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    A New Cable Channel Wants to Make Christmas Movies ‘Safe’ AgainA former Hallmark exec’s takeover of GAC Family has opened a new front in the war for Christmas viewers.
  2. top 10
    Netflix Ratings Just Got a Little Less SecretiveNetflix is finally sharing more of its mysterious metrics.
  3. f is for final season
    Say Good-bye to the F’in Murphys With the F Is for Family Final-Season TrailerCheck out the trailer for season five of F Is for Family, debuting exclusively on Vulture.
  4. buffering
    Yellowstone Is Defying the Streaming ModelThe big winner, other than Kevin Costner: Peacock.
  5. buffering
    AMC+ Doesn’t Want to be NetflixHow the small-scale streamer sees success in being niche.
  6. vulture guides
    Which Streaming Service Do You Actually Want?Helping you navigate the many, many, many, many, many, many, many options out there.
  7. chat room
    Cristela Alonzo Returns to TV With Legends, Lifetime, and a ‘Sense of Purpose’After working through the premature end of her sitcom, the comic and host of the Legends of the Hidden Temple revival is ready to do things her way.
  8. buffering
    No Subscriptions, Big Money: How Free Streamers Are Changing TV’s Business ModelChannels like Buzzr are finding a way to compete in the streaming wars.
  9. hulu
    Suspicion Confirmed: A Lot of People Watched Only Murders in the BuildingIt’s Hulu’s biggest comedy ever.
  10. streamliner
    13 Streaming Services Ranked by How Much They Love HalloweenYes, including “Peacocktober.”
  11. buffering
    Let’s Overanalyze Netflix’s New Viewing MetricsThe streamer has a new ratings methodology. We dive in.
  12. the industry
    How Will Netflix Clean Up Its Latest Mess?The earnings call is today, the walkout is tomorrow, and the internal strife is not going away.
  13. one night only
    CBS Nabs Adele Concert Special Featuring an Interview With OprahAdele One Night Only airs Sunday, November 14.
  14. accio
    Is Harry Potter on HBO Max or Peacock Right Now?Wingardium leviosa!
  15. tv ratings
    Squid Game Is Following the Tiger King Pattern, According to NielsenIt took a little while for the Netflix series to become a megahit.
  16. buffering
    Do Streaming Release Strategies Even Matter?A closer look at how two streaming hits took different routes to success.
  17. rumor has it
    When Adele’s Album Finally Drops, a TV Special May Be Close BehindSources tell Vulture that multiple networks and streaming platforms have been approached about staging a TV special tied to the new release.
  18. live tv
    Party in the NBC: Miley Cyrus to Host Lorne Michaels’s New Year’s Eve SpecialNo more Carson Daly.
  19. buffering
    Planet Squid GameHow Netflix’s international strategy produced what might be its biggest new show ever.
  20. ratings
    Jeopardy! Ratings Up Amid Host ControversyThat’s probably not the reason people are tuning in, though.
  21. buffering
    Good Deal, Bad Strategy: Why the Paramount+ and Showtime Bundle Is a MessShould they just be one service by now?
  22. buffering
    ‘Nobody’s Happy’: Broadcast TV Battles the Streaming Blues as Fall Season Begins“We all went from being the center of the universe to being a distant planet.”
  23. buffering
    Fall Forecast: How Each Big Streamer Plans to Win the SeasonAnd just like that, the streaming wars are reignited.
  24. buffering
    How Streamers Are Reimagining Network Premiere WeekWelcome to Streamchella 2021.
  25. what is…a mess?
    How Sony Tarnished Jeopardy! and Alex Trebek’s Legacy“For them to sully its mark on society with this sort of embarrassment? It’s a crime.”
  26. the streaming wars
    The Academy of Country Music Awards Are Heading to Amazon Prime VideoMarking the first award show to go streaming only.
  27. buffering
    Inside HBO Max’s Scramble to Fix Its Glitchy App“We see the crash logs. We’re not blind to it.”
  28. streaming
    Bizarre ‘Lost’ Game Show Whew! Is Returning to TVComplete with animated villains and convoluted rules.
  29. buffering
    Why Amazon Is Making Us Wait for Lord of the RingsAre you ready for some Gandalf?
  30. buffering
    Is This NBC’s Nightmare Olympics Scenario?Low ratings, Peacock complaints, and unhappy advertisers: Welcome to Tokyo.
  31. buffering
    How to Make It a Hot Network SummerFive spicy tips for broadcast TV this summer (and beyond).
  32. buffering
    12 Hollywood Insiders Reveal Who’s Really Winning the Streaming WarsExecs, agents, producers, and publicists get candid about the town’s new power players.
  33. a long talk
    Conan’s Irish Good-byeThe departing late-night host on his 28-year run and his trick for staying childlike forever.
  34. streamliner
    Which Free Streaming Services Should You Be Using?How to tell apart your Pluto from your Xumo.
  35. the streaming wars
    The Hottest Streamer (Right Now)Who is winning the platform wars?
  36. buffering
    It’s About to Get Real for Apple TV+Why those extra-long free trials are (finally) coming to an end.
  37. buffering
    Seinfeld Won’t Be Streaming Anywhere for a While, and That’s Good for NetflixLet the demand build.
  38. streamliner
    Say Your Good-byes, Seinfeld Is Leaving Hulu This MonthDon’t worry, it’ll be on Netflix (eventually).
  39. tv
    Chrissy Teigen’s Surprise Never Have I Ever Guest Role Has Been ScrappedIt’s probably related to those Courtney Stodden tweets.
  40. buffering
    Can MGM Help Amazon’s Video Business Roar?A closer look at the big deal of the week.
  41. buffering
    Lessons From HBO Max’s First YearAfter a bumpy start, the streaming service seems to be back on track.
  42. buffering
    When Network TV Gives Up: Franchises, Reboots, and Very Few LaughsThe Big Four’s fall slates aren’t promising.
  43. fall tv
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Final Season to Premiere After the OlympicsBut don’t expect any NBC comedies this fall.
  44. the streaming wars
    You Can Get HBO Max for $5 Less If You Don’t Mind AdsBut you won’t get access to the same-day movie premieres.
  45. the industry
    3 Big Questions About the WarnerMedia-Discovery DealHBO Max, meet Discovery+.
  46. buffering
    When a Quibi Becomes a RokuPlus: People are watching Pan Am again?
  47. the streaming wars
    The Real Story Behind Netflix’s Top 10 Lists And what the company is doing to them next.
  48. buffering
    IMDb TV Wants to Win the Free Streaming WarsA look at why the ad-supported service is so important to Amazon.
  49. the streaming wars
    Inside Netflix’s Quest to End ScrollingHow the company is working to solve one of its biggest threats: decision fatigue.
  50. ouch
    The 2021 Oscars Were the Least Watched EverLess than half of the viewership of the previous Oscars.
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