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    Survivor Season-Finale Recap: We Have a WinnerOur new winner is a first in many respects and deserves the praise.
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    Survivor Recap: Finale PredictionsAs we head into the finale, let’s see where everyone stands.
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    Survivor Recap: Survivor Wants to Do the Right ThingSurvivor finally seemings interested in showing the pressures that Black survivors feel playing the game.
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    Survivor Recap: Besties, What Happens Now?With the latest shocking blindside, the game has burst wide open.
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    Survivor Recap: Survivor Is Fun AgainThe show’s newfound lightness has only become more apparent as the season has gone on.
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    Survivor Recap: Food Fight!Another day, another live tribal.
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    Survivor Recap: An Episode for the Ricard BooksAn epic fake out leads to a chaotic tribal council that shows where the true alliances lie.
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    Survivor Recap: MergeatoryAn almost merge gives a survivor the opportunity to really shift the game.
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    Survivor Recap: I Am Here to Make FriendsOccasionally, when a player is just so good — or perceived to be that way — Survivor can’t help but become a one-person show.
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    Survivor Recap: A Survivor Assassin Is BornWe haven’t seen a heist like this since Micronesia.
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    Survivor Recap: Come Shan or ShineSo far, this season has been less about fast-paced New School game play and more about building trusting alliances.
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    Survivor Recap: All About EvvieWho needs elaborate twists when we have contestants like Evvie?
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    Survivor Season-Premiere Recap: Come On In!Survivor has a lot riding after a renaissance from pandemic binge-viewing and a controversial handling of a Me Too moment in 2019. It mostly delivers.
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    Chicago Party Aunt’s Chris Witaske Is Ready for Da Hometown FeedbackTalking with the comedian about the Netflix show inspired by his hit Twitter account.
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    The Mitchells vs. the Machines Director Mike Rianda Wants to Make You LaughHow Mike Rianda went from Gravity Falls to making one of the warmest, funniest, most original animated movies of the past few years.