1. Ocean’s 8 Is About the ‘Delight of Seeing Women Steal Sh*t’“You get to feel the joy and the possibility of the female experience, versus a lot of the pain that we had and have been experiencing.”
  2. Behind the All-Female Review Site Ready to Take on Rotten TomatoesActress and director Miranda Bailey has issues with RT’s male bias and binary review system. So she’s starting her own.
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    Baz Luhrmann on Figure Skating’s Love Affair With Moulin Rouge!“They all are very, very natural bedfellows.”
  4. the awards show show
    What It Was Like Being in the Room at This Year’s Crazy Oscars CeremonyIn the season finale of The Awards Show Show, Kyle Buchanan and John Horn discuss what it was like being in the theater where it happened.
  5. the awards show show
    How This Year’s Oscar Movies Are Revamping Their Awards-Season NarrativesOn this week’s episode of The Awards Show Show, hosts Kyle Buchanan and John Horn look at films that have pivoted to new talking points.
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    Lin-Manuel Miranda: ‘Chase What Inspires You, and Finish It’“You’re talking to a guy who hasn’t moved out his neighborhood yet, and my characters seem to traverse oceans and change the world.”
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    Dev Patel on Oscar Attention, Typecasting, and Hair-Care Secrets“Everyone uses that term, ‘The film’s more relevant now than ever.’ And I get scared by that sometimes.”
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    The Oscars Will Be More Political Than Ever This Year. That’s a Good Thing.In this episode of the Awards Show Show, Kyle Buchanan and John Horn discuss the politicized awards season.
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    Barry Jenkins Won’t Let You Pit Moonlight Against La La Land“I wasn’t on set thinking, ‘I’m going to make a film that can take down the ‘white, fascist musical.’”
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    Vulture’s Final Oscar-Nomination PredictionsOur last best guess before the announcement.
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    Andrew Garfield on Silence and ‘This Sick Man’ Donald Trump“The sickness, the toxicity, that is emanating out of his every pore — energetically, you can just feel it.”
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    Are the 2017 Oscars Best Actor Fields Narrowing?It’s the latest Awards Show Show podcast.
  13. How Kicks Grappled With Toxic Ideas of Masculinity, and an Indie Budget“As we included things like cars, stunts, astronauts, and guns it was like, Oh my God, this is not the movie we had intended to make.”
  14. Kenya Barris: Art Should ‘Start a Conversation’“I want to tell stories that may help inform what the world is feeling.”
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    Ellen Page and Ian Daniel on Gaycation“I came out to people clapping and an outpouring of support. The reality is, for a lot of people, they get kicked out of their homes.”
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    Michael Caine on Youth and Batman Emotionality“He said, ‘I didn’t want you to read the lover. I wanted you to read the father.’ I went, Uh-oh.
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    Will Smith on Fearing Concussion, Playing Obama“This type of film is more of an ‘inconvenient truth.’ It was a different place for me.”
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    Creed Director Ryan Coogler on Reimagining Rocky“Sly is game for anything. It just has to make sense to him.”
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    Jessica Jones Creator on Powers, Flaws, and Sex“Her character has always been that she has powers, but they’re not the A+ powers.”
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    Conan O’Brien Reflects on His Trip to Armenia“There was a Russian director who spoke no English who talked to me at length about my emotional journey.”
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    Emmys Writer Scott Aukerman on the Show’s Changes and His Own NominationHe writes letters, he writes sketches, he writes awards shows.
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    Kurt Sutter on His First Feature Film, Southpaw“I would say it’s worth it just to go see Jake [Gyllenhaal]’s performance.”
  23. The Art of the Title Sequence in True Detective“I think it’s actually a time for people to sit back and relax.”
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    Mad Max’s Production Designer on How He Made All Those Badass Cars“All the objects became a fetish.”
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    Veep’s Tony Hale on His Relationship With Selina“He one day is dreaming to marry [her].”
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    Alex Gibney on His Scientology Doc, Going ClearAnd why more people need to speak out against the church.
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    Corden on How Late Late Show Will Be Different“We have to earn our place on TV.”
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    Phil Lord and Chris Miller on Last Man on Earth“The show is just like opening up Will Forte’s brain and seeing what the little hamster inside wants to do.” 
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    Conan O’Brien on Going to Cuba and the State of Late-Night TV“It used to be that big Letterman-Leno feud for about five years, and people acted like it was Ali and Foreman.”
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    Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero on Zombie School“We hold auditions for future walkers, and we have affectionately termed it Zombie School.”
  31. sundance 2015
    Sundance: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s Personal Film“I didn’t sleep for three and a half days just because I’m an introvert.”
  32. sundance 2015
    Alex Gibney on His New Scientology Documentary“We got a really nice [E-meter] on eBay and used it to great effect.”
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    Neil Young on His New Digital Music Player and Why MP3s Are Subpar“I think MP3s are too much of a compromise.”
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    Jenni Konner on Reacting to Critics of Girls“Honestly, we try never to react to any of the criticism. It’s such a losing battle.”
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    Judd Apatow on Sony Canceling The Interview“In comedy, we attack people who are bad to other people.”
  36. the frame
    Dan Sterling on Writing The Interview, Sony Hack“[I’m worried] that all this controversy and trouble will have a chilling effect.”
  37. theater
    Disney’s Theatrical Head on Broadway’s Changes“People over 65 are up a couple of hundred percent because Broadway became a safer environment.”
  38. tv
    Pete Nowalk on Portraying Gay Sex on Network TV“It’s not a big deal. It’s part of life, and if people want to call it progressive, that’s fine.”
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    Jill Soloway on How Lena Dunham Freed Her Mind“It was like, Oh, all you ever had to do was nothing. All I ever had to do was stop pretending.”
  40. fall tv 2014
    Kenya Barris on Shonda Rhimes and Child-Spanking“It feels as if a lot of [this] country still believes in spanking.”
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    Barbara Hall On Being a Female Showrunner“Women in a man’s world is something that I end up exploring a lot.”