1. vulture lists
    Every Fast & Furious Movie, RankedThere have been 11 ultra-jacked films, but only one perfectly captures this franchise’s soul.
  2. it’s coming
    30 Erotic Thrillers You Can Stream Right NowTurn on the TV and close the blinds.
  3. pretty statues
    Cheese: An Annotated History of the Oscar Class PhotoThe group portraits are back this year — and one nominee is noticeably absent.
  4. bffs
    Scary Movie Dolls, Ranked by Best-Friend PotentialWhat’s a little murder between friends?
  5. the sounds of horror
    Fear the ChamoisIt’s arguably the most versatile object in the Foley artist toolkit, responsible for a shocking number of sound effects in horror movies.
  6. a glossary
    The Sounds of HorrorAn aural history of scary movies, and the Foley art and design that make them great.
  7. the sounds of horror
    The Hardest Horror Movie Sound I Ever Foley-edWhat does decapitation sound like? How about a demon birth? Foley artists explain just how difficult it is to engineer the sounds of horror.
  8. vulture lists
    10 Bombastic Action Movies to Watch After RRRFor anyone craving more explosions from Tollywood, Bollywood, and far beyond.
  9. this bites
    Karyn Kusama’s Dracula Movie Has Been Killed OffMina Harker was reportedly supposed to start production in May.
  10. vulture lists
    All 43 Video-Game Movies, RankedSome of them are even pretty good.
  11. role call
    Judy Greer Answers All Our Questions About Jawbreaker“I was always — and probably still am — a little terrified of Rose.”
  12. role call
    Matthew Lillard and Skeet Ulrich Answer All Our Questions About Scream“Looking back on this has been like looking back on the first love of your life.”
  13. trailer mix
    Candyman Is Trying to Get You to Say His Name With a New Trailer“Black people don’t need to be summoning.
  14. power ranking
    Disney and Nickelodeon Stars Gone Pop: A Power RankingHas Miley held her position at the top? How powerful is Lesbian Jesus? And is Zendaya poised to be our next superstar?
  15. friday night movie club
    Get in the Tub, We’re Watching What Lies BeneathWe deserve to see more class and trash collide in mid-tier-budget movies with stars of a certain age giving us their best spurned-spouse meltdowns.
  16. trailer mix
    Promising Young Woman Trailer: Carey Mulligan Says Yes, Actually, It Is All MenShe’s hunting down your crushes.
  17. a closer look
    Your Guide to Rewatching Millennium-Era Horror MoviesWhat better time than a pandemic to reappraise a 2000s micro-genre marked by tank tops, inexplicably attractive casts, and copious amounts of gore.
  18. casting
    Jeff Daniels Will Play James Comey to Brendan Gleeson’s Donald TrumpThe series will “likely” air before Election Day.
  19. chat room
    Don’t Be Afraid of Caleb Landry Jones (at Least Not His Music)The Get Out actor on his debut album and why he’s really not as scary as his movies make him seem.
  20. it’s so… metaphorical
    He Made an Apocalypse Movie to Watch the System Fall. Then a Pandemic Hit.For Blood Quantum director Jeff Barnaby, record unemployment and rampant disease are nothing new: “It’s the way Native people have always lived.”
  21. best of 2020
    The Best Horror Movies of the Year (So Far)If a pandemic isn’t scary enough, frighten yourself with 2020’s best horror: The Invisible Man, Swallow, The Lodge, Blood Quantum, and more.
  22. quarantine content
    Here Are the New Movies You Can Watch on Demand at HomeFilms like Emma. and The Hunt are either skipping or shortening their exclusive theatrical-release windows and migrating to VOD early.
  23. coronavirus
    Disney to Sell Baby Yoda Face Masks Because CapitalismThere are other officially licensed character options, too.
  24. only you can prevent gym fires
    Britney Spears Accidentally Burned Her Home Gym to the GroundShe’s fine. Everyone is fine. She has a new gym.
  25. and now you know
    Bryan Singer Apparently Skipped Out on X-Men: Apocalypse for … Thyroid IssuesOlivia Munn explains why he left the set for 10 days.
  26. trailer mix
    Homecoming Season 2 Trailer: Janelle Monáe Has Amnesia and More MysteriesSecrets and lies!
  27. don’t open the box
    Cenobites To Takeover Your TV in David Gordon Green-Directed HBO Hellraiser ShowA whole lot of Hellraiser is coming your way.
  28. sad news
    Amoeba Music Forced To Close Its Hollywood LocationThe iconic indie record store is still hoping to open a new store in the same area.
  29. vulture sports
    Turns Out Kobe Bryant Documented His Final Season, TooThough how the footage will be released is unknown.
  30. adaptations
    Paul Rudd to Manipulate Will Ferrell in The Shrink Next Door SeriesAdapted from the podcast of the same name.
  31. feuds
    Taylor Swift Calls Big Machine Greedy and Shameless in Music’s Best Ongoing FeudHer former label is now releasing an “album” of a performance from her teens.
  32. the force is strong
    A Star Wars Show from the Creator of Russian Doll! What a Concept!The Russian Doll co-creator will add another live-action series to the Star Wars streaming universe.
  33. not grey gardens
    January Jones, Quarantine Eccentric, Wants to Show You Her GardenShe didn’t plant any of these things, but she’s really enjoying them.
  34. adaptations
    The Hunger Games Prequel Book Is Becoming a Movie, ObviouslyBut you probably already knew that.
  35. all hands on deck
    Amoeba Music Launches Fundraising Campaign to Survive Our Current Crisis“We don’t know that we can weather the COVID-19 storm.”
  36. roll clip!
    Underwater’s Alternate Ending Brings Peace to My Weary MindLong live Kristen Stewart’s deep-sea heroine!
  37. coronavirus
    A French Director Fears Parisians Aren’t Taking the Coronavirus SeriouslyAs Revenge filmmaker Coralie Fargeat ponders a second wave of infections in her city, she turns to the Jumanji movie franchise for solace.
  38. trailer mix
    A Girls-Only Brood of Queer Vampires Is Eating Boys in The Bit TrailerStarring Supergirl’s Nicole Maines.
  39. trailer mix
    You Can Watch Logan Paul Get Punched in The Face In The Valley Girl TrailerAlso, Jessica Rothe Hive activate!
  40. good robot
    Justice League Dark Show Among 3 Bad Robot Projects Coming to HBO MaxOne will be based on Stephen King’s The Shining.
  41. instagram
    January Jones Has Picked Up a Weird New Quarantine Hobby“Tap that … ass.”
  42. coronavirus
    Cannes Film Festival Finally Admits It Won’t Happen This SummerOrganizers have been holding off declaring an official cancellation.
  43. deaths
    Tony Award–Winning Actor Brian Dennehy Dead at 81He was an enduring screen presence for decades.
  44. coronavirus
    The Mexican Filmmaker Writing a Movie About the End of the WorldTigers Are Not Afraid director Issa López lived through swine-flu isolation in Mexico City. A decade later, she’s spending her quarantine wisely.
  45. adaptations
    Middlesex Series to Be Directed by 50 Shades of Grey’s Sam Taylor-JohnsonThe book by Jeffrey Eugenides won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.
  46. trailers
    The Capone Trailer Is A Love Affair Between Tom Hardy and A CigarIt’s the re-emergence of writer and director Josh Trank.
  47. as a treat
    Britney Spears Pays Man a ComplimentShe has gifted JT with a musical shoutout.
  48. coronavirus
    In Quarantine, Timur Bekmambetov Is Busy Making MoviesIn Lockdown in Russia, the filmmaker behind Searching and Unfriended is convinced screen-centric storytelling can save his industry.
  49. shailene woodley
    Shailene Woodley Says She Was ‘Very, Very Sick’ After Getting Very FamousShe says the Divergent era was a difficult time for her.
  50. horror
    David Bruckner Will Open the Box and Direct the New Hellraiser MovieThis one is being dubbed a “reimagining.”
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