘Hello’ Better Than Adele DidWe’ll never know.
  41. tossed salads
    A Taxonomy of 50 Cent’s Anilingus HistoryVivica Fox called 50 Cent a “booty snatcher” on Watch What Happens Live and Twitter had a meltdown.
  42. in development
    Chloë Moretz Will Flip Her Fins in The Little MermaidSofia Coppola is out and Chloë Moretz is in!
  43. holy ghost bling
    A Gospel Choir Remixed Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’In which part of the Bible did Jesus call anyone on his cellular device at night?
  44. gaslighting
    Kim Kardashian Blamed Her Thirsty Instagram Photo on North — You Can, Too!Sure, Kim.
  45. vulture quiz
    Week in Culture QuizWere you paying attention?
  46. beefs
    The Angelina Jolie–Amy Pascal Photo ExplainedAngelina was deeply concerned for Amy!
  47. hello it’s time
    Adele Wants to Know Where Frank Ocean’s Album IsThe queen of making us wait too long for an album is done waiting for Frank Ocean.
  48. sports
    Paul Rudd Celebrated Royals’ World SeriesMeet Paul Rudd, Kansas City Royals superfan.
  49. who?
    Rita Ora Campaigns for Bond Girl and Theme SongRita Galore!
  50. hotline biebs
    If You Call Justin Bieber, You’ll Get to Hear His ‘Hotline Bling’ RemixCall him on his cell phone. Literally.
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