1. Liz Taylor & Michael Jackson’s Odd Friendship“To Michael, Elizabeth was a saint, a goddess.”
  2. amy schumer
    11 Funniest Moments From Amy Schumer’s Book“First, I’d like to thank all the people who pointed out that I was a woman … You made sure I didn’t lose sight of my ovaries.”
  3. rio olympics
    What’s on the Olympics Schedule Today: Saturday, August 13Hour by hour.
  4. review roundup
    Critics Are Calling Captain America: Civil War Marvel’s Best Movie Yet Third time’s the charm.
  5. tribeca film festival 2016
    Joss Whedon and Mark Ruffalo in ConversationWhedon and Ruffalo discuss The Avengers, Buffy, and Shakespeare.
  6. party chats
    Catastrophe’s Sharon Horgan on How to Make a Boner Pop Onscreen“It’s hard to give a man a pretend boner because they’re like, That looks really, not quite big enough.”
  7. party chats
    How Carrie Fisher Joined Catastrophe“I turned to Rob, and I went, That’s your awful mother!”
  8. party chats
    Seth Meyers on the Most ‘Ominous’ Thing Donald Trump Said After His Iowa Loss“Trump buys a farm and then just says, ‘Burn it to the ground,’ and makes the people of Iowa watch.”