1. Anne Pasternak Named Head of Brooklyn MuseumShe comes in riding high from Creative Time and Kara Walker.
  2. Jonathan Horowitz’s Transporting 700 DotsThe noise in the room subsided; my mind switched into another consciousness. That was only the beginning.
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    Jerry Saltz: Why Did Fox Blur Out Picasso’s Naughty Bits?A news broadcast censored “T” (but not the “A”) of Picasso’s auction-record-breaking masterpiece.
  4. Chris Burden’s Work Was Like an Atomic BombLawrence Weiner once said that art isn’t just something that messes up your day, it should “fuck up their whole life.” That’s what Burden did to art until he died yesterday at 69.
  5. Good-bye Forever to Picasso’s Women of AlgiersI set eyes on the beautiful reward by Picasso known as The Women of Algiers, an epic master class on the ways of painting, which will be sold tonight to a private collector for $140 million.
  6. 3-Sentence Reviews: Katz, Serra, YuskavageThis is Richard Serra’s best show in 15 years.
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    12 Stories of Sex in Museums“We split a Xanax and a whiff of poppers on our way uptown.”
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    Saltz: Did Modernism Even Happen in America?At the same moment in the early 20th century when Europe and Russia, especially, were trying to make art dealing with the modern condition, Americans were actually just being modern, living it.
  9. Michelle Obama: The Whitney Is for ‘Dreaming’The new museum is a place, she said, for “dreaming, witnessing, and making things possible.”
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    Jerry Saltz on the New Whitney MuseumHow the museum might just solve the impossible problem of contemporary art.
  11. Jerry Saltz on the New Whitney MuseumHow the museum might just solve the impossible problem of contemporary art.
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    I Got Kicked Off of Facebook for Posting Images of Medieval ArtI hope that all of these finger-pointing little Napoleons get a grip and go elsewhere.
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    MoMA’s Björk DisasterI wanted to be surprised and proven wrong about the Björk show. Alas, I haven’t been. 
  14. ‘Digital’s Bitches’: The New Museum TriennialThese curators understand, finally, that there’s no such thing as “digital art.”
  15. The Most Powerful Artwork I Have Ever SeenThe most thunderstruck I’ve ever been by art was before the 13,000-year-old cave paintings of mammals in Niaux, France.
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    3-Sentence Reviews: White Columns, Philip Taaffe, and MoreThe White Columns annual offers a quick retort to all those forever worrying that art is going to hell.
  17. MoMA’s Monet Fire SaleThe institution’s latest off-putting move is auctioning a Claude Monet from its collection.
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    Iconoclasm Now: Charlie Hebdo and the Lethal Power of ArtThe Paris attack is a reminder that powerful images have always been under threat. 
  19. After NYT Profile, Simchowitz Blathers BackThe first big article about art in 2015 isn’t about art but about how money is having sex with young artists these days.
  20. 4 Art Shows From 2014 That I Can’t ForgetThe last round-up of the year’s best. 
  21. New York’s Art History: An Interactive MapThank you, Loren Munk!
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    Gaga’s Law: How Art Conquered Pop and Why Jay Z Goes to Art BaselJerry Saltz and Matthew Weinstein discuss.
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    John Waters Is a National TreasureNo one gets the cross-section of showbiz and fandom like him.
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    The 14 Best Museum Shows of 2014Matisse is No. 1.
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    ‘The Forever Now’ Is MoMA’s Market MomentWhat the year’s big survey show tells us about contemporary painting.
  26. The 19 Best Art Shows of 2014Gallery and museum shows.
  27. Matthew Higgs Is a National TreasureWhite Columns: a pillar of the community.
  28. Jerry Saltz’s Fake Instagram Week at Art Basel He probably had more fun than any of us did. 
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    We Need to Reconsider Art School(Again.)
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    3-Sentence Reviews: Franz West, Matt Hoyt, and MoreIn a couple of cases, three very long sentences.
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    Is There Great Art on Instagram? After a year, I’ve finally found an artist I’m excited about.
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    3-Sentence Reviews: Condo, Perich, and MoreRapid-response criticism and a gigantic blue whale.
  33. What Artists Read in 19981998 reading lists from Matthew Barney, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, and more.
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    3-Sentence Reviews: All Hail Susan Te Kahurangi KingRapid-response criticism at Andrew Edlin and five other galleries.
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    Lisa Spellman Is a National TreasureFor 30 years, she’s shown a room can change the way we see the world.
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    MoMA’s 10-Year StruggleHappy anniversary, Yoshio Taniguchi Building!
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    3-Sentence Reviews: Picasso, Clemente, and MurakamiRapid-response criticism and Pablo’s enormous penis.
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    When Did the Art World Get So Conservative?When we’re treating works of art as ruthlessly and unsubtly as we would hate speech, is it political progress or aesthetic ignorance?
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    Jerry Saltz Recommends the Best Art at Independent ProjectsSaltz goes to the indie art fair.
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    Chris Ofili’s Thumping Art-History LessonIt is astonishing to consider just how distant the New York of the Sensation era feels now — and that scrappier art world.
  41. Marina Abramovic Is Still in the DarkWandering around aimlessly.
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    Do Not Miss MoMA’s Overwhelming Henri Matisse ExhibitionFew artists reward prolonged scrutiny more than Matisse.
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    Art Review: The Great, Inscrutable Robert GoberI don’t understand Gober’s work. That’s how I know how good it is.
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    Richard Prince’s Instagram Paintings Are Genius TrollingPrince is creating a rock-and-roll hip-hop ghetto patois of street dude, hipster, showman, and hunter.
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    Allora and Calzadilla’s Fault Lines Borders on Plagiarism“I couldn’t set aside how incredibly derivative this work is of that of Tino Sehgal’s.”
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    Jerry Saltz Dives Into the Lower East Side Art Scene and Emerges OptimisticThe Lower East Side is now far more than just not Chelsea.
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    The Saltz Cornucopia: 10 Fall Art Shows, ReviewedBetween Thursday and Saturday, over 150 exhibitions opened in New York.
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    Artforum and What’s Wrong With the Art WorldWhere are the women?
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    Photographer Garry Winogrand Captured America As It Split Wide OpenHis indelible vision is the subject of a powerful retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  50. The Loveliness of the Long-Distance Artist: On Kawara, 1933–2014In memoriam.
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