1. vulture originals
    9 Posters That Prove Rogue One’s K-2SO Is a StarYou’ve see The Sopranos, but what about The K-2SOpranos?
  2. it’s all relative
    How Tall Are the New Movie Heartthrobs?The new Star Wars shorties are short, while Chris Pratt is very tall. Check out the height chart!
  3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poster CostumeLet us help you.
  4. comic-book movies
    The New Spider-Man Will Be a ‘John Hughes Movie’Pretty in Red and Blue.
  5. The True Height of Fast and Furious Actors, in One Helpful GraphicWe’ve lined them up in order of height, just like a real family!
  6. photoshopped
    What Lady Gaga’s American Horror Story: Hotel Might Look LikeThe Grand Gagapest Hotel.
  7. recastings
    Let’s Give Other Films the Ghostbusters All-Female Remake TreatmentThe Usual SuspectsThe SandlotOld SchoolThe Good, the Bad and the UglyThe Bucket List.
  8. If Empire Met Empire RecordsCookie’s our star, natch. 
  9. you’re welcome
    Bro, We Improved the Entourage Poster for YouYeah, ohhhhh yeah!
  10. vulture originals
    Which of These Scandal-Themed Candles Would You Buy?From Vermont Jam to Zanzibar Getaway.
  11. vulture originals
    7 Posters That Prove TARS Should Star in Every MovieFrom The Fault in Our TARS to IshTARS.
  12. sequels
    What Might an All-Female Ghostbusters Look Like?We have some ideas.
  13. nostalgia
    Relive the Past Three Decades Through These MTV VMA PhotosReminisce with us.
  14. i am groot
    7 Posters That Prove Groot Should Star in Every MovieGroot Will Hunting.
  15. vulture originals
    What If the Rest of the Parks and Recreation Cast Got Buff?It doesn’t just have to be Chris Pratt, you know.
  16. vulture originals
    See When Harry Met Sally’s New York Magazine CoverYes, we made one.
  17. it’s all relative
    Hollywood Female Stars, Arranged by HeightFeaturing tiny Melissa McCarthy and towering Cameron Diaz, among others.
  18. gingers
    Where Do Pop Culture’s Finest Redheads Fall on the Redhead Spectrum?Arranged from strawberry-blonde to “firecrotch” red.
  19. it’s all relative
    Hollywood’s Leading Men, Arranged in a Helpful Graphic From Shortest to TallestAt five foot two, Kevin Hart is by far the shortest. But which other A-listers made the chart?
  20. vulture originals
    Would You Like a Drake Cross-stitch? We can do better than Taylor Swift. 
  21. vulture quiz
    It’s Toasted: Match the Mad Men Pitch to Its Product“What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons.”
  22. vulture originals
    Play Vulture’s Game of Thrones ‘Guess Who?’“Does your person have prominent scarring?”
  23. vulture originals
    Remake This ’80s Comedy But With Game of Thrones CharactersHint: There were three men and a baby.
  24. yes that’s chester the cheetah
    Two of Each Pop Culture Animal — See Vulture’s Noah’s ArkWhich animals would you save?
  25. we’re yelp elite now
    We Found Yelp Reviews From Famous Movie HotelsFor when you’re planning your next vacation to the Overlook or the Park Hyatt.
  26. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Can You Guess the Wes Anderson Film From Just a Prop? Just how well do you know your Wes Anderson décor?
  27. brrrrrains and looks
    See a Teen Beat Featuring Walking Dead’s CarlCarl’s Confessions: What’s really inside that giant hat?
  28. hanksgiving
    How to Prepare Your Hanksgiving MealWe’ve designed a menu (with actual delicious recipes) for a Hanksgiving feast.
  29. Take Vulture’s Matt Damon Hair Quiz and Guess What Movie Each Do Is FromShort hair, long hair, nineties middle-parted hair: How well do you know Damon’s dos?
  30. quiz
    Quiz: Can You Match Mark Wahlberg’s Abs to the Movie?Can you tell his Pain & Gain abs from his Boogie Nights abs from his Basketball Diaries abs?
  31. yeezus
    See Kanye West Quotes As Spiritual PostersLet us play.
  32. dress up
    See Your Favorite TV Characters Wearing Daft Punk MasksCoach Taylor, Tyrion Lannister, Ron Swanson, and more.