Josh Wolk

  1. webisodes
    Tom Hanks Spoofs Late Night … or Does He?We can’t figure out whether his new, online ‘3 Minute Talk Show’ is a parody or the real thing.
  2. american idol
    Meet Vulture’s New American Idol Recapper: Paul F. TompkinsWe gave him a questionnaire to have him prove his recapping credentials.
  3. Read All of John Hodgman’s Hilarious Emmy Announcements“As Jim Parson walks to the stage now, nerds across America are taking to the streets in joy, setting cars on fire, and then backing away, using their inhalers.”
  4. video
    Did We Dream Big Brother’s Zingbot 3000? There’s No Other Logical ExplanationSeriously, a robot that tells zingers? Is this a rejected Conan sketch?
  5. saboteur!
    Big Brother’s Brand-New Twist Is Rendered Moot in the First WeekThe Saboteur was the first to get bounced.
  6. the industry
    How ‘Despicable Me’ Turned Into a Surprise HitDid they remind you of the ‘Toy Story 3’ martians?
  7. upfronts 2010
    Your Vulture Upfronts: Judge the New Fox DramasCheck out ‘Lonestar’ and ‘Ride-Along.’
  8. upfronts 2010
    Your Vulture Upfronts: Judge the New Fox ComediesOne from the ‘Arrested Development’ team, one cartoon, and two horrible puns.
  9. overnights
    The Amazing Race Finale Recap: May the Force (and a Kindly Stewardess) Be With YouOne team’s finagling their way to first class on the final flight seals their victory.
  10. overnights
    The Amazing Race Recap: Mind Over BladderBrent begs Caite to let him urinate during a Detour, but she has no sympathy for his shaking hands.
  11. overnights
    The Amazing Race Recap: Sputtering in ShanghaiThe world’s formerly smallest man makes a non sequitur of an appearance, while Michael’s inability to solve a puzzle brings back memories of the Globetrotters unscrambling “Kafka.”
  12. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: U-Turned in SingaporeWhen one team U-Turns another, the victims bitterly trash-talk all the way across the land.
  13. overnights
    The Amazing Race Recap: We Need a Better Class of VillainThe teams take a sweaty dash through Malaysia, as the cowboys fight elimination. But is it much of a fight?
  14. you’re fired
    Predicting the Rest of the Celebrity Apprentice Firings, Based Purely on Trump PsychologyYou don’t even have to watch the show, you just have to know how the Donald’s mind works.
  15. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: Hit In the CoconutsIn the Seychelles, teams are foiled by a single dropped coconut. Plus, the awkward product placement of the week!
  16. clap on clap off
    The Curious Case of American Idol’s Mime ApplauderEverything was there except the actual collision of two hands.
  17. the big screen
    Kirstie Alley’s Big Life: An Exercise in GluttonyAnyone who has her own zoo has indulgence problems that go beyond cupcakes.
  18. overnights
    The Amazing Race Recap: Break Out the BubblyIn the Champagne Thunderdome, two clueless teams enter, and one clueless team leaves.
  19. overnights
    Race Recap: War Reenactment Is HellThe biggest casualty from a WWI battlefield comes with a U-Turn.
  20. overnights
    Race Recap: Sauerkraut and BeerThe teams easily vanquish the Hamburg sauerkraut and beer challenges, though they likely finish with the worst breath ever.
  21. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: Oscar Roadblock!The ‘Race’ recap has been postponed for 24 hours on account of celebrity self-congratulation.
  22. Watch Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin’s Best Oscar MomentsIn anyone’s else’s hands, this material would have died like the Oscar chances of ‘The Lovely Bones.’
  23. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: Get Back on the Fake HorseThe cowboys easily handle the ranchlike tasks, while everyone else is confounded by even a fake horse.
  24. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: Dope vs. Dope vs. ProducersJed and Cord emerge as heroes, while Jeff and Jordan show the advantages of knowing you’re not that bright.
  25. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: More stereotypes than ever!Two ‘Big Brother’ alums and a beauty-pageant contestant famous for inarticulateness lead the pack.
  26. rebirth
    Welcome to the Vulture Reboot!Trust us, there are too many new features to include in one measly promo line.
  27. vulture endorses
    Vulture Endorses: The BBC’s The In-BetweenersWe’ve got a new comedy for you to watch. You’re welcome.
  28. kudos
    Video: Golden Globes in 20 Seconds
  29. kudos
    Your Video Wrap-up of Ricky Gervais Hosting the Golden GlobesFrom his annual standoff with Steve Carell to his wicked Mel Gibson jab, it’s all here.
  30. kudos
    Ephron Not Happy About Julie & Julia’s Globes LossShe is caught tearing up her now-moot acceptance speech on camera.