1. vulture sports
    The Movies Fantasy League Postmortem Charts ExtravaganzaBreaking down the inaugural season by the numbers.
  2. gold rush
    All 54 Oscar-Nominated Movies (and Shorts), RankedSome are great, some are good, and some are genuinely terrible. Cue the montage music, because we’re starting from the bottom.
  3. cheat sheet
    How to Gossip About the 2023 OscarsEven (or especially) if you haven’t watched any of the movies.
  4. pretty statues
    Cheese: An Annotated History of the Oscar Class PhotoThe group portraits are back this year — and one nominee is noticeably absent.
  5. mfl
    Movies Fantasy League News: Wakanda Had a Big WeekendThe Black Panther sequel just earned 112 points for any MFL team that drafted it. Want in on the action? Then be sure to join by Monday, November 21.
  6. weird
    The Celebrity Cameos in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, RankedNot since Anchorman 2 has a movie taken more madcap delight in trotting out famous people in the service of something so dumb.
  7. court coverage
    The Best Tennis Scenes in Movies, RankedHollywood is short on good tennis movies, but that doesn’t mean tennis isn’t a good movie sport.
  8. rankings
    All 53 Oscar-Nominated Movies, RankedIt’s the end of another Oscars season. Let’s celebrate (and side-eye) the movies that made the cut.
  9. rankings
    Every Type of Oscar-Acceptance Speech, RankedFrom printed lists (boo!) to giggle fits to self-indulgent spectacles, we ranked 19 categories of Oscar-acceptance speeches.
  10. gold rush
    A Brief History of the Oscars’ Love-Hate Relationship With ShakespeareUntil Spielberg’s West Side Story, no Shakespeare adaptation had broken into Best Picture for 53 years.
  11. gold rush
    5 Extravagant Stunts the Oscars Will Never Try Again (But Should)Don’t you want an Academy Awards that puts on a show? Don’t you want a high-kicking Debbie Allen and Tyson Beckford? Don’t you want the Oscars back?
  12. and the oscar goes to…
    The 9 Most Chaotic Oscars Acting-Category Upsets (of the Last 25 Years)After months of predictions and whispers, the last-minute upset is a necessary reminder that, at the end of the day, we don’t know a damn thing.
  13. m4gs
    Who Are the AARP-iest Contenders at This Year’s Movies for Grownups Awards?You can’t tell these retirees anything, and we love them for it.
  14. the little screens
    How to Stream (Just About) Every Film Nominated for the Indie SpiritsThey barely overlap with the Oscars this year.
  15. the little screens
    How to Stream (Just About) Every 2022 Oscar-Nominated MovieFrom star-driven biopics to a lovely film with a yak.
  16. she makes oscars better
    Let Her HostWhy Nicole Kidman is the only choice to helm the Oscars in 2022.
  17. alternate timelines
    What If Topher Grace Made Venom Instead?Here’s what happens in the mirror universe where a That ’70s Show actor gets gooped before Tom Hardy.
  18. streamliner
    Using Your iPhone As a Remote: Good in Theory, Tricky in PracticeThough some devices have the technology squared away, other services left us scratching our heads.
  19. the gold rush
    All 56 Movies Nominated for an Oscar This Year, RankedSome might suggest our ranking of every nominated film is subjective, but we might suggest you let the truth just sink in.
  20. let’s go grandmas
    This Could Be a Groundbreaking Year for Grandmas at the OscarsEither Glenn Close or Youn Yuh-jung could make history in Best Supporting Actress for all mamaw-kind.
  21. the gold rush
    The Academy vs. Rotten Tomatoes: Remembering the Lowest-Rated Oscar NomineesHillbilly Elegy joins the ranks of the worst-rated films recognized by the Academy.
  22. onward and upward
    Hollywood’s Six Pathways from Supporting Parts to StardomHow some of the most beloved character actors became some of the most beloved leads.
  23. ooh it’s them!
    The 32 Greatest Character Actors Working TodayWe asked critics and Hollywood creators: Which supporting players make everything better?
  24. the gold rush
    A Brief History of Saturday Night Live As an Oscar Campaign StopHow Jeremy Irons, Emma Stone, and 12 more Oscar winners hit up 30 Rock en route to picking up their trophies.
  25. the gold rush
    The 2021 Oscars Ballot by the NumbersFrom Glenn Close nominations to animated sequels, we’re breaking down the math behind this year’s crop of Academy Awards hopefuls.
  26. the gold rush
    In Memoriam: The Classic Oscar Nomination MorningSorry to Priyanka and Nick, but we miss the old (boring) days.
  27. the gold rush
    A History of Child Oscar NomineesWe all want Alan Kim to get an Oscar nomination for Minari, but how likely are kids to be nominated, anyway?
  28. the gold rush
    This Is Going to Be the Most Ridiculous Best Original Song Year EverGet ready to be very puzzled by the films and songs that get nominated in the Oscars’ shakiest category.
  29. the gold rush
    How Likely Are Golden Globe Winners to Win Oscars Anyway?We crunched the numbers and did the math, and the results are in.
  30. the gold rush
    The Golden Globes Strikeouts Are a Who’s Who of Who Hasn’tsOscar winners? Yes. Tony winners? Yes. Globe winners? No.
  31. the gold rush
    For No Reason at All, Here’s the Greatest Emma Thompson Acceptance SpeechThe 2021 Globes ceremony might be a mess, but we’ll always have this ghostly moment.
  32. the gold rush
    The Golden Globe–Nominated Movie Performances That Oscar Ignored, RankedDifferent Oscar.
  33. alternate timelines
    What If Darren Aronofsky Made Batman Instead of Nolan?What happens in the mirror universe where one 30-something indie director prevails over the other? It gets dark(er).
  34. friday night movie club
    Here’s the Only Home Alone Conversation I Want to Have This Holiday SeasonIt has nothing to do with Catherine O’Hara, Donald Trump, or sequels.
  35. alternate timelines
    The Year of Movies That Never WasWhat would Hollywood have looked like in 2020 if a pandemic never happened? We were almost too afraid to ask.
  36. the gold rush
    All 53 Movies Nominated for an Oscar This Year, RankedThis ranking of 2020 Academy-anointed films is subjective and based on nothing but personal evaluation. But it is right.
  37. the gold rush
    What Happens in the Mirror Universe Where Nicole Kidman Won the 2002 Oscar?How many Academy Awards would Beyoncé have?
  38. the gold rush
    What Happens in the Mirror Universe Where Sandra Bullock Lost the 2009 Oscar?An Oscar hypothetical for the ages.
  39. the gold rush
    The 2020 Oscars, By the NumbersLooking at the math behind this year’s Academy Awards slate reveals some fascinating truths about the ballot.
  40. the gold rush
    A Brief History of Double-Nominated Actors at the OscarsScarlett Johansson, you are in very good company.
  41. the gold rush
    The Best Screenplay Oscar Race Just Got a Little InterestingEven with Quentin Tarantino ineligible for a WGA award (as always), it’s going to be a mad dash to see who gets those precious five Oscar nods.
  42. the gold rush
    Meryl Streep’s 32 Career Golden Globe Nominations, RankedAnd you thought the Academy loved her!
  43. the gold rush
    Why It’s a Wonderful Life Came Up Short at the OscarsThe 1946 Oscars saw Frank Capra’s holiday masterpiece overtaken by a film that was even more sentimentally resonant.
  44. the gold rush
    When Keri Russell Won a Golden Globe for Felicity, Awards Shows Got InterestingThe Hollywood Foreign Press Association is known for rewarding absolutely bananas television, but in 1998, the decision felt right.
  45. the gold rush
    If Taylor Swift and Cats Aren’t Winning the Best Song Oscar, Who Is?The Academy’s shortlist snub leaves the Original Song category light on star power.
  46. anniversaries
    The Death of the Middlebrow Legal ThrillerWhy the demise of a genre built on the spines of John Grisham novels makes us less interested in Oscar races.
  47. oscars 2019
    Revisiting the Longest, Strangest, Most-Popular OscarsA look back at some of the Oscars’ most memorable shows, from Snow White to Titanic’s unsinkable year, and how the ratings reflected them.
  48. oscars 2019
    Some Lessons on How Not to Become an Oscar NomineeWatching a lot of movies that don’t quite get nominated for Oscars reveals hard lessons about what not to do if you want to win awards.
  49. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: In the Land of Black WomenKerry Washington’s hosting gig came at both the most opportune and most awkward time.
  50. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Look Who’s MumblingBruce Willis took us on a trip down memory lane.
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