1. best of 2023
    The Best Books of 2023 (So Far)A historical tale of mutiny on the high seas, the toll of climate change migration on the U.S., a searing debut novel, and a romance in verse.
  2. fall preview 2023
    24 Books We Can’t Wait to Read This FallThere’s even a book by Babs.
  3. sexcerpt
    The Best Sex I’ve Ever Read: A Long-Censored Queer Tryst at Boarding School“In between all the sex,” explains Carmen Maria Machado, “there’s so much passion in how they talk to each other.”
  4. vulture lists
    The Best Books of 2022Yes, this list features more than one book set in a postapocalyptic world, but have you looked around lately?
  5. sexcerpt
    The Best Sex I’ve Ever Read: A Very Public Bus-Stop Kiss“The narrator is discovering that his lover has a kink for exhibitionism,” says Alexander Chee, “and the narrator might share it.”
  6. books
    The Best Sex That Less Author Andrew Sean Greer Has Ever Read“Instead of thinking, How will I describe a penis?, you think, What else is sex? What else will bring it alive to people?
  7. books
    The Best Sex Kristen Arnett Has Ever Read“It’s extremely queer to be like, I’m deeply sad, but it’s making me horny.
  8. discourse
    You Know Holden Caulfield Isn’t Real, Right?The way a fictional character should make you feel is … however they make you feel.
  9. vulture recommends
    Ironic Detachment Meets Tender Vulnerability on the StraightioLab PodcastGet in, loser, we’re deconstructing heterosexuality.
  10. vulture lists
    The Art of the Scam: A Streaming and Reading Guide to CultsFrom NXIVM to the Manson Family, these books, podcasts, TV shows, and movies explore who starts, joins, and leaves a cult.