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    Anonymous Director Roland Emmerich on Doubting Shakespeare, Epic Filmmaking, and His Plans for the Apocalypse“I’m playing it safe and going skiing on the 21st of December.”
  2. chat room
    The Lonely Island on Their New Album and Michael Bolton’s ‘Adonis’ PhysiqueAndy Samberg: “We should be so lucky to be half the man.”
  3. hat crime
    Hatfight: Did SNL Steal a Sketch From Tim and Eric?“Cinco takes tiny hats very seriously and I don’t think that they’d have a sense of humor about making fun of those hats.”
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    Raekwon on Remixing Justin Bieber“I’m sure that Biebe’s a hip-hopper. He’s up on Wu-Tang.”
  5. party chat
    Di Antwoord’s Ninja Shows Us His Penile TattooAnd Yo-Landi Vi$$er tells us about her obsession with rats.
  6. end of an era
    So Long, ‘Single Ladies’: A RetrospectiveBeyoncé is reportedly retiring her hand-waving dance routine. A look back at the highs and lows.
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    Violent J Explains Insane Clown Posse’s ‘Miracles’“A giraffe may not actually be a miracle according to the books. But let me tell you something — a giraffe is a miracle.”