1. it’s the end of the world as we know it
    How to Deal With the Apocalypse, According to Disaster MoviesGet drunk.
  2. vulture imagines
    Walking Dead Zombie Sounds Work for EveryoneClassic TV and movie mumblers and chompers get the zombie growl treatment.
  3. kill count
    Watch Every Season Three Walking Dead Zombie Kill (So Far) in Two MinutesPlus the weapons that put the walkers down.
  4. facial expressions
    The Many Scowls of The Walking Dead’s MichonneScowl scowl scowl.
  5. is this thing on
    Who Else Was Eavesdropping on Carrie and Brody?Turns out it was a party line, with Lester Freamon, the Sneakers gang, and more all giving a listen.
  6. supercut
    We Discovered Robert Pattinson’s Nervous Tic: The Talk-Show Water SipHe’s a very thirsty person.
  7. vulture video
    Watch The Newsroom’s Characters React to Other Movie Freak-outsStarring Maggie’s wide-eyed stare and Don’s OMG face.
  8. sam is getting upset!
    Video: The Sam Waterston Newsroom Anger-O-MeterMeasuring from quiet belittling to spitting mad.
  9. supercut
    Video: The Wit and Wisdom of Breaking Bad’s MikeHe might threaten to break your legs, but at least he’ll have a good explanation as to why.
  10. fixing-you
    Video: Your Guide to TV’s Unfortunate Obsession With Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’After last night’s episode of The Newsroom, Vulture would like to declare a moratorium.
  11. supercuts
    Watch a Supercut of House Hunters Eating on House HuntersYou know how they’re always eating on House Hunters? Exactly.
  12. sex talk
    Watch a Supercut of Zooey Deschanel Trying to Talk About Sex on New GirlBing-bongs and cannon balls for everyone.
  13. supercut
    Watch a Compilation of Ridiculous Sexual Wordplay From RuPaul’s Drag Race“Her legs are like peanut butter. Easy to spread.”
  14. kenny f***king powers
    Watch: Eastbound & Down’s Most Inventive Insults“You look like some sort of strange Mexican Grimace.”
  15. supercuts
    See Every Killing From Game of Thrones in Under a MinuteSwords, swords, and more swords.
  16. bobby’s world
    A Look Back at Mad Men’s Many Bobby DrapersC’mon, No. 4!
  17. ewww
    Steven Tyler vs. Cee Lo: Who Is the Creepier Flirt?Watch the video flirt-off and you be the judge.
  18. liptoning
    Watch a Supercut of James Lipton’s Most Absurd Questions“What attracts you to odd hats?”