1. See Broad City’s Sister Act Number, ft. Whoopi“I think [Whoopi] said she had a Bevers in her life back in her 20s.”
  2. vulture lists
    63 Celebrities Recall Their First Concert MemoriesPeruse the memories of celebs ranging from Haim and 50 Cent to Brian Williams and Greta Gerwig.
  3. chat room
    Alison Brie on Why She Endorses Trudy’s DecisionAnd responds to the mixed reactions.
  4. chat room
    Stephanie Drake on Playing Mad Men’s Most Assertive SecretaryAnd standing up to Don Draper.
  5. chat room
    Elizabeth Reaser on Her Mad Men Audition“I always feel silly sort of sexing it up for an audition. And yet it’s really what you have to do.”
  6. chat room
    Broad City’s Trey on His Character’s Big Reveal“He just seems like the kind of guy that might have this kind of skeleton in his closet.”
  7. bucket lists
    Jonah Hill Did a Drake Cover With Spike Jonze and ‘Hated Every Second’ of It“I’ll never do that again.”
  8. streaming
    Netflix’s Ted Sarandos on Why He Picked Up Tina Fey’s NBC Show“Tina’s returning to TV, and it’s really good to be a part of that.”
  9. unnecessary censorship
    Thanks to Amy Schumer, Comedy Central No Longer Censors the Word PussyIt was their Mr. Smith Goes to Washington moment.
  10. on the scene
    12 Things We Learned At the Wonder Years ReunionKevin, Winnie, and Paul showed up in front of an audience of 200 fans.
  11. party chat
    Mindy Kaling and Emma Stone Addressed the Ghostbusters SpeculationWould they suit up for the all-female squad?
  12. party chat
    Yes, Maps to the Stars Will Get an Oscar-Qualifying RunDirector David Cronenberg wanted Julianne Moore in the Best Actress derby.
  13. vulture lists
    Which Hotwives of Orlando Character Is the Hottest Mess?The Hulu show is full of hot messes. But which character is the hot messiest?
  14. Plaza Knows What She’ll Take from the Parks SetWith the final season coming up.
  15. party chat
    Christina Hendricks on Mad Men’s Frozen Sing-AlongsPlus, what the cast likes to sing along to.
  16. chat room
    Californication’s Pamela Adlon on TV Recaps“I just think people are premature-ejaculating their opinions.”
  17. party chat
    You Haven’t Actually Seen American Horror Story’s Conjoined Twins Yet… according to Sarah Paulson.
  18. party chat
    You’ll Love the Title of Bryan Cranston’s MemoirAlso, he confirms working with Steven Spielberg on a Lyndon Johnson adaptation.
  19. party chat
    HBO’s Michael Lombardo on GoT, American Gods“We have to trust at the end of the day, if you don’t have a star with a great script, you’re just not going to go through with it.”
  20. parks and rec
    Amy Poehler Dreams of Bette MidlerDoesn’t everyone?
  21. party chat
    OITNB’s Matt McGorry on Bennett and Daya“I want to see a happy ending for them.”
  22. party chat
    Larry Wilmore Won’t Executive-Produce Black-ishWilmore will do less.
  23. party chat
    There Will Not Be a Dance-Related Flash-Mob at Casey Wilson’s WeddingDo not attend if you’re looking to create a viral video.
  24. chat room
    Mad Men’s Ben Feldman On Ginsberg’s Surprising Moment“It’s in a bag in my house.”
  25. party lines
    First Vulture Festival Kicks Off With Erykah Badu DJ Set“I’m about to take you to Baby Daddy’s album. I’m talking about my baby daddy.”
  26. theater
    8 Ways Heathers Musical Is Different From FilmWell f*ck me gently with a chainsaw, did they seriously change that?
  27. party chat
    Key and Peele Talk Their Police Academy Reboot“We’re holding that baby very gingerly, and we hope not to drop it.” 
  28. party chat
    Kate McKinnon on the SNL ‘Dyke & Fats’ Origin StoryLike all brilliant ideas, it stemmed from exhaustion.
  29. party chat
    Marc Maron: ‘I Don’t Think Jerry Seinfeld Likes Me’“He’s certainly not asking me to do his show, and I heard that he doesn’t really want to do mine.”
  30. party lines
    Questlove on Jimmy Fallon’s Ear Piercing“They did a lot of editing … There was blood.”
  31. party chat
    Sigourney Weaver Was Too Afraid to See Gravity in 3-D“I already felt like I was floating away.”
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    Yay, Joaquin Phoenix Walked a Red Carpet Last Night and LaughedRare!
  33. party chat
    Scott Foley Explains Felicity’s Noel to a Fangirl: ‘He’s Fake’“Noel’s … fake.”
  34. party chat
    The Scandal Cast Isn’t Really Rooting for Olivia and Fitz Either“Is this bad to say? I think I’m Team Jake.”
  35. Things Other than the Future Movie and TV Show Covered at the Arrested Development ReunionLike, Mitch Hurwitz explains an erection joke to a young Michael Cera.