John Carney

  1. overnights
    24 Recap: Who’s the Baddest?What is it that separates Jack Bauer from Renee Walker — and the terrorists?
  2. overnights
    24: Off the Deep EndThe show about terrorist nukes scoffs at the idea of terrorist nukes.
  3. overnights
    24: The Death Drive, In OverdriveJack smoking a cigarette may mean more than you think.
  4. overnights
    24 Recap: Jack Does JackJack becomes a voyeur, watching outcast FBI agent Renee Walker.
  5. overnights
    24 Recap: Welcome Back, Weapons of Mass DestructionWe almost made it one-sixth of the way through the season before WMDs made an appearance!
  6. overnights
    24 Season Premiere Recap: Terms of EngagementThe beginnings of a theory about isolation and engagement in life, in politics, and in love — and the prospects for success of each.