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    63 Celebrities Recall Their First Concert MemoriesPeruse the memories of celebs ranging from Haim and 50 Cent to Brian Williams and Greta Gerwig.
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    What It’s Like to Be Broadway’s First Black Phantom of the Opera“I know there’s a lot of talented African-Americans and even if it wasn’t me, I wanted someone to be able to do it.”
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    Neil Patrick Harris Won’t Open the Emmys With Song and Dance“It won’t be quite so live and theatrical as the Tonys.”
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    Vulture Hosted a Party for the Wainwrights This WeekendRufus and Martha “look good in Lederhosen.”
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    Vulture Hosted a Don’t Trust the B—- Party Last NightAnd James Van Der Beek was there!
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    Alex Karpovsky Once Snooped Through His Ex’s Texts“If a girl’s acting funny and I love her and she’s still being distant, I might have to do something extreme.”
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    Andrew Garfield ‘Always Felt Like Peter Parker’“I was a skinny, short kid, and I felt stronger on the inside than I was on the outside.”
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    Penn Badgley Knows How People Feel About His Beard“I’m probably going to shave it in about a week.”
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    Footloose’s Kenny Wormald Is Much More Aggressive Than He Looks“I’m from Boston. I’ll f-ckin’ head butt that guy right now.”
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    Julie Taymor Would Still Like to Get Paid for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark“The main thing is I have not been paid. I would like to get paid, so that will be good.”
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    A Quiet Interview With Kanye West“[Nods head.]”
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    David O. Russell at The FighterPlus: Amy Adams, Melissa Leo, Adam Levine …
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    David O. Russell and Amy Adams Rehearsed The Fighter in the Cereal Aisle at Whole Foods“Like, when a face smooshes, or a character delivers a straight right bam-bam!”
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    The Complete Transcript of Kanye’s Awesome ACE Awards Speech“Hundreds of years from now, what will be written in the history books?”
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    Bette Midler at HulaweenPlus: Seal, Ashanti, Brooklyn Decker …