1. vulture festival 2016
    The Happy Endings Cast on What Could’ve BeenIt was a reunion for the ages.
  2. vulture festival 2016
    Animal Kingdom Creators Discuss Peak TV“You have to decide what you’re interested in, and then pray that a couple million other people are interested in that, too.”
  3. party chat
    Alan Cumming Hates Eli Gold’s Haircut on The Good Wife“What’s been difficult about doing The Good Wife all these years is having to have that awful hairdo.”
  4. fights
    Who Would Win in a Fight, Batman or Superman? Celebs and General Zod Weigh InAnd comics creators, too!
  5. party chat
    LaTanya Jackson: Samuel Deserved Oscar Nod“I’m not boycotting, I just won’t be there.”
  6. anecdotes
    That Time Janis Joplin Made the Hell’s Angels Do Household Chores“Sometimes she was a giant.”
  7. party chats
    Christine Baranski Taught Julianna Margulies How to Avoid Fan Selfies at the Met“Let me show you how Dame Christine handles oglers at a zoo.”
  8. party chat
    Alison Bechdel: The Bechdel Test ‘Has Been a Very Strange Turn in My Life’“I feel sort of funny about that whole thing.”