1. podcasts
    Everything Is Fine Wants to Change How We Talk About AgingPodcast hosts Kim France and Tally Abecassis have some thoughts on how to do it.
  2. true crime
    The Last Podcast on the Left Hosts Break Down the Art of True-Crime Comedy“We defang them, we stare in their faces, we laugh at how pathetic they are.”
  3. interviews
    Shirley Manson’s Podcast Is About More Than Just MusicThe Garbage singer opens up about mental health, feminism, and power in the music industry.
  4. pop occulture
    Meet Pam Grossman, the Terry Gross of WitchesThe podcast host and author discusses her new book, “pop occulture,” and dating muggles.
  5. scandals
    Bachelor in Paradise Has Instituted a New Drug PolicyCheck your bags at the door.
  6. lawsuits
    Johnny Depp’s Former Business Managers Allege Depp Abused Amber HeardHe was reportedly “extremely volatile.”
  7. reality tv
    DeMario Jackson’s Lawyer: Footage Will Show BiP Incident Was Consensual“I have no fears.”
  8. it’s a legal matter baby
    Amanda Bynes Has Been Given Control Back Over Her FinancesGreat news.
  9. praise be
    You’re Going to Want to Read Lupita Nyong’o’s Wonder Woman Review“I just left the theater and KNOW for CERTAIN that the GODS have seen fit to BLESS us.”
  10. last night on late night
    Kristen Stewart Makes Pizza Rolls Sexy in This Saturday Night Live SketchPretty seductive.
  11. sundance 2017
    Jill Soloway Has a Request for Male Directors: Stop Making Movies About RapePlus: Jessica Williams shares the great advice she got from a Nicki Minaj documentary.
  12. new york comic-con 2015
    Laughing and Crying With The Final Girls at New York Comic Con“Being a virgin — there’s no real virtue in that.”
  13. new yorker festival
    11 Things We Learned at the New Yorker Festival’s Broad City PanelThe stars of Broad City are just like us: They think New York is hard, get nervous around Maggie Gyllenhaal, and smoke “pussy weed.”
  14. panels
    The Scandal Cast on Season 4 & Last-Minute Edits“The script [for the finale] was unbelievably shocking.”
  15. in conversation
    The Best Moments From the JLD/Frank Rich ConvoOn Veep: “Wearing this wig and these tight clothes and these shoes that are nuts … It starts to inform the rage.”
  16. vulture lists
    10 Ways to Introduce Yourself to Nick CaveHere’s a quick crash course on his sprawling career.
  17. chat room
    Taraji P. Henson on Think Like a Man, Love, and Defending Chris BrownAnd Chris Brown: “I guarantee you if you could give him those five minutes back, he would change it.”
  18. party chat
    Eddie Izzard Is Still Figuring Out His Munsters Reboot“It’s going to be way darker than people expect.”
  19. chat room
    Lisa Kudrow on Web Therapy’s Move to Showtime and The Comeback’s Cancellation“That was certainly a brick wall. That was really a disappointment.”