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  1. video nasties
    Censor Director Prano Bailey-Bond Is Going to Shock YouThe first-time filmmaker behind Sundance hit Censor chats with us about Britain’s censorship of video nasties and why we love horror movies.
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    You’re Going to Fall in Love With Undine Star Paula BeerThe German actress chats about her latest collaboration with Christian Petzold, the universality of love, and Hollywood’s siren call.
  3. chat room
    Sound of Metal Star (and Oscar Nominee) Paul Raci Would Do This All AgainAt 73, one of Hollywood’s hardest-working actors talks awards recognition and finally being given the chance to step into the spotlight.
  4. chat room
    Kai Luke Brummer Is 2021’s First Breakout Movie StarThe star of Moffie on the memory of apartheid for young South Africans, straight actors playing gay, and who he’d love to work with next.