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    The 10 Lingering Questions Twin Peaks Needs to AnswerWill we finally meet Diane? And nine more burning questions.
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  3. TV’s 11 Most Memorable Crossover Episodes Remember that time The X-Files turned into an episode of Cops?
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    What Hollywood Gets Right (and So Wrong) About Staten IslandThe ferry runs all night, Carrie Bradshaw.
  5. graceful robots
    The Rules of Walking and Talking Like a Robot, According to Humans“Synths lead with their eyes, and the skulls kind of following.”
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    Aasif Mandvi on Leaving The Daily Show for The Brink“I will be back for Jon’s last show.”
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    The Cast of The Wire Was Everywhere This TV SeasonHere’s where to find them.
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    David Letterman’s Top DIY Moments“Boy With a Migraine” and other great lo-fi bits.
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    Employee Evaluation: Ranking All of Don Draper’s SecretariesMad Men’s power players have spent seven seasons redefining workplace harassment in prime time.
  10. The First Batman TV Show Is Finally on DVDEveryone do the Bat-Tusi!
  11. vulture scavenger
    26 Things You Might Not Have Known About the Terminator MoviesThe first celebrates its 30th anniversary this week.
  12. tv
    Michael Jai White on Returning to Black Dynamite After 2 Years Away“We’re gonna have a lot of cameos: Mister Rogers, Woody Allen, James Brown, Don Cornelius.”
  13. 5 Villains and Plotlines You Probably Won’t See on The Flash TV ShowColonel Computron!
  14. the owls are not what they seem
    What Can We Expect From Showtime’s Revival of Twin Peaks?News of the cult series’ return for a third season brings up some important questions.
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    What Newbies Need to Know About Doctor WhoEveryone’s talking about this show that has been on for 50 years. How do I jump in?
  16. chat room
    Charlie Murphy on Rick James and Black Jesus The Chappelle’s Show alum’s new Adult Swim series is about a weed-smoking, Compton-based messiah.
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    Twin Peaks Blu-Ray: What’s New, Old, and MissingA tour through the latest “definitive” collection.
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    ‘And I Am Outta Here …’: Dennis Miller’s 5 Fondest ‘Weekend Update’ MemoriesThe former SNL star and recent Vulture pick for best “Weekend Update” anchor ever looks back.
  19. chat room
    Andy Daly on Review’s First Season“He’s trying to fail upwards doing something that it’s impossible to fall asleep during.”
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    7 Things Space Ghost Coast to Coast Can Teach Stephen ColbertThe ahead-of-its-time Cartoon Network show celebrated its 20th anniversary this week.
  21. chat room
    Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland on Rick and MortyHarmon: “As a young nerd, I would somehow still manage to stumble into sexual situations.”