1. music
    Why Titus Andronicus Made Its Very Own Sitcom PilotIt’s an album rollout stunt that critiques album rollout stunts. And it’s funny too!
  2. Why Judd Apatow and Pete Holmes Wrote Crashing’s Emotional Artie Lange Episode“He said to us, ‘I wish I could take back that day when I first tried heroin.’”
  3. An Unconnected Group of Indie-Rock Bands Search for Meaning in a Difficult WorldFrom LCD Soundsystem to Wolf Parade, indie bands are asking big questions about life, without much hope of finding answers.
  4. chat room
    Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim on Bedtime Stories and Awesome Show’s Influence“There’s a lot of people trying to be weird out there on the internet, but we just stick to our guns.”
  5. The Heady, Cinematic Music of Jim Jarmusch and Carter Logan“I talk slow, I love music, so maybe I have a slow rhythm in me.”