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  1. outlander
    Watch Claire Petition the King in Outlander“She realizes there’s a price to pay, but she’s willing to do it.”
  2. Confused About Game of Thrones’ Prophecies? Here’s a RefresherGood luck making sense of them!
  3. What Should Sansa Do?Here’s a handy to-do list.
  4. Is Claire Trying to Prevent Another Revolution on Outlander?“It’s tricky. Whenever you do something like that, you’re automatically putting the audience in a superior point of view.”
  5. captain america civil war
    Why Civil War’s Ending Is Different Than Comics“We were trying to tell the story of a family falling apart. The tragic end of that story is that the family is divided”
  6. chat room
    GOT’s Owen Teale on Jon Snow, That Hanging Scene“It is just the most horrible sensation.”
  7. explainer
    Should We Worry About Rickon, the Wildest of the Stark Kids?Maybe not as much as you think!
  8. chat room
    Game of Thrones’ John Bradley on the Evolution of Samwell TarlyIs he the true hero of this tale?
  9. Why Black Jack’s Return on Outlander Is Different From the BookLimited production time, for one.
  10. Why It’s a Misconception That Game of Thrones Has Gone ‘Off-Book’There’s still a lot of source material left to mine.
  11. chat room
    Michael McElhatton Talks Infanticide, RamsayThe family that slays together, stays together — until they slay each other.
  12. the vulture tv podcast
    What Makes for a Good TV Dream Sequence?Frasier, Battlestar Galatica, and more of our favorites.
  13. vulture lists
    All the Ways Game of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton Is Way Worse in the BooksWe got a sanitized version of Ramsay’s hunting trips on the show, and we were spared some of the reasons why he does this.
  14. chat room
    GOT’s Patrick Malahide on That Bridge Scene“People kept saying, ‘Be careful on high bridges.’”
  15. game of thrones
    Though She’s No Longer a Beggar, Arya Stark’s Training Is Far From CompleteShe needs to earn back the trust of the assassin guild, and show them she’s committed to becoming the perfect spy, actor, and stealth killer.
  16. game of thrones
    Explaining Bran’s Powers on Game of ThronesThe rarest and most difficult form of warging is greenseeing, or the ability to slip into plants.
  17. What’s Next for Jon Snow on Game of Thrones?George R.R. Martin hasn’t painted the rosiest picture.
  18. backstories
    Behind Jamie and Claire’s Daybed Scene on Outlander“We wanted it to be special.”
  19. chat room
    Outlander’s Rosie Day on Rape Culture“You’re not taught about women’s history at school. They rush over the hardships that women had to endure.”
  20. everybody wants some
    Linklater on Everybody Wants Some’s Gay Subtext“It goes back to ancient Greece. Those early Olympics were performed in the nude.”
  21. chat room
    GOT’s Jonathan Pryce on Resembling Pope Francis“My agent got a call from a film company saying they wanted to make the life story of Pope Francis, and they wanted to sign me up.”
  22. Will the Bolton Boys Pay for Their Crimes in Season 6 of Game of Thrones?“There will be debts to be paid.”
  23. close reads
    All the Clues That Could Have Tipped You Off About MelisandreOur favorite red priestess has hinted before that she could pull something like this off.
  24. game of thrones
    Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner on Why This Is Sansa Stark’s YearSpoilers ahead for the Game of Thrones premiere.
  25. Melisandre’s Stunning Reveal on Game of Thrones“You can’t take your eyes off of it.”
  26. chat room
    Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams on Arya’s Year of Pain“A lot of what we’re going to be seeing this year is Arya getting beat to shit.”
  27. refreshers
    What You Need to Remember for Game of Thrones Season 6Watching Game of Thrones can be like playing seven chess games all at once.
  28. polls
    13 GOT Actors Share Whom They’d Want to ReturnBeside Jon Snow.
  29. party chat
    GOT: How to Break the Myrcella News to Cersei“It’s not a great starting point to any conversation.”
  30. party chat
    Aidan Gillen on Setting Up Sansa and Ramsay“He has so many plates spinning, and it’s not always going to work out the way you want.”
  31. chat room
    Kristian Nairn on Hodor, GOT, and DJing“I like to spoil things for my friends, because it annoys them, and my mom as well.”
  32. Check Out Claire’s Cute Dog-Assistant on OutlanderMeet Bouton!
  33. An Essential Guide to Game of Thrones CharactersDo you ever get confused by the world of Game of Thrones?
  34. An Essential Guide to Game of Thrones CharactersDo you ever get confused by the world of Game of Thrones?
  35. backstories
    How Outlander’s ‘Nipple Dress’ Came TogetherActress Kimberly Smart had her own nipples cast for prosthetics.
  36. tribeca film festival 2016
    The Final Good Wife Script Gave Julianna Margulies Lots of EmotionsThe actress called the finale “satisfying, uplifting, and sad.”
  37. Behind Outlander Season Two’s Flash Forward“It was a really bold storytelling move.”
  38. All Hail Outlander, the Best Sex on TelevisionCatching up with Starz’s Scottish time-travel, feminist, sci-fi fantasy.
  39. vulture cover story
    All Hail Outlander, the Best Sex on TelevisionCatching up with Starz’s Scottish time-travel, feminist, sci-fi fantasy.
  40. chat room
    Julian Glover on Playing Pycelle on GoT“There was a running joke for several weeks that … Pycelle would become king.”
  41. chat room
    GOT’s Liam Cunningham on Davos’s Mic-Drop MomentAnd what will happen when he finds out about Shireen?
  42. oscars 2016
    Iñárritu Hopes #OscarsSoBrown Isn’t Next“The debate is not only about black and white people.”
  43. as told to
    How 30 Rock’s Classic Leap Day Episode Came to BeHappy Merlinpeen!
  44. oscars 2016
    McKay: Political Comment at Oscars Had No Target“This is a right‑left movie, and we’ve got to stop, man. Big money is taking over our government, and until right and left goes, no more big money.”
  45. game of thrones
    We Just Discovered a Surprising New Possibility for Jon Snow’s FateHow the show might bring him back.
  46. party chats
    Zoë Kravitz Was One of Desi’s 7 Ex-GFs on GirlsIn a deleted scene, as the girl who got away.
  47. game of thrones
    New Game of Thrones Teaser Hints at Dark Futures for Many CharactersThe teaser reinforces one of the central concepts of this world — all men must die.
  48. game of thrones
    Game of Thrones Season 6 First-Look Photos Have ArrivedIn case you were worried, Sansa and Theon appear to have survived that leap from the battlements.
  49. casting
    Outlander Finally Casts Brianna, Claire and Jamie’s DaughterPlus, why the search was so difficult.
  50. Natalie Dormer on The Forest, Thrones Season 6“It’s so liberating to look rough, disheveled, and broken, to be free from looking good.”
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