Josef Adalian joined Vulture as West Coast editor in 2010 and has been covering the television industry since 1992, including a decade at Variety. He also writes Buffering, a newsletter about the streaming wars.

  1. buffering
    Let’s Talk About Max’s First WeekAn emergency discussion about the streaming service formerly known as HBO Max.
  2. disney-
    The Disney+, Hulu Purge Has BegunOff to the streaming vault you go! For now.
  3. buffering
    Squid Game Was Just the StartNetflix’s head of content in Korea takes us inside the service’s massive K-content strategy.
  4. into the sunset
    Yellowstone Is Dead, Long Live a New Yellowstone SequelParamount has announced the end of its biggest show, but definitely not the end of the Sheridan-verse.
  5. dancing with the streamers
    Dancing With the Stars Foxtrots Back to ABCIn an unexpected move, Disney+ will now share the competition series.
  6. emergency!
    ABC Calls 9-1-1 After Fox Hangs Up on Ryan Murphy HitSpin-off Lone Star will remain at Fox.
  7. a long talk
    Carol Burnett Has a Story for EverythingAs NBC celebrates her 90th with a starry variety special, the comedy legend reflects on 65-plus years in showbiz: ‘I’m the luckiest broad around.’
  8. buffering
    It’s Tubi’s TimeHow the weird, free streamer won the internet’s heart.
  9. buffering
    Netflix’s Era of Lowered ExpectationsLet’s talk about the big streamer’s weird week.
  10. did nothing cancel?
    Arrested Development Is Staying on Netflix After AllThere’s still some money in that banana stand.
  11. buffering
    The Battle for BETThe competition to buy the historic network — and its streaming service — has the TV industry talking.
  12. tv ratings
    A Good Night for the Oscars and The Last of UsBoth programs went head to head Sunday night — and both networks had reason to be happy about their ratings performances.
  13. buffering
    The (Other) Man Behind the Yellowstone KingdomHow Paramount’s Chris McCarthy turned a cable hit into streaming’s biggest franchise.
  14. buffering
    To Hulu or Not Hulu: 4 Big Questions for Disney Right NowPhase Two of Bob Iger’s streaming strategy: Fewer shows, more franchises — and maybe one less platform.
  15. accio
    Is Harry Potter on HBO Max or Peacock Right Now?Wingardium leviosa!
  16. buffering
    Could Peacock Maybe, Finally, Be Having a Moment?The shows are clicking, but will it be enough for the struggling streamer? Content chief Susan Rovner is betting on it.
  17. renewals
    The Traitors Triples Down on Mess With a Second Season and Andy Cohen ReunionLooks like Peacock has a reality-TV hit on its hands.
  18. buffering
    What Netflix’s Bela Bajaria Era Means for Hollywood“She needs to keep programming things people watch versus snobby s- - - people don’t.”
  19. it’s a party!
    NBC Is Throwing Carol Burnett a Giant 90th Birthday BashFeaturing music and comedy from Amy Poehler, Steve Carell, Bernadette Peters, and more.
  20. buffering
    “We Had to Learn Everything Over Again”: How FX Survived the Streaming WarsJohn Landgraf on the network’s transition to Hulu, working for Disney, and why peak TV is finally, actually here (really).
  21. chat room
    Dionne Warwick on Laughing With Sinatra and the Joys of Being Spoiled“Lena Horne, Diahann Carroll, Ella Fitzgerald — they spoiled me rotten, and I loved every second of it.”
  22. hbo axe’d
    All Your Most Frantic HBO Max Questions, AnsweredAn existential explainer on why some shows are disappearing — and what to expect next.
  23. streaming
    Amazon TV Chief Hints at Faster Pace for Second ‘Lord of the Rings’ Season“We come out of the gate with great momentum.”
  24. buffering
    How Netflix Won Even While It Was LosingIt was a tough year, but the service still produced some of its biggest hits ever. We talk to Netflix’s scripted programming chief all about it.
  25. hbo axe’d
    Inside Warner Bros. Discovery’s Latest Cost-Cutting SpreeAnd why the great purge of ’22 may (finally) be over for HBO Max.
  26. buffering
    Little Britain, Big TV: Inside the BBC’s Streaming StrategyThe Beeb’s most popular shows are spread out across American streaming services. That’s by design.
  27. late night
    The Daily Show Will Feature Celebrity Guest Hosts Until Fall 2023The all-star line-up includes Leslie Jones, Al Franken, Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman, and Hasan Minhaj.
  28. buffering
    Three Big Questions About Disney’s Streaming FutureBob Iger’s back. What does that mean for Disney+?
  29. buffering
    Plenty of Subscribers, Even More Red Ink: A Tale of Two DisneysSubscriber growth alone isn’t enough for Bob Chapek’s Disney.
  30. break time
    Netflix’s $7 Ad-Supported Tier Has ArrivedJust don’t expect it to have every single show and movie.
  31. buffering
    Roku’s ‘Weird’ ScienceFirst dongles. Now an original movie. Next: streaming domination?
  32. buffering
    HBO’s Big Dragon Bet Paid Off“My No. 1 feeling is relief,” says HBO chief Casey Bloys.
  33. buffering
    Pluto TV Joins the Big LeaguesAnd other insights from a new Nielsen report.
  34. buffering
    Netflix Isn’t Out of the Woods YetThe streamer had a good week in an otherwise bad year.
  35. the streaming wars
    Netflix Isn’t Losing Subscribers AnymoreIt just added 2.4 million, reversing six months of declines.
  36. rate britannia!
    The Nielsen of the U.K. Has Cracked Its Way Into Netflix’s RatingsHere’s what that means for the U.S. — and Netflix’s ad-supported future.
  37. buffering
    Susan Zirinsky Knows a Thing or Two About What Viewers WantThe 11 Minutes exec producer on making the leap to from broadcast news to streaming.
  38. buffering
    It’s Time to Start Worrying About PeacockCan the streaming service come back from the dead?
  39. late night
    What Happens to The Daily Show After Trevor Noah Leaves?According to a production insider, “it isn’t going anywhere.”
  40. buffering
    Dragons vs. Elves: Who Has the Better Release Strategy?Streamers say time slots are irrelevant. Maybe they’re wrong.
  41. tv ratings
    The Rings of Power Ratings Are In, and They’re GoodNielsen weighs in on the Lord of the Rings versus Game of Thrones battle.
  42. buffering
    When Broadcast Shows Move to Streaming, Do Viewers Follow?If the show is Thursday Night Football, the answer is yes.
  43. ratings
    Apparently Everyone’s Streaming The Crown AgainWhile the queen’s funeral wasn’t quite the ratings blockbuster.
  44. trailer mix
    The Mole is Back to Its Old Tricks on NetflixThe new trailer, debuting on Vulture, is sort of the reality-TV version of Knives Out.
  45. buffering
    The 7 Biggest Questions the TV Business Has to Answer This FallThis season on the streaming wars: NBC ghosts Hulu, Dancing With Disney+, and ads, ads, ads!
  46. a twenty-four
    The Age of A24 TV Is Upon UsThe studio behind Euphoria and Ramy is bringing its signature cool to nearly every major streaming service in the next year.
  47. hbo axe’d
    The HBO Max Layoffs Are Under WayUpdate: The European team is the latest to get pink slips.
  48. tv ratings
    A Lotta People Watched the Dragon ShowThe Game of Thrones prequel drew the most viewers for an HBO premiere ever.
  49. buffering
    House of Questions: All Eyes on HBO’s DragonWhat’s at stake for HBO Max — and the Game of Thrones franchise — in the weeks ahead?
  50. it’s a re-sabotage
    Netflix Is Reviving Competition Classic The Mole This FallAs long as no saboteurs get in the way.
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