Jason Diamond

  1. chat room
    Judd Apatow on Documenting the Legacy (and Fart Jokes) of George CarlinTalking with the filmmaker about his HBO docuseries on the legendary stand-up.
  2. chat room
    Jon Cryer on Life After Two and a Half Men“I’ve always felt I was kind of a ridiculous human being.”
  3. all the bacon and eggs you have
    Masculinity in the Age of Ron SwansonWhat did the man and his mustache mean?
  4. vulture lists
    Every Thomas Pynchon Novel, Briefly RankedNow that a movie has finally been made of one.
  5. vulture essays
    Seth Cohen Is My Spirit AnimalEverything I learned about being awkward and cool, I learned from The O.C.’s most enduring character.
  6. Defending Adam SandlerUnpopular Opinions is a new weekly column in which a writer takes a stand against popular opinion, whether it’s asserting the true merit of a […]