1. stay inside
    HBO Will Let You Stream Some Shows and Movies For Free, As A Quarantine TreatNo subscription required (for now).
  2. coronavirus
    Benjamin Netanyahu Reportedly Mistook Hallmark Show for Iran Pandemic FootageThe Israeli prime minister’s office doesn’t deny playing footage of Pandemic in a cabinet meeting.
  3. deaths
    Adam Schlesinger, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Songwriter, Dead at 52 From CoronavirusHe had been hospitalized and on a ventilator for multiple days.
  4. a closer look
    How Birds of Prey Staged an R-Rated Molly PartyDirector Cathy Yan walks us through the elaborately choreographed, single-shot club sequence — surprise extras, green vomit and all.
  5. chat room
    Vivarium Director Lorcan Finnegan Is Aware of How Creepy His Movie Seems NowIt’s about the horrors of being trapped at home with declining health and was inspired by the 2008 recession in Ireland.
  6. coronavirus
    Disney’s U.S. Parks Will Be Closed IndefinitelyThey are staying shut down “until further notice.”
  7. psa
    Contagion Star Kate Winslet Will Now Teach You How to Wash Your Hands CorrectlyIf you won’t listen to the CDC, listen to the Contagion cast.
  8. Why Are People Watching Pandemic Movies Right Now?From Outbreak to 28 Days Later, pandemic movies are having a bit of a moment.
  9. coronavirus
    Evangeline Lilly Is Now Social-Distancing And Also Sorry About Before“I want to offer my sincere and heartfelt apology for the insensitivity I showed.”
  10. hello! let’s celebrate that
    Portrait of a Lady on Fire Comes To Hulu So You Can Find Love in a Hopeless TimeThank goodness.
  11. coronavirus
    All AMC Corporate Employees Have Been FurloughedAbout 600 people will see reduced or no pay during theater closures.
  12. defending jacob
    Defending Jacob Trailer: Chris Evans Fulfills Destiny, Becomes a Boston DadBased on the novel by William Landay.
  13. coronavirus
    The Supernatural Series Finale Will Be DelayedThe showrunner makes it clear that Warner Bros. is committed to airing the least season in its entirety.
  14. time loop
    Taylor Swift Wants You To Focus On Bigger Things, But Also Know She Was RightShe would rather you donate to pandemic relief than talk about how she was absolutely telling the truth about that video.
  15. celebrity self-isolation
    We’ll Be Deciphering Madonna’s Quarantine Tub Diaries for the Rest of Our Lives“What I really miss is being able to talk in front of an audience every night.”
  16. hello! let’s celebrate this
    Jojo Serenading Us With Covers On Instagram Live Is The Balm Our Souls NeedHow does it feel? Pretty great, actually.
  17. self-isolation
    Should You Watch Netflix’s New Horror Movie The Platform?It’s such a grotesque spectacle about being imprisoned, it’s either perfect for our pandemic times or absolutely terrible.
  18. a closer look
    Haley Bennett’s Horror DiaryThe actress took diligent notes while shooting the explosive thriller Swallow. Here is a glimpse into the toughest scene she shot.
  19. trailer mix
    We Summon the Darkness Trailer Has Satanic Panic and a Pastor Johnny KnoxvilleAnd yes, that is Austin Swift.
  20. wash your hands!
    Daniel Dae Kim With Coronavirus Still Looks Better Than You on Your Best Day“If you treat this without care you are potentially endangering the lives of millions of people.”
  21. trailer mix
    Billions Season 5 Trailer: Corey Stoll Is Here Now!And Julianna Margulies, too.
  22. they… won’t be there for you
    Coronavirus Officially Goes Too Far, Delays The Friends Reunion SpecialEnough is enough.
  23. self-care
    January Jones, in a Rainbow Caftan, Brews a ‘Human Stew’ BathThis video is riveting.
  24. media
    Playboy Is Shutting Down the Print MagazineThey will be all-digital for the remainder of 2020.
  25. heroes will rise
    Matthew McConaughey Says ‘Turn A Red Light Into A Green Light’ During Pandemic“We have an enemy in coronavirus that is faceless, raceless, sexless, nondenominational, and bipartisan.”
  26. coronavirus
    Kevin Durant and 3 Other Brooklyn Nets Test Positive for the Coronavirus“Take care of yourself and quarantine.”
  27. quarantine
    Birds of Prey to Swaddle You in Glitter With a Quarantine-Timed VOD ReleaseParty in your home with Harley Quinn.
  28. deep dives
    Untangling the Politics of The Hunt With Damon Lindelof and Nick CuseA talk about wokeness, bubbles, and conspiracy theories.
  29. coronavirus
    You Shouldn’t Go Anyway, But Regal Cinemas Is Closing DownMore than 500 locations will go dark.
  30. surprise!
    Pete Davidson’s Movie Big Time Adolescence Just Dropped Early on HuluThe digital release was moved up by a week.
  31. coronavirus
    SXSW Is Still Going to Give Out Movie AwardsThe premieres are going online.
  32. stress relief
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Tries to Distract From Pandemic With Unreleased Hamilton SongA nice gesture.
  33. coronavirus
    Disney Delays Release of Mulan, New Mutants, and More Upcoming MoviesNew Mutants cannot catch a break.
  34. coronavirus
    Tribeca Film Festival Concedes to Coronavirus and Will Be PostponedThe event was scheduled to take place in April.
  35. horror
    Scream to Be Resurrected by the Ready or Not DirectorsDo you like scary movies?
  36. movies
    F9 Pushes Release Date for Coronavirus, Justice for Han Delayed Until Next YearProtect the Family.
  37. chat room
    The Hunt Director Craig Zobel Found His Movie’s Cancellation to Be ‘Very Meta’“I hesitate to say the word amusing … It was just a unique experience to be like, Wow, no one actually knows what this movie is.”
  38. casting
    Uma Thurman Goes to Apple With a Thriller Series About a KidnappingShe’ll play a high-powered businesswoman whose son gets abducted.
  39. hello! let’s celebrate this
    Karyn Kusama Lines Up Blumhouse’s Next Monster Movie With DraculaUniversal is not yet attached as a co-producer.
  40. say hello to your mother for me
    HBO Max Orders Mark Wahlberg Docuseries Titled … ‘Wahl Street’Are you ready to start your day at 2:30 a.m.?
  41. trailer mix
    Are Jellyfish Monsters Coming To Kill These People In The Sea Fever Trailer?And if they’re not jellyfish, then what the hell is going on?
  42. timeline
    How The Hunt Came Back From CancellationAfter being pulled from Universal’s release calendar, the hyperviolent Blumhouse movie gets a second chance to use controversy to its advantage.
  43. trailer mix
    The Platform Trailer: A Grotesque Vertical Prison Brings Out Humanity’s WorstHope you’re not hungry.
  44. trailer mix
    Colin Firth’s Cold Heart Needs to Be Melted in The Secret Garden TrailerComing to enchant a theater near you.
  45. as a treat
    Behold the New Muscle-Car Batmobile in The BatmanMatt Reeves is giving us another tease.
  46. my single is dropping
    Is Katy Perry Trying to Tell Us Something (About Pregnancy) in New Video Teaser?“Never Worn White” comes out tonight.
  47. a star is born
    North West Has Bars At Her Dad’s Paris Fashion Week Runway ShowWhere’s Watch The Throne II?
  48. crime
    A Canadian Woman Says Timothy Hutton Raped Her When She Was 14The former actress and model filed a criminal complaint against Hutton.
  49. prepare yourself
    Woody Allen’s Autobiography Will Arrive Next MonthHe finally found a publisher.
  50. roll clip!
    John Oliver Outlines the Horror of the U.S. Government’s Response to Coronavirus“I don’t want to be alarmist here, but I don’t want to minimize what we could be facing.”
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