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    The One Word Almost Every Comedian Says in Their Netflix Special(It’s “Netflix.”)
  2. stand-up
    12 Comedians Reflect on the Gigs They Didn’t GetThe stand-ups with 2019 Comedy Central half-hour specials get candid about failure, rejection, and stamina.
  3. roasts
    The 10 Best Burns From the Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin“Alec’s true passion has always been the theater. Alec loves to hit the stage, because it can’t press charges.”
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    How Tiffany Haddish Chose the Comedians for Her Netflix Stand-up SeriesWe spoke with the six comedians who were handpicked by Haddish for They Ready.
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    The Best Jokes from Anthony Jeselnik’s Fire in the Maternity WardJeselnik’s new jokes cover everything from family to murder-suicide to abortion.
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    The Best Bits From Ellen DeGeneres’s Netflix Special RelatableDeGeneres’s first special in 15 years is out today. Here are the best jokes.
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    The 3 Stages of Pete Holmes’s New HBO Stand-up Special Dirty CleanBreaking Holmes’s new special down into three parts: crashing, climbing, and enlightenment.
  8. best of 2018
    The 10 Best Comedy Albums of 2018Featuring Sam Jay, Jo Firestone, Langston Kerman, Emily Heller, and more.
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    The Best Bits From Trevor Noah’s Stand-up Special Son of PatriciaThe Daily Show host’s new special debuts on Netflix today.
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    Why Drew Michael Dropped the Audience for His HBO Special“There’s always something hypocritical to me about claiming to do this ‘brutally honest’ art form where you are entirely in control of every moment.”
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    The 5 Best Jokes From Demetri Martin’s New Special The OverthinkerYou’ll never look at doughnuts the same way again.
  12. roasts
    The 10 Best Burns From the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis“I look at our marriage like The Sixth Sense: You were dead the whole time.”
  13. Inside Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘The Standups’Next Tuesday, Netflix bolsters its reputation as the go-to source for comedy with the release of season 2 of The Standups. The six-episode […]
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  19. Tom Segura’s Steady RiseSince he started doing comedy, Tom Segura has been on the slow climb to success through silliness. With Your Mom’s House, the podcast he […]
  20. Katt Williams Wants to Start a Conversation Katt Williams views his live show as a conversation between himself and a room full of his friends, friends he’s made by touring the […]
  21. Catching Up with Anjelah JohnsonWhen I caught up with Anjelah Johnson she was at her home in LA, getting ready to head to the Bay Area to spend Christmas with her family […]
  22. Marianne Ways: Comedy Booker, Producer, and Consultant ExtraordinaireOver the years, Littlefield in Brooklyn has become a go-to spot for Monday night comedy in New York. It was once the home of Kurt Braunohler […]
  23. The Year in InterviewsThere was a lot to talk about in 2017, which is why we interviewed a record 200+ people from every corner of the comedy world. We heard from […]
  24. Catching Up with Jim NortonJim Norton’s current act finds its focus in two areas: his personal failures and the failures of our country, both politically and socially. […]
  25. Talking Standup, Mortality, and ‘The Return’ with Judd Apatow If you think Judd Apatow married out of his league, might not be cut out to raise two teenage daughters, and makes his movies a bit too […]
  26. Talking Standup with the Stars of HBO’s ‘All Def Comedy’After the success of last year’s All Def Comedy one-hour special, HBO ordered up a six-episode run of the All Def model, which premieres last […]
  27. Michelle Wolf’s Comedy MarathonThey say that nice guys finish last, but what about nice ladies? That’s one of the many themes comedian and Daily Show writer/contributor […]
  28. Catching Up with Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable GuyMy first exposure to what would become branded as Blue Collar Comedy was when I was a little kid attending a church talent show in Moundsville, […]
  29. Brian Regan’s Evolution I’m not a big fan of comedy classes. I think anybody who is starting out and wants to learn should save their money and just watch one of […]
  30. Talking ‘Zero to Sixty’ and the Importance of Kindness with Bob Saget Whether he’s playing an iconically nerdy sitcom dad, surprising and/or delighting audiences with his onstage vulgarity, or directing films, […]
  31. Getting Personal with Gilbert GottfriedJudd Apatow calls it “hilarious, oddly moving.” Entertainment Weekly says it’s “remarkable, fascinating, totally unexpected.” Even Anthony […]
  32. Chris Fleming Is Ready to Go Legit I was patched into a conference call with comedian Chris Fleming, who was curious as to why our interview was even taking place. “I got an […]
  33. October 2017 Standup Roundup: Patton Oswalt, Christina P, Judah […]Netflix is a joke – at least that’s what they want you to think. From their cryptic billboards to their comedy-only Instagram account, Netflix […]
  34. Talking Standup, Boxed Wine, and Bigfoot with Kathleen MadiganIt’s been a year since I last caught up with comedian Kathleen Madigan and to be honest, it was long overdue. Madigan, a 30-year comedy […]
  35. Talking with Judah Friedlander About His Netflix Special ‘America Is the […] Judah Friedlander’s current political stance can be summed up by the title of his new special, America Is the Greatest Country in the […]
  36. Inside the Comedy Podcast Boom with Jimmy Pardo Jimmy Pardo is feeling himself. “I’m now at a point where I’m like, ‘This is who I am. If you like what I’m doing, great. Get on board. If […]
  37. The Two Worlds of Tawny Newsome Career-wise, comedian, actor, and musician Tawny Newsome is having a very diverse year. She’s a recurring standout guest on some of […]
  38. Adam Cayton-Holland Stays True to His Denver Roots The 2017 season of Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents comes to a close tonight at midnight with a half hour from Denver’s Adam […]
  39. Talking Podcasts, Standup, and Motherhood Taboos with Christina PWhile learning to write ad copy I was told that the best way to reach the most people is to keep the content at a 6th or 7th grade reading […]
  40. Jay Larson Is Just Being HimselfAs a comedian, actor, writer, podcaster, host, husband, and father, Jay Larson is wearing a lot of hats these days. As he explains, “I’m very […]
  41. Solomon Georgio on Standup, Comedic Heroes, and the Beauty of LAToday is an exciting day for comedian Solomon Georgio. Not only does his Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents episode premiere tonight at 12:30, […]
  42. Joel Kim Booster’s Unlikely Path to Standup StardomJoel Kim Booster is the prince of unusual beginnings. As a baby, he was adopted by white, conservative, religious Midwesterners, an experience […]
  43. Catching Up with Kyle KinaneIn every great comic’s career comes a time where you have to do press for a thing you made. Sometimes it’s a new special, a big movie role, or […]
  44. Patton Oswalt on Chaos, Kindness, and ‘Annihilation’ The notion that a Trump presidency would give comedians so much great material to work with has proven to be a tricky road to navigate. Yet […]
  45. Talking with Sam Jay About Goals, Standup, and Being the Funniest Person […]For Sam Jay, comedy is a pursuit of happiness. An unfulfilling job had her questioning what makes her happy. When she really thought about it […]
  46. Inside ‘White Famous’ with Jay PharoahWhite Famous, Showtime’s new Jamie Foxx-produced dramedy series, premieres this Sunday night at 10:00pm. The show stars Jay Pharoah as Floyd […]
  47. In the Moment with Josh JohnsonThe day before his Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents taping, comedian Josh Johnson sat down with me in the green room of New Orleans’ Civic […]
  48. Matt Goldich on His Work-Life Balance and Debut Standup Album “This is the happiest I’ve ever been for sure” is not something I hear a lot of comics say with confidence. But things are pretty peachy […]
  49. Inside the Outsider Mind of Julio TorresTonight at 12:30 Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents will air a half hour that is arguably unlike any you’ve seen before. If this sounds like […]
  50. Talking Standup, Podcasts, and ‘Stan Against Evil’ with Dana GouldWith well over three decades in the game, Dana Gould has experienced many of comedy’s highs and lows. From humble beginnings (“I started doing […]
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