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  1. the anticipation index
    Justin Bieber Helps a Brother Out on the Anticipation IndexHis charity truly knows no bounds.
  2. the anticipation index
    Coldplay vs. Lou Reed and Metallica: How Did Their Early Online Debuts Affect the Anticipation Index?One leaked, one was legally streamed, and the buzz may surprise you.
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    Today on Vulture Recommends: Halloween Movies for the Gore-AverseClaude Brodesser-Akner gives five lighthearted holiday treats.
  4. vulture on set
    Has 30 Rock Got Occupy Wall Street Fever?Denise Richards joins Tracy Morgan and Tina Fey in protest on the set of ‘30 Rock.’
  5. the anticipation index
    Real Steel Takes a Beating Against the Heavy Hitters on Vulture’s Anticipation IndexThis week’s releases take a dive as Bieber and Rihanna light up the Index.
  6. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: A Parade of MarilynsVulture’s Kyle Buchanan lists five onscreen interpretations of the original icon.
  7. who did it best
    Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Fix You’ Best?Vote for your favorite cover of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You.’
  8. the anticipation index
    The Anticipation Index: People Prefer to Talk About Future Scares Than This Weekend’s Movies’Paranormal Activity 3’ is trumping ‘50/50’ and ‘What’s Your Number?’ in online chatter.
  9. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Cheapo Comics to Blow Your MindDan Kois delivers again with five tiny-press comics.
  10. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Covers and Remixes From Nitush AbebeThe five songs on our pop critic’s mind.
  11. who did it best
    Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Somewhere’ Best?Vote for your favorite version of the ‘West Side Story’ classic.
  12. the anticipation index
    Moneyball and Killer Elite Get the Same Twitter Buzz in Very Different Ways’Elite’ gets the ‘Awesome, bro!’ crowd, while ‘Moneyball’ is all rave reviews and retweeted NPR links.
  13. who did it best
    Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘We Got the Beat’ Best?The New Directions go head-to-head against the video-making public.
  14. the anticipation index
    Why Is New Girl Shooting Up Vulture’s Anticipation Index While 2 Broke Girls Languishes?Zooey Deschanel’s monster tweeting is getting the web all riled up.
  15. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Nitsuh Abebe’s Songs of the MomentNumbers from Gauntlet Hair and Idris Elba on this week’s list.
  16. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Working Women in TV HistoryFive to get you ready for ‘2 Broke Girls.’
  17. the anticipation index
    Is Print Dead? The Anticipation Index Doesn’t Think SoPrint journalism inspires buzz for Murakami, ‘Contagion,’ Chastain, and more.
  18. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Dan Kois Does Worldly ReadingFive books to take you around the globe and then some.
  19. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Music Critic Nitsuh Abebe’s Weekly PlaylistTunes both foreign and domestic from pop critic Nitsuh Abebe.
  20. the anticipation index
    Who Got a Bigger Buzz Bump This Week, the Muppets or The Simpsons?Judging by our Anticipation Index, nostalgists went crazy for news on both of them, but for differing reasons.
  21. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Five Movies You’ll Need to See to Appreciate the Big Fall FilmsFive must-see movies.
  22. the anticipation index
    Footloose Reigns in Eighties Nostalgia While Conan FlailsThe ‘Conan’ remake has been floundering on our buzz-measuring tool, while one hint of Kenny Loggins sets the web on fire.
  23. vulture recommends
    The Most Effed-Up Comic Books, Today in Vulture RecommendsDan Kois offers his choices for the most effed-up comics.
  24. vulture recommends
    Vulture Recommends a Few Alternatives to Alternative RockNitsuh Abebe’s non-nineties revival picks.
  25. the anticipation index
    What’s the Most Anticipated New TV Show of Fall?There’s ‘The X Factor’ and then there’s everything else.
  26. the anticipation index
    Let Us Interrupt Your Afternoon to Bring You Some Important Shakespearean News’Coriolanus’ is No. 1 on the Anticipation Index. Wow.
  27. vulture recommends
    It’s the Best of Summer Television Today on Vulture RecommendsFive to check out before the fall, from Vulture’s TV expert Margaret Lyons.
  28. vulture recommends
    Marc Maron Picks His Comedians to Watch in Vulture RecommendsFive to look out for from the comedy podcast king.
  29. the anticipation index
    Who Won Comic-Con? The Anticipation Index KnowsSurveying a field of super heroes and Disney princesses.
  30. vulture recommends
    Find a Month’s Worth of Great Opening Lines in Today’s Vulture RecommendsCritic Dan Kois picks the best first lines in this month’s books.
  31. vulture recommends
    Nitsuh Abebe’s Eclectic Picks Today in Vulture RecommendsPicks by St. Vincent, Moonface, Owen Pallett, and more.
  32. vulture recommends
    The Cowboys and Aliens Who Inspired Cowboys & Aliens in Today’s Vulture RecommendsFive movies about one or the other from ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.
  33. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Amy Winehouse’s Best Hip-Hop CrossoversAmos Barshad offers his five favorites.
  34. vulture recommends
    Vulture Recommends Comics From Across the GlobeDan Kois gives us five non-American comics.
  35. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Songs to Listen to and Movies That Should Have Been New York–ifiedOur weekly picks from music critic Nitsuh Abebe, plus five movies that would have been better set in New York from ‘Friends With Benefits’ director Will Gluck.
  36. vulture recommends
    Vulture Recommends Five Book Series to Get Addicted To After Song of Ice and FireYou probably have five years to wait before the ‘Dance of Dragons’ follow-up arrives, so here’s a way to keep busy.
  37. vulture recommends
    Treasures From High-School-Movie Soundtracks in Today’s Vulture RecommendsAmos Barshad picks his favorites.
  38. vulture recommends
    Killer Parkour and More in Today’s Viral Video Vulture RecommendsClickables editor Amanda Dobbins brings you the best of viral videos.
  39. vulture recommends
    Critic Dan Kois Recommends the Books He Can’t Wait to Conquer on His Summer VacationAncient Greece: more or less interesting than bikinis?
  40. theater
    A Free Book of Mormon Show Preaches the Gospel to Previously Shut-Out Fans“It’s like a ‘Star Wars’ premiere,” said co-star Josh Gad, marveling at the huge line of hopefuls.
  41. vulture recommends
    Hey, New York Legislators, Today’s Vulture Recommends Is for YouKyle Buchanan gives his favorite onscreen same-sex kisses.
  42. vulture recommends
    Rap Is Already Back to School on Vulture RecommendsVulture’s own Amos Barshad delivers his five picks.
  43. anticipation index
    It’s Adam vs. Adam on Vulture’s Anticipation IndexBeef! With sequins.
  44. chat room
    Bad Teacher’s Lucy Punch on her ‘Über-Goddess’ Co-star Cameron Diaz, Playing the Slut, and Women in Comedy“Women can be just as filthy, if not more filthy, than men.”
  45. vulture recommends
    New on Vulture Recommends: Nathan Fillion Picks the Best Father’s Day GizmosOur favorite celebs give their picks.
  46. who did it best
    Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘For Good’ Best?Vote for your favorite cover of “For Good” from the musical ‘Wicked.’
  47. vulture lists
    The Ten Best (and Five Worst) Performances From Season Two of GleeNever sing to sick children again, ‘Glee.’
  48. anticipation index
    It’s Oprah vs. Gaga on Vulture’s Anticipation IndexLifestyle guru Thunderdome!
  49. who did it best
    Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ Best?Vote for your favorite cover.
  50. who did it best
    Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Rolling in the Deep’ Best?Vote for your favorite cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”
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