1. tv review
    Dopesick’s Ambitious Scope Dulls Its ImpactThe Hulu limited series about the how and why of America’s opioid crisis is frequently moving but bites off more than it can reasonably chew.
  2. tv review
    Succession Returns, Nastier Than EverSeason three means all-out war in the Roy family. What a treat.
  3. spoilers
    We Need to Talk About NateTed Lasso’s shy kit man turned assistant coach has completed his transformation, and we all should have seen it coming.
  4. a long talk
    How Impeachment Unlocked the ‘Unanswerable Question’ of Linda TrippSarah Paulson and writer Sarah Burgess found themselves in the woman who betrayed Monica Lewinsky.
  5. best of 2021
    The Best TV of 2021 (So Far)We survey the high points of a sprawling television landscape, from lush cinematic dramas to fleet streaming comedies and all points in between.
  6. chat room
    Hamish Linklater on Making Midnight Mass’s ‘Massive Orgy of Violence’The actor explains how he tackled those dense sermons and why “horror is one of America’s religions.”
  7. work in progress
    Work In Progress Is Living Up to Its TitleAbby McEnany explains how season two of the great Showtime dramedy was reformulated to capture the swirling emotional confusion of 2020.
  8. tv review
    Maid Is a Stressful, Refreshingly Honest Portrait of PovertyMargaret Qualley gives a tremendous performance as a young mom cleaning houses and trying to break away from an abusive partner.
  9. movie review
    The Many Saints of Newark Can’t Bring Back The SopranosThe Sopranos prequel is interesting to consider as a companion piece to the series, less so as a movie in its own right.
  10. tv review
    Documenting Britney SpearsThree timely documentaries are capitalizing on the #FreeBritney interest, but is it appropriate to dig for more dirt at such a fraught turning point?
  11. tv review
    Midnight Mass Provokes More Thoughts Than ScreamsHamish Linklater’s performance makes this Mike Flanagan’s best Netflix series to date, even if it’s a less frightening experience altogether.
  12. interview
    Annaleigh Ashford Wants You to Empathize With Paula JonesThe Impeachment star on acting opposite a roomful of men and wearing Jones’s real clothes onscreen.
  13. tv review
    The Emmys Need to Watch More TVIn a television landscape undergoing explosive growth, the TV Academy isn’t looking far or wide enough.
  14. predictions
    What Will Win and What Should Win at the 2021 Emmy AwardsYou can bet on these predictions … maybe!
  15. tv review
    The Premise Is FlawedB.J. Novak brings you an anthology series determined to take viewers into the hot-take zone.
  16. movie review
    Queenpins Somehow Makes a Coupon-Scam Caper a DragThe new movie ping-pongs between buoyant caper, farce, and female empowerment drama without ever lingering long enough to make an impact.
  17. tv review
    Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain Give Life to Scenes From a MarriageThe HBO remake of Ingmar Bergman’s miniseries is an extraordinarily well-acted, often affecting meditation on what bonds and divides two people.
  18. chat room
    Ted Lasso’s Toheeb Jimoh on Sam’s Big Moves in Season Two“I wish I could be like, Ah, I took one for the team. I didn’t. I was kind of like, I’m glad this is me.”
  19. chat room
    Molly Shannon on The Other Two and the Palm Versus Pineapple Suite DebateThe comedy vet discusses playing two very different kinds of moms on TV.
  20. tv review
    What We Do in the Shadows Is the Best Vampire Workplace Comedy on TVLook who’s the boss in season three.
  21. fall preview 2021
    33 New and Returning Shows to Watch This FallNo matter what, when, or how you like to watch, TV’s got you covered.
  22. interview
    Ted Lasso’s Brendan Hunt Clarifies (a Little of) the Mystery That Is Coach Beard“There will always be breadcrumbs, but we have to be very judicious with it because now we’ve established that the mystery is the fun.”
  23. tv review
    Please Pay Attention to The Other TwoThe overlooked entertainment-industry satire is back on HBO Max with a second season that deserves the sort of recognition its protagonists crave.
  24. tv review
    Add The Chair to Your ScheduleNetflix’s satire of contemporary academia is a gem that features an excellent performance by Sandra Oh.
  25. tv review
    Nine Perfect Strangers Is Alluring But EmptyThe promise of a strong cast and an intriguing premise isn’t enough to compensate for this limited series’s lack of identity.
  26. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About That White Lotus EndingThe globe keeps spinning, and the white, rich, and privileged keep winning.
  27. tv review
    Mr. Corman May Test Your Patience, But It’s Worth ItJoseph Gordon-Levitt’s Apple TV+ series about a bummed-out white dude is more than initially meets the eye.
  28. filmmaking
    Naomi Osaka’s Cinematic Perspective Is Also a Human OneDirector Garrett Bradley breaks down the intuitive, intimate approach she took to capturing one of most scrutinized athletes in the world.
  29. ip freely
    The Future of Entertainment Is Just More and More and More of ThisTwo critics wonder if Space Jam 2–style IP mining is a brief trend or something that could alter the entertainment timeline for good.
  30. olympics 2021
    Welcome to the ‘What Are We Doing Here?’ OlympicsThe opening ceremony’s determined efforts to project normalcy amid the abnormal were occasionally lovely and frequently surreal.
  31. tv review
    Ted Lasso Has Done It AgainThe breakout hit of 2020 returns with a second season that is just as good, and maybe better, than the first.
  32. jerk-o-meter
    Who Is Never Have I Ever Season Two’s Biggest Jerk?A ranking of bad behavior, from semi-redeemable to totally toxic.
  33. tv review
    Naomi Osaka Is the Story of a Work in ProgressThe Netflix docuseries about the tennis phenom crafts an intimate study of a player for whom winning matches is only half the battle.
  34. awards season
    It’s Time for Emmys to Expand Limited SeriesGiving comedy and drama such a wide berth without extending the same flexibility to limited series is extremely, well, limiting.
  35. tv review
    The White Lotus Is No VacationMike White’s new HBO series set at an upscale Hawaiian resort is an arresting satire of entitlement that cuts like a knife.
  36. 😺💖🐶
    Netflix Makes Space for the Truth About Cats and DogsA new season of Dogs and the series Cat People arrive on Netflix on the same day, proving that dogs, cats, and the humans who love them can coexist.
  37. so angry it’s insane
    Welcome to Mad Girl SummerHeroines both onscreen and in real life are meeting the back-to-normal-ish moment by airing grievances like it’s Festivus in July.
  38. finales
    Conan Gives a Qualified FarewellThe finale of his TBS show was low-key evidence that O’Brien has always stayed true to himself — and will continue to do so with whatever’s next.
  39. a long talk
    Elisabeth Moss on Tackling The Handmaid’s Tale From Both Sides of the Camera“I’ve always thought, in a way, that is actually the way a director thinks. I just never realized it.”
  40. bird watching
    Tuca & Bertie Are Just As Anxious As You AreThe best bird buds are back on Adult Swim and perfectly suited to our new neurotic normal.
  41. unhappy wife unhappy life
    How the Creators of Kevin Can F**k Himself Made Two Shows at the Same TimeThe secret to telling the story of one terrible marriage—through a half-sitcom, half-dark comedy lens.
  42. tv review
    Kevin Can F**k Himself Effectively F**ks With TV ConventionThe Annie Murphy–starring AMC series flips the bird at the trope of the beleaguered sitcom wife and everything she represents.
  43. tv review
    Betty Rolls Through a Vibrant, Visceral Pandemic-Era New YorkIn its second season, the dynamic skateboarding series maintains a singular style as it navigates myriad mid-2020 obstacles.
  44. tv review
    We Are Lady Parts Rocks Outside the BoxThis absolutely delightful new musical-comedy series about an all-female Muslim punk band is a stereotype-shattering blast.
  45. pets with issues
    Talking Anxious Pets and Horny Tortoises With the Creators of HousebrokenVeep veterans Clea DuVall, Jennifer Crittenden, and Gabrielle Allan’s approach to a sitcom about animals in therapy? “The more issues, the better.”
  46. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About Mare’s Decision in the Mare of Easttown FinaleHer choice speaks to the theme of the entire HBO series.
  47. acting
    Master of None’s IVF Episode Understands the Value of a Great NurseHow the wonderful Nurse Cordelia, played by Cordelia Blair, went from a single-scene role to episode four’s most consistent, calming presence.
  48. tv review
    Friends: The Reunion Is an Extreme Friends ZoneThe much-hyped HBO Max special is somehow both nostalgic and unsentimental. It may also make you ponder the very nature of time.
  49. summer 2021
    29 TV Shows We Can’t Wait to Watch This SummerPlus 127 more debuts worth keeping an eye on.
  50. underrated
    A Shout-Out to Coach Beard and Brendan Hunt, the Quiet Hero of Ted LassoAshley Nicole Black of A Black Lady Sketch Show breaks down his greatness.
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