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    Marina Abramovic On Shia LaBeouf’s Performance Art“We can see an influence from my piece, but this is not my piece.”
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    NPH on Hedwig: ‘I’ve Got to Stick My Tits Out’Rehearsals are in full swing.
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    Becky Ann Baker Remembers Christmas Caroling With Philip Seymour Hoffman“Our families both did the Christmas caroling under the Washington Square arch.”
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    The SNL Cast on JFK Conspiracy Theories“I’ve never been a conspiracist.”
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    Kate Bosworth Fell in Love on the Big Sur Set“It was an immediate acknowledgment of knowing this person all my life, versions of him, immediately.”
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    Gloria Steinem Would Rather Be Sinead O’Connor Than Miley CyrusSteinem: “I would much rather be [Sinead] O’Connor. I mean, she’s a serious human being.”
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    Penn Badgley Has a Sex Tip for You, Guys “I have a good answer here. Hold on.”
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    Morgan Saylor on Dana and Angela’s BFF Prospects“Angela might be too cool for Dana.” Truth.
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    That Time Alex Karpovsky Drunk-Bought Tickets to Grenada, Not GranadaWhoops.
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    Ben Foster Really Likes a ‘Gentle’ Sheriff“Lit a flame in my heart.”
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    Will Forte, Champion SmoocherThe flu couldn’t stand in the way of his Mumford video.
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    Oprah Wouldn’t Strip Down for The ButlerAnd other things we learned at a panel discussion for the movie last night.
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    Debi Mazar’s Kids Kept Her From Watching Deep Throat“Mommy! What are you watching?”
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    Sharon Stone Has Never Watched Porn; Peter Sarsgaard Likes Scandinavian PornRevelations from the Lovelace carpet.
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    Chris Noth Agrees With Emily Nussbaum’s Defense of Sex and the City“I think people — and I have, too, wrongly, sometimes — said, ‘Oh, it’s just about the glitz.’”
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    Michael Cera Is Scared to Show His Penis OnscreenSurprise: Michael Cera has penis anxiety.
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    Rich Sommer Adorably Explains a Recent Stage Flub“I basically, like, firebombed a scene.”
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    Amy Poehler Knows Her Judy Blume From Her Beverly ClearyTales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is a really good one.”
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    Ad-Rock Says James Murphy Broke His Refrigerator“There’s James Murphy. He owes me $150.”
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    Girls’ John Cameron Mitchell Isn’t a Real EditorCome on, fans who approach him on the street! He’s acting.
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    Alec Baldwin on Shia’s Opinion of Theater“I don’t think he’s in a good position to be giving interpretations of what the theater is and what the theater isn’t.”
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    Lena Dunham on That Time She Went to Her Ex’s Landlord’s Funeral She shared her story at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in New York last night.
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    Streep’s Daughter Didn’t Get JLaw’s Meryl Joke“I thought she was just being cute.”
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    Mary-Louise Parker on Her Fancy Red 2 Stunt Work“I did this thing where I kind of flew over a couch and shot someone or something.”
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    Ryan Murphy Will Not Allow Any Rapping in One Hit WondersSorry, M.C. Gwyneth!
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    Olivia Wilde Said a Great Many Things About Her Vagina Last Night“Sometimes your vagina dies.”
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    Liam Gallagher Doesn’t Actually Hate Coldplay“I don’t hate anyone.”
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    Harvey Weinstein Predicts Oscar Glory for a Movie That Isn’t His“That gets nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor. And it’s not mine.”
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    People Keep Stealing Questlove’s Combs From His Head“When we’re in concert and I say good-bye, then they grab it outta my hair.”