1. charts
    We Graph the Likability of the Boys on GirlsAdam, you won us over.
  2. charts
    See a Venn Diagram Connecting TV’s Police ProceduralsHow do the shows for the AARP set overlap with the shows where you just want the characters to kiss?
  3. charts
    See Vulture’s Map of the Comedy ZeitgeistAll roads lead to Judd Apatow. (And Ben Stiller.) (And Will Ferrell.)
  4. venn diagrams
    See a Venn Diagram Connecting Reality-TV ShowsSwamps. Weddings. “Wars.” See how it all connects.
  5. for your consideration
    From ‘Best Jacket’ to ‘Not Worst Movie,’ Eight Spoofs of ‘For Your Consideration’ AdsBest Orangutan! Chest Actor!
  6. themes
    The Tropes of Ryan Murphy: 22 Hallmarks of Every Show He MakesFrom plastic surgery and whiplash character motivation to oddball redheads.
  7. superheroes
    See Ryan Gosling, the Ultimate Beef Squasher, Squash Other BeefsKanye and Taylor. Obama and Boehner. Edward and Jacob. All make peace in the presence of the Gos.
  8. soft core
    The True Blood Sex Index: What Characters Have Had the Most, and How?We’ve tallied sex with biting, sex in dreams, sex tied up, sex on V, dry humping, oral sex, and more.
  9. ink.
    Vulture’s How-To Guide for the Celebrity-Tattoo AficionadoClick through, if only to see Gwyneth Paltrow with chicken wings Photoshopped onto her back.