Julie Gerstein

  1. the whitney
    The Met Plans to Take Over the Whitney BuildingWhen the Whitney leaves its current spot in 2015.
  2. sad news
    Ed Wood Muse Dolores Fuller DeadShe starred opposite Wood in ‘Glen or Glenda.’
  3. clickables
    Watch an Animated Explanation of Why the Schwarzeneggers’ Marriage FailedNext Media Animation does it again.
  4. clickables
    Watch a Commercial for David Lynch’s David Lynch Signature Organic CoffeeYep, it’s weird.
  5. upfronts 2011
    Fox Picks Up Four Pilots, Cancels Five Series [Update]A good night for Zooey Deschanel and JJ Abrams, a bad night for Christian Slater and ‘The Chicago Code.’
  6. babies
    Alicia Silverstone Named Her Child Something RidiculousLike, Gwyneth Paltrow ridiculous.
  7. paris hilton
    Paris Hilton Apologizes to Lindsay LohanSkank pot calling skank kettle black?
  8. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: Thor Smashes Fast FivePlus: Macaws beat ‘The Beaver’ by a long shot.
  9. x factor
    Paula Abdul’s In at X Factor“I can’t believe I am saying this — I have missed her a lot.”
  10. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Michael Bolton Wins, Osama LosesOh hey, did you know Tina Fey was pregnant?
  11. sunrise sunset
    Jeff Zucker’s Kid Couldn’t Get Kanye West for His Bar MitzvahSo he got Drake instead.
  12. glee
    GLAAD Mad at Houston Affiliate Over GleeWants an apology for an “Is TV Too Gay?” segment.
  13. clickables
    Watch Insane Clown Posse’s Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J Dis Water for ElephantsBut they loved ‘The Notebook.’
  14. hipsters
    How to Make It In America Wants Your Hipster ChildrenReal recognizes real.
  15. clickables
    Watch Terrence Howard Try to Talk a Guy Off a LedgeIt’s called ‘The Ledge.’
  16. clickables
    Watch Hitler Mourn the Loss of His Buddy Osama bin LadenThings hadn’t really been the same since he got his new iPhone.
  17. ben kingsley
    Ben Kingsley to Team Up With Sacha Baron CohenOn a film about a lovable dictator!
  18. royal wedding countdown
    Morrissey Wants No Part of This Royal-Wedding BusinessLet’s get back to crying and gladiolas already.
  19. dionne warwick
    Dionne Warwick Sues Baby It’s You ProducersWhat would her psychic friends say?
  20. three stooges
    Jane Lynch Genuflects for The Three StoogesFrom ‘Glee’ to the nunnery.
  21. clickables
    Watch the Official Trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2Epic!
  22. ice age
    Jeremy Renner and J.Lo Join Ice Age 4J.Lo plays a tiger, duh.
  23. clickables
    Watch a Promo for the New Aqua Teen Hunger ForceQOTSA! Meatwad!
  24. cw
    CW Gives Five Shows Early RenewalsModels and rich kids and vampires, oh my!
  25. youtube
    YouTube to Launch Movies On DemandIt’ll compete with iTunes!
  26. hard time
    Lindsay Lohan Will Be a Janitor at a Morgue“She won’t be handling any dead bodies but she’ll certainly see them.”
  27. the borgias
    The Borgias Gets a Second GoSex and popes sell.
  28. clickables
    Watch Christoph Waltz Execute American Idol’s Steven TylerHe’s not a fan of ‘Idol.’
  29. mel-o-drama
    Mel Gibson Breaks His SilenceOn Jodie Foster: “I’d give her a pedicure every day of the week if I could.”
  30. clickables
    Watch Parks and Rec’s Tom Haverford Explain Zerts and AppsAnd Food Rakes.
  31. clickables
    Watch Emma Roberts Play a Toothy Muse in The Art of Getting ByShe stars with Freddie Highmore.
  32. chris colfer
    Chris Colfer Wrote a TV Show, TooGlee’s Kurt likes children’s stories.
  33. sequels
    Thor and Captain America Score SequelsSuperhero saturation.
  34. it’s friday
    Rebecca Black Is Receiving Death ThreatsSome people really, really hate “Friday.”
  35. clickables
    Watch John C. Reilly Act Like John C. Reilly in the Trailer for TerriIt’s everything you’d expect.
  36. hunger games
    Elizabeth Banks Gets HungryShe’s in talks to star in ‘Hunger Games.’
  37. clickables
    Watch a Trailer for Monopoly, the MovieAll the imagery is there.
  38. clickables
    See Taylor Lautner Run in New Abduction StillSorry, he’s wearing a shirt.
  39. jennifer lopez
    Jennifer Lopez Is the Most Beautiful Woman in the WorldAnd ‘American Idol’ is so proud.
  40. war horse
    What It’s Like to Be a War Horse“We don’t call them puppets … We call them horses.”
  41. oprah
    Buying Ad Time on Oprah’s Last Show Will Cost YouAlmost as much as the Academy Awards.
  42. american idiot
    American Idiot Will Be Made Into MovieFrom album to musical to movie, of course.
  43. alec baldwin
    Alec Baldwin Signs On to New Woody Allen FilmReunited, and it feels so good.
  44. james franco
    Did James Franco’s Oscar Performance Ruin It for Your Highness?Or maybe it’s just terrible?
  45. samantha ronson
    Samantha Ronson Wiped Out on Her BikeAnd got twelve stitches.
  46. ben affleck
    Ben Affleck May Play Tom Buchanan in The Great GatsbyEh.
  47. george lucas
    George Lucas’s Daughter to Defend Her Cagefighting RecordYeah, you heard what we said.
  48. mariah carey
    How Nick Cannon Svengalied a Nude Mariah Carey Magazine Cover“Baby, I have this great idea: Let’s get you nude in a national magazine.”
  49. today show
    Matt Lauer Is Probably Leaving Today, TooSomewhere, Al Roker is drinking alone.
  50. tina fey
    Tina Fey Is Pregnant!Babies, babies everywhere!
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