1. be the star of the story
    See Breaking Bad Choose Your Own Adventure BooksIf you eat Todd’s ice cream in the Neo-Nazi pit, turn to page 53.
  2. tv dinners
    See Today’s Dessert: A Tobias Fünke AnustartTake a look at Arrested Development season four’s most intriguing snack idea.
  3. go buy buy
    Check Out the Mad Men Kidz!Someone needs to make a kids cartoon with Li’l Don, Li’l Joan, and the gang.
  4. 30 rock
    Here’s the 30 Rock Ben & Jerry’s Flavor We’d Want to SeeDr. Spaceman’s Mint Chocolate Scrips.
  5. that’s the spirit!
    Get Your Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Walking Dead Christmas CardsA gift is that much more thoughtful when accompanied by a Vulture Don Draper card!
  6. fake books
    See the Cover of Nick From New Girl’s Zombie NovelZ Is for Zombie.
  7. mashups
    See a Buster Bluth Goosebumps NovelIt is the haunting story of a one-armed man terrorized by a witch.
  8. mashups
    See This Fall’s Horror TV As Goosebumps CoversWe would totally read these.
  9. breaking bad
    See a Poster for Walter White on Spring BreakWhat if Breaking Bad went on vacation?
  10. roided up
    See Ron Swanson As a WWE-Like WrestlerAlso, Annie from Community and Breaking Bad’s Walter White.
  11. raw deal
    See Our Breaking Bad Face CardsWalt is the King, of course.
  12. jon defreest
    See Vulture’s Ron Burgundy Ice-Cream BarWho doesn’t want this afternoon delight?
  13. clickables
    See Where Action Films Will Go After BattleshipRock, Paper, Scissors: The Movie.
  14. clickables
    Check Out an Ad for an Avengers-Approved Tony Stark Shawarma Shack“Hulk smash Tabbouleh prices!”
  15. slideshow
    See Our ‘Line’ of Cheesy Airbrushed Game of Thrones T-ShirtsCheck out these bright, 100-percent cotton symbols of Westeros love (that you can see from space).
  16. clickables
    See the Cover of a Workout Vid Starring SchmidtIt’s called — what else? — Cut the Schmidt.
  17. collectibles
    Community Posters: Are You Team Pillowmen or Team Blanketeers?Pledge your allegiance to Troy or Abed.
  18. clickables
    See Don Draper on a Wheaties BoxHere’s the Clio award winner in all his glory.
  19. collectibles
    Go Back to the Nineties With Our Community PogsTheir time has come.
  20. clickables
    See a Mad Men–Themed Ben & Jerry’s FlavorIn honor of Roger Sterling.
  21. See the Community Cast in a Tweaked Return of the Jedi PosterPierce is Darth, of course.
  22. clickables
    Print Out Valentine’s Day Cards From Tracy Jordan, Roger Sterling, and MoreDwight Schrute! And Chris Traeger!
  23. clickables
    See the Cover of Jack Donaghy’s MemoirJack-Off. 
  24. clickables
    See Don Draper on the Cover of Scotch & Smoke Magazine A handsome cover boy.
  25. See an Ad for Liz Lemon’s Shower HamWe used her idea.
  26. toons
    See More Parks and Recreation Characters As CartoonsDonna, Jerry, Ann, and Jean-Ralphio, you are left out no more.
  27. slideshow
    See the Parks and Recreation Characters As CartoonsLeslie Knope would be adorable animated.
  28. campaigning
    Here Are Three ‘Save Community’ PostersJoin the cause.
  29. face off
    See a Poster for a Jack Donaghy vs. Ron Swanson Boxing MatchA real heavyweight bout.
  30. See Beaker’s Secret, Pre-Bunsen Honeydew PastVintage photographs uncovered that find the Muppet Lab sidekick meeping in the Old West, and by the sides of JFK and Elvis.
  31. clickables
    See a Halloween Mask for Boardwalk Empire’s Richard HarrowThe guy with the two faces!
  32. clickables
    See Our Version of Walking Dead OperationIt takes a very steady hand to pull a hedgehog corpse out of this zombie’s gut!
  33. clickables
    Download Our Gus Fring Mask for HalloweenYou know the one.
  34. clickables
    See an Arrested Development–Themed Ben & Jerry’s FlavorTobias Fünke’s I Just Blue Myself. In blueberry!