John Herrman

  1. The Ballad of @Horse_ebooksOf the accounts that follow me on Twitter, half are spambots. About 15% are companies or organizations whose social media interns found me on a […]
  2. Why Nielsen Ratings Are Inaccurate, and Why They’ll Stay That WayIt’s easy to understand why people are ambivalent, or even hostile, toward ratings. The thinking goes something like this: 1. People love the […]
  3. Can Branded Content Be Funny?When Chuck did it, we laughed at them, not with them. When 30 Rock does it, or pretty much every other capital-G Good show on TV right now for […]
  4. Where (On the Internet) To Watch Every Comedy This SeasonMaybe you don’t have a TV. Maybe you don’t want to pay for cable, or rent a satellite dish. Maybe you don’t like accommodating the odd and […]