Jimmy Callaway

  1. Immediately My Thing: A Conversation with Paige WeldonOne of the best things about living in Los Angeles besides the weather and the crippling self-doubt is watching comics grow as comics, […]
  2. The Big Chill of Comedy with Fred Stoller Back when I was a lad in the nineteen-hundred and eighties, standup showcase shows were on cable television 24 hours a day, and I watched […]
  3. Comedy and Comic Books with Andrés du BouchetIf you listen closely to the lead track of Andrés du Bouchet’s new album, 20-Sided Guy, you’ll likely pick out my obnoxious cackle. I was lucky […]
  4. Embracing Terror with Kate BerlantAside from being tremendously funny, Kate Berlant has an almost authoritative stage presence and style, one that encourages the audience to […]
  5. What’s Every Former ‘Kids in the Hall’ Writer Up To Now?“I got that one from the kids in the hall.”–Sid Caesar, blaming his writers whenever a joke would bomb It’s taken me many years to wrap my […]
  6. David Letterman Probably Likes David Letterman Less Than You DoOnce, when Terri Garr was a guest on Late Night with David Letterman, she tried to make small talk with her host during a commercial break. The […]
  7. Not In My San Diego: How ‘NTSF:SD:SUV::’ Has Perfectly Captured My HometownLike a lot of San Diegans, I’m originally from somewhere else. My family moved here when I was but a slip of a lad, however, and I’ve […]
  8. I’m Your Uncle Buck: The Low-Key Career Path of John CandyI saw Wagons East! in the theater during its short run. I used to ride the bus down to the comic book store every Saturday, and if I had any […]
  9. Pals and Confidants: The Golden Girls in (Mostly) Their Own WordsWriters write. Sometimes, actors also write. Sometimes, actors should just stick to acting. But some other times, when actors write, they allow […]
  10. The King of ‘The King of Comedy’It is the year 2000. I have moved into my grandparents’ basement in Roswell, New Mexico, and am pecking out a skin-peelingly bad novel. I am 23 […]
  11. No More Comedy Sequels: Five Cautionary TalesAnchorman 2, huh? I mean, yeah, I’m down, but it’s a bit weird to me that everyone’s so excited for it. Sequels to movies, even to crappy ones, […]