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  1. pop culture memory lane
    How a Return of the Jedi Speeder-Bike Fantasy Failed a Young BoyIn the latest “Pop Culture Memory Lane,” watch author B.C. Edwards recount how he learned that movies were not real, and he would never own a light saber.
  2. pop culture memory lane
    When Garfunkel and Oates Met John OatesIn this “Pop Culture Memory Lane” video, the comedy singing duo recall how their namesake gave them their “Maneater” moment.
  3. pop culture memory lane
    How Harry Anderson’s Daughter Ruined Frank ‘Dune’ Herbert’s DayIn this “Pop Culture Memory Lane” video, the comedian tells how bursting into tears when her Night Court–star dad took her on Merv Griffin’s show affected the Dune author.
  4. pop culture memory lane
    When Harrison Ford Played Paintball Like Han SoloIn this edition of “Pop Culture Memory Lane,” Will Hines tells of how his surprise multicolored battle against Ford lived up to the comic’s every Star Wars fantasy.
  5. pop culture memory lane
    How Jim O’Heir Gave Mary Tyler Moore the Very Wrong IdeaAt an eighties SNL party, the Parks & Rec star was determined to meet his idol. Then things went wrong.
  6. pop culture memory lane
    How John Cho Got Slapped Down by MorrisseyThe Harold and Kumar star learned an important lesson about celebrity honesty.
  7. pop culture memory lane
    When Paul Scheer Got the Brush-Off from Robert Downey Jr.In our second “Pop Culture Memory Lane” installment, the NTSF star tells of his very uncomfortable Comic-Con encounter with Iron Man.
  8. emmys 2012
    The Best Frozen Moments From the 2012 EmmysRelive the immobile glory with Jon Hamm, Amy Poehler, and Max “Schmidt” Greenfield’s cameo as a Tracy Morgan dragger.
  9. pop culture memory lane
    How Casey Wilson Kidnapped a Rent ActorIn this new co-production with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Wilson (and her animated self) remembers her near-kidnapping of a Rent understudy.
  10. video
    See Steve Martin’s Unearthed ‘Elephant Guy’ SketchComedy fans rejoice: It’s part of a new DVD collection of his long-lost TV specials.
  11. face off
    Clint and Invisible Obama: A Good Comedy Team?Do they make a better half-visible duo than Calvin and Hobbes? Elwood and Harvey the rabbit?
  12. video
    Video: Real Housewives of NYC Skinny-Dip“Look at your heinies!”
  13. thug life
    Boardwalk Empire’s New Poster Foreshadows a More Brutal Nucky“You can’t be half a gangster.”
  14. video
    See Childrens Hospital’s Good Old-Fashioned Blood FightThe O-positive flies in a music video soundtracked by the Shins.
  15. most valuable stars
    How Vulture Ranked Its Most Valuable StarsThis wasn’t done on a whim, people: A statistician and some hard math were involved.
  16. slideshow
    See Long-Lost Shots of the Rolling Stones in the Exile on Main St. EraKeith, Mick, et al., 40 years ago, all young and dangerous in the studio and on tour.
  17. video
    Watch a Live-Action Re-creation of Futurama’s Opening CreditsRocket ships on sticks, cardboard hovercars on pulleys.
  18. pop culture parenthood
    How a Panicky Father of Girls Came to Terms With GirlsJudd Apatow was there to talk him through it.
  19. where’s the beef
    Other Eighties Props That Rock of Ages Should Have Forced InStacee Jaxx should totally have gotten it on with Clara “Where’s the Beef?” Peller and a Swatch Watch.
  20. the defense rests
    We Double Down on Our Enraging Mad Men Divorce PostCommenters got pretty angry when we said the number of divorces weren’t era-accurate, but allow us to submit some more stats just for fun.
  21. you’re welcome
    Adorkazilla and Sixteen Other Suggestions for Trendy Syfy MoviesAfter Jersey Shore Shark Attack, the network will be looking for more TV hits to bloody up.
  22. remedial studies
    Robert Downey Jr. Wants to Teach You MathHe is constantly giving arithmetic lessons on the red carpet.
  23. charts
    See Vulture’s Map of the Comedy ZeitgeistAll roads lead to Judd Apatow. (And Ben Stiller.) (And Will Ferrell.)
  24. cocoon
    Bruce Springsteen, Life Giver to the Middle-AgedWhen he slows down, what hope is there for his aging fans?
  25. please turn off your cell phones
    Tell Us Your Worst Moviegoing ExperienceWe’ll collect the best (by which we mean most awful) anecdotes of fistfights, bodily fluids, and flashings for a slideshow.
  26. comings and goings
    SNL History Lesson: Wiig, Sudeikis and Samberg Should Leave After This YearLet’s see when other SNL stars checked out …
  27. drama derby
    The Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years, Round One: The Shield vs. NYPD BlueDoes one go with the pioneer, or the one who built on his forefather’s groundbreaking work?
  28. rock of aging
    David Lee Roth: The Conundrum of a Formerly Flamboyant Front Man in His FiftiesFans want him to be his 1984 self, even though in practice that would be innately creepy.
  29. oscars 2012
    The Best Frozen Moments of the 2012 OscarsMilla Jovovich holds a grudge, Octavia Spenser reverse faints, and two photobombers, only one of them intentional.
  30. ta da!
    Welcome to the New — Literally!Same great site, more appropriate URL.
  31. The Best Frozen Moments from the 2012 Golden GlobesSofia Vergara making her Modern Family character look restrained, Nicole Kidman giving the stinkeye, and many many more glimpses of the audience.
  32. video
    Watch Zoe Caldwell Sumptuously Improvise As a Rich XenophobePhotographer Brigitte Lacombe filmed her slipping in and out of her Elective Affinities Upper Manhattan socialite character.
  33. vulture on set
    See Shots of an Adrenaline-Cranked Sequence From the Spider-Man RebootYou’re gonna want to sit down, because even without moving pictures, things get crazy in these on-set photos.
  34. See Beaker’s Secret, Pre-Bunsen Honeydew PastVintage photographs uncovered that find the Muppet Lab sidekick meeping in the Old West, and by the sides of JFK and Elvis.
  35. mr. manners
    John Hodgman’s Handy Guide to Mustache EtiquetteTwirling your ‘stache: One hand or two? And should you attempt “the Hitler,” if only for a moment? Hodgman has the answers!
  36. stories
    Vulture’s Handy Guide to the Nine Types of Concept AlbumsAn unlikely messiah! Glamorous crimes! Dystopia!
  37. ennui
    Why Hit Reality-Show Casts Never Stay HappyThe ‘Jersey Shore’ cast went the bored, jaded way of the NYC Real Housewives, Nick and Jessica, and ‘The Hills’ in later seasons: Why can’t any show hold onto the joy?
  38. slideshow
    See New York’s Behind-the-Scenes Photo Gallery of Bored to DeathTed Danson dreams the impossible dream as Don Quixote as Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis look on.
  39. emmys 2011
    The Best Frozen Moments From This Year’s EmmysA stunned Melissa McCarthy, an unamused Hugh Laurie, and Kyle Chandler at his Coach-iest.
  40. tv
    Parks and Recreation Showrunner Michael Schur Gives a Master Class on CheersThe writer waxes rhapsodic about just why the Ted Danson classic is the perfect sitcom, and how it influenced his own show.
  41. exclusive
    Sample Some Childrens Hospital SpinoffsGet a glimpse of ‘Locked in Doctorin” and ‘Doctors With Borders,’ which will be showcased in next week’s season finale of the Adult Swim comedy.
  42. contests
    We Have a ‘Polite Godfather’ Winner!And the iPad goes to …
  43. contest
    Win an iPad by Playing ‘Polite Godfather’ With VultureTweet us a Miss Manners–ized Corleone quote; the best will get the prize!
  44. video
    Big Brother’s Adam Really Wants You to Know He Loves Heavy MetalWatch the many ways in which he cannot stress it enough.
  45. art candy
    Take a Rare Glimpse at Chinese Dissident Artist Ai Weiwei’s Early Photos of New York CityRight after he was released from a Chinese prison, his early photos are being exhibited in New York.
  46. product placement
    Men of a Certain Age Ups the Product-Placement AnteSetting scenes in a car dealership was step one. Step two: product testing!
  47. pop quiz
    Can You Tell the Difference Between Nicolas Cage’s On- and Off-screen Crazy Talk?“Do you love her? Because if you don’t, I’ll kick your ass!” Movie, or New Orleans freak-out?
  48. video
    Watch Casey Abrams’s Dramatic Breakdown After the American Idol SaveIs this what it looks like when someone’s stomach implodes?
  49. overnights
    Meet Vulture’s New Celebrity Apprentice Recapper, Tom Scharpling of ‘The Best Show’We submit him to a brief questionnaire to make sure his credentials are in order.
  50. exclusive
    Kabletown Eerily Takes Over 30 Rock the Same Day Comcast Takes Over NBCReal and satiric worlds collide!
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