John Roy

  1. remembrances
    There Will Never Be Another Brody Stevens“I defy you to name another comedian, who when you saw him onstage, whether he was killing or bombing, made you as happy and proud to be a comedian.”
  2. the great bits
    In Maria Bamford’s Stand-up, Facing Nightmares Is Unusually FunNo comedian provides a more riveting portrayal of their own fear, doubt, and despair.
  3. the great bits
    Why Roy Wood Jr.’s ‘Black Patriotism’ Bit Is Olympic-Level Stand-up“Every time the comedy beach ball starts to lose altitude, Wood smacks it back into the sky.”
  4. the great bits
    The Great Bits: Paul F. Tompkins’s “Peanut Brittle”The writing in “Peanut Brittle” is as surprising as the subject matter.
  5. the great bits
    The Great Bits: Patton Oswalt’s ‘Steak’The best bits stay in your mind years after hundreds of other bits disappear. One such bit is Patton Oswalt’s ‘Steak’.
  6. Why Chicago Is the Best City in America for Young Standups A comedian I know just moved to Chicago after two years in Los Angeles. Hearing the news, another comic asked “Are they nuts? If you’re […]
  7. Why Standups Should Embrace, Not Revile, Improv “I hate improv.” Hang around standup comedians enough and you will hear it. This may be confusing. Many don’t know there’s a difference […]