1. headshots
    January’s Best Entertainment PhotosThis month, magazines gave us some compelling editorials, from Dakota Fanning to Terrence Koh.
  2. red-carpet look book
    Red-Carpet Look Books: An Analysis of Awards-Season StyleThe competition on the red carpet can be as interesting as the awards race itself.
  3. artsy
    Bowery and Houston Loses Its Keith Haring MuralThe Day-Glo corner just got a white paint job, in anticipation of a new mural.
  4. straight shootin’
    Liza Predicts Michael Jackson Autopsy Results“All hell’s going to break loose.”
  5. diddy
    Diddy Declares April 24 ‘Hero Day,’ Celebrates via TwitterYou’ll be pleased to know he has many a personal hero, too.
  6. kudos
    Critic Fails to Recognize Wall-E’s Oscar InevitabilityWhy is doubt continually cast on the robot’s chances?
  7. charitable contributions
    Bono’s Charity Single Not Guaranteed to Feed the WorldIn his ongoing quest to save the world, Bono’s rounding up world musicians to record a charity single.
  8. good breeding
    Ben Gibbard Captures Zooey DeschanelThe poster children for indie everything are engaged.
  9. jazz hands
    Woody Allen Ditches Café CarlyleThe director performed a rare concert in front of a large audience in Warsaw yesterday.
  10. consummations
    David Archuleta Is Now a ManThe real winner of ‘American Idol’ just turned 18.
  11. liars
    With Apologies to Oprah: Holocaust Memoirist Confesses to FabricationThe publication of Herman Rosenblat’s Oprah-endorsed ‘Angel Through the Fence’ has been canceled, for obvious reasons.
  12. history lessons
    Rap: If It’s Not Scottish, It’s CrapA new theory claims that rap actually has its roots in medieval Scottish tradition. Don’t tell Kool Herc.
  13. obviously
    Tina Fey, Queen of All MediaShe’s been voted the AP’s Entertainer of the Year!
  14. announcements
    Vulture Now Available for Your Mobile PleasureAdddicted to our blather? Awesome! We’ve got a new tool to help enable you!
  15. changes
    Nic Harcourt Throws In ‘Eclectic’ TowelKCRW’s famous music director is stepping down.
  16. awesome
    ‘Simpsons’ Spoof of ‘Mad Men’ RevealedA sneak peek from the November 2 Halloween episode.
  17. need-to-know information
    Since We Know You’re Wondering About Zac EfronHe’s busy being photographed shirtless and sagging his pants such that you can see his underwear. Much to Calvin Klein’s pleasure.
  18. how now apatow
    Details on Apatow’s ‘Funny People’The cast and characters for his next film are revealed — we’ve got the rundown.
  19. today in kanye
    Kanye Calms DownHe was pretty riled up about the leaked copy of “Robocop,” but after a few deep breaths, he’s moving on.
  20. Maya Rudolph to Play Michelle ObamaThe return of the ‘Saturday Night Live’ all-stars continues, with Maya Rudolph taking the stage this weekend.
  21. memorials
    Broadway Pays Its Last RespectsThe marquees of the theaters lining the streets off Times Square and Broadway will be dimmed for one minute at 8 p.m. tonight to salute Paul Newman.
  22. the industry
    Robert De Niro Plays to CharacterDe Niro signs on for another mobster drama, Yogi Bear gets his close-up, and Philip Seymour Hoffman goes for claymation.
  23. studio woes
    Why Can’t You Just Let Jadakiss Work?He’s trying to finish his album, but Def Jam keeps distracting him with “denim parties.”
  24. controversy
    Salman Rushdie on Team ‘Medina’Sherry Jones’s publisher was firebombed over her new novel; Salman Rushdie has some idea how this must feel.
  25. nostalgia
    It’s Been All Downhill Ever SinceWas 2006 the golden era of viral videos, and can it ever be as good again?
  26. kudos
    It’s Never Too Early for Oscar!Thank God — we thought we’d get to October without having some declarative predictions!
  27. pop trash
    ‘Californication’ Co-Opts TwitterThe cable network copies a few ingenious ‘Mad Men’ fans for its own viral-marketing needs.
  28. it’s all the internet’s fault
    Don’t Blame the Musicians — Blame the InternetIf it weren’t for the stupid Web, no one would complain about the new Metallica album.
  29. the tina fey show
    Tina Fey: More Palin Than Palin HerselfThe ‘SNL’ alum reprised her role as Palin — and the people rejoiced.
  30. obit
    Paul Newman Dead at 83The actor’s modesty — and charity — were legendary.
  31. mtv is totally relevant
    MTV Pulls the Plug on ‘TRL’After ten years on-air, MTV lets the show limp off into the sunset.
  32. annals of wayne
    Sasha Frere-Jones on Lil Wayne’s ‘SNL’ FailThere was a lot missing from Wayne’s season-opener performance. Like, everything.
  33. mtv is totally relevant
    VMAs Just Won’t Give Up on BritneyMTV is putting Ms. Spears onstage again. Even after what she did last year.
  34. obit
    ‘Peanuts’ Animator Bill Melendez Dies at 91The man who brought life to ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ worked for nearly seven decades as a professional animator.