1. vulture festival 2021
    Bosch the Man Meets Bosch the Dog Thanks to Hollywood HandbookAlso thanks to, ahem, Vulture Festival.
  2. good one podcast
    Roy Wood Jr. Won’t Stop Pushing Stand-up ForwardThe stand-up discusses his new special and tackling difficult subjects on this week’s Good One.
  3. comics to watch
    The Comedians You Should and Will Know in 2021These are the 22 comics who industry insiders predict will be the superstars of tomorrow.
  4. good one podcast
    Ricky Velez Is a Real New York City Stand-upThe comedian joins this week’s Good One to discuss his new special.
  5. good one podcast
    Jo Firestone’s Cure for the Common Comedy SpecialThe stand-up taught seniors how to perform comedy during the pandemic, and the resulting special is a delight.
  6. covers
    Some Questions About Phoebe Bridgers’s Bo Burnham CoverShe is a serious singer often trying to be funny, and he is a funny singer often trying to be serious. What does it all mean?!
  7. good one podcast
    Paula Poundstone Wants You to Be Her Best FriendThe stand-up talks about her crowd-work mastery on this week’s Good One.
  8. good one podcast
    Martin Short’s Life As a Sketch-Comedy GodThe comedy legend talks late night, Only Murders in the Building, and more on Good One.
  9. good one podcast
    Gabe Liedman Won’t Close the Door Behind HimThe comedian and writer talks Q-ForceBig Terrific, and the next generation of comedians on Good One.
  10. 9/11: 20 years later
    How a Post-9/11 Heckle Shaped My Comedy for Years“I remember my heart racing, because I thought that he was going to come after me after the show,” Nick Youssef recalls.
  11. 9/11: 20 years later
    After 9/11, Marc Maron’s Friends Started Choosing Sides“At that time, our hand, as a community in a lot of ways, was forced to take a stand politically.”
  12. 9/11: 20 years later
    ‘One Giant Nerve That You Were Afraid to Touch’37 comedians remember their first time onstage after 9/11 and how the attacks changed comedy forever.
  13. good one podcast
    Rosebud Baker Wants to Be Honest But Not Ruin Birthday PartiesThe comedian discusses her new special on this week’s episode of Good One.
  14. good one podcast
    Rory Scovel Wants to Be the Phish of Stand-upThe comedian talks improv, connection, and growth on this week’s Good One.
  15. good one podcast
    Sam Richardson Will Always Defend Detroit and Poop JokesThe comedian talks positivity, cat buttholes, and his “comedic soul mate” Tim Robinson on Good One.
  16. good one podcast
    Tig Notaro: Cool, Hot, Changed Stand-up Comedy Forever#HotTig reflects on her legendary 2012 Largo set and her new animated HBO special.
  17. good one podcast
    Dan Harmon Knows a Community Movie Could Be Bad, and Yet …“A thing is happening. Logistically, the locks are coming away.”
  18. good one podcast
    Gina Yashere Is Waiting for That Big Netflix CheckThe comedian joins this week’s Good One to talk about coming to the U.S. and wanting to make “one really great special.”
  19. good one podcast
    Samantha Bee Reckons With Being a BossThe Full Frontal host talks paid family leave and what she’s learned from her job on Good One.
  20. good one podcast
    Fran Lebowitz Breaks Her Silence Over the Existence of AliensThe author talks Bowen Yang’s SNL impression, stand-up, and, yes, aliens on this week’s Good One.
  21. good one podcast
    Mae Martin Wants Queer Sex to Be As Funny on TV As It Is OffThe comedian joins this week’s Good One to discuss their Netflix series, Feel Good.
  22. good one podcast
    The Unusual Story Behind a Forefather of Stand-up ComedyLet Wayne Federman teach you about Artemus Ward on this week’s Good One.
  23. remembrances
    Sandra Bernhard Reflects on Her Friendship With Paul Mooney“When he walked onstage, no matter where you were in the club — in the hallway smoking, drinking — you’d stop and walk in and watch Paul.”
  24. good one podcast
    Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome Can Make Music About Anal Sex and TomatoesThe comedy-music duo join this week’s Good One to discuss their work and what’s next.
  25. stand-up
    Who Should John Mulaney Be Now?The comedian’s first post-rehab show serves as a reminder that he, like all of us, is coming out of the pandemic differently than he went in.
  26. good one podcast
    Vir Das Knows He’ll Be Arrested for a Joke EventuallyThe Indian comedian joins this week’s Good One to offer a fresh perspective on “freedom of speech.”
  27. good one podcast
    Howie Mandel Listened to the Audience, Not His Fellow ComicsThe comedian talks his career and The Tonight Show on this week’s Good One.
  28. good one podcast
    James Acaster Never Wants to Make an Audience Member Cry AgainThe comedian discusses his latest stand-up special on this week’s Good One.
  29. good one podcast
    Are Bachelorette Parties at Comedy Shows Actually … Good?Jamie Lee discusses her new show The Wedding Coach on this week’s Good One.
  30. good one podcast
    Do We Really Need Documentaries About ‘Women in Comedy’?On this week’s Good One, Vulture critic Kathryn VanArendonk discusses one of comedy’s most exhausting topics.
  31. holidays
    It’s Time to Make April Fools’ Day the Halloween of ComedyRIP, pranks.
  32. good one podcast
    Margaret Cho Is Proud of All Her ChildrenThe stand-up talks Atlanta, fighting for visibility in Hollywood, and her influence on the next generation of comedians.
  33. good one podcast
    Every Crowd Is a Fortune Feimster CrowdThe comedian joins this week’s Good One to talk stand-up, audiences, and Hooters.
  34. tea-mz
    Def Noodles Is Testing the Limits of YouTube SatireWhat Dennis Feitosa’s controversial channel has taught him about the perils of lost context on the internet.
  35. bffs
    The History of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Best FriendshipFrom Chicago to SNL to the Golden Globes, in pictures, quotes, and video.
  36. good one podcast
    What Happened When Brian Regan Finally Joked About His OCD“I was worried everyone was just going to get up and leave right after that bit: That’s it. We don’t like you anymore.
  37. good one podcast
    Without Tony Woods, There Would Be No Dave ChappelleThe comedian joins this week’s Good One to discuss his influential style and performing all over the world.
  38. good one podcast
    Larry David Approved This Joke About Blowing Larry DavidBritish comedian London Hughes chats about her Netflix stand-up special on this week’s Good One.
  39. good one podcast
    On a Borat Shoot, Even the Director’s in DisguiseJason Woliner, a.k.a. “Chris,” goes inside Borat Subsequent Moviefilm on this week’s episode of Good One.
  40. good one podcast
    So, Was Trump Good for Comedy?Six different comedians, six different answers.
  41. good one podcast
    If You Were Katy Perry, You’d Demand to Kiss Bobby Moynihan TooThe SNL alum joins this week’s Good One to reflect on his favorite memories from the show.
  42. capitol riot
    When Jokes FailThe futile search for funny in a political crisis.
  43. good one podcast
    Kelly Conaboy Still Wants You to BlogThe writer joins this week’s Good One to discuss her new book and the lost art of blogging.
  44. a request
    It’s Time for Jimmy Fallon to Start Wearing GlassesWe even asked an expert to recommend the ideal pair for him.
  45. good one podcast
    David Sedaris Needs Your FeedbackThe humorist joins this week’s Good One to talk writing, The Simpsons, and more.
  46. the quarries
    The First (And Dear God, It Better Be the Last) QuarriesIn which we award the most original, absurd, scrappy, and ingenious works that shaped our year in quarantine.
  47. good one podcast
    Just Watch Nate, You ClownsNatalie Palamides joins this week’s Good One to discuss her provocative new Netflix special.
  48. good one podcast
    Hannibal Buress Grows Up and OutThe stand-up joins this week’s Good One to discuss his most recent comedy special.
  49. good one podcast
    Colin Quinn Will Never Stop BombingThe comedian joins this week’s Good One to talk about his COVID-era drive-in comedy special.
  50. good one podcast
    Bert Kreischer, the Man Behind the MachineThe comedian joins this week’s Good One to discuss his mega-popular joke.
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