1. tv
    Take Vulture’s Breaking Bad Superfan QuizTen years after Breaking Bad debuted, how well do you know Walter White’s story?
  2. quotables
    Play With Our Cookie Lyon Wisdom Generator — You’ll Learn Something“The name’s Cookie. Ask about me.”
  3. rip lil guy
    Play an 8-Bit-Style Parks and Recreation Flappy Li’l Sebastian Video-GameCatch the carrots and waffles. Stay away from the Sweetums. 
  4. vulture quiz
    Are You Fluent in Beyoncé? Take Vulture’s Beyoncé SAT ExamCheck your ego at the door.
  5. vulture quiz
    Test Your Must-See-TV Knowledge by Taking the Friends SAT ExamDo you have what it takes to get into Vulture University?
  6. vulture originals
    Make Your Own Sons of Anarchy Leather JacketAre you a (wo)man of mayhem?
  7. vulture quiz
    How Much Do You Know About American Horror Story? Take Our SAT ExamLose this one, and we might just burn you at the stake. 
  8. generators
    Make Your Own Scandal MonologueIt’s handled!
  9. streaming week
    Test Your Knowledge of Springfield With This Simpsons SATYou may receive detention and might have to write forever on a chalkboard if you fail this.
  10. vulture quiz
    Quiz: How Well Are You Prepared for the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards? Take our 2014 Video Music Awards quiz.
  11. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Match the Movie President to His Movie Speech“We will not go quietly into the night.”
  12. vulture quiz
    Quiz: How Well Can You Spell the Words From Last Night’s Spelling Bee Final?How well could you spell the words from last night’s Bee?
  13. ready player one
    Get Tyrion Drunk in Our Game of Thrones Video GameJust make sure to stumble out of the way of the falling swords.
  14. ready player one
    Play Vulture’s 8-Bit-Style Mad Men Video GameDon’t let Don sober up!
  15. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Can You Tell These YA Stories Apart?Which one has the werewolf? And the sorting ceremony?
  16. paper dolls
    Here Are Vulture’s Scandal Paper DollsEnjoy, Gladiators.
  17. games
    Test Your Oscar Memory With Our Tricky QuizDo you remember some of the more obscure nominations earned by Leo, Kate, and Brad?
  18. vulture quiz
    Name That Tune Quiz: Britney Spears EditionTake the quiz, one more time!
  19. fame in 1998
    1998 Quiz: How Well Do You Remember These Celebrity Quotes?Warning: This one is for 1998 memory wizards only — it’s pretty tricky. No “I’m King of the World!” here.
  20. quiz
    Take Vulture’s Catching Fire Superfan QuizDo you feel the hunger … for a quiz about the second Hunger Games book?
  21. quiz
    Quiz: Can You Identify 20 Horror Movies From Their IMDb Plot Keywords?Questions, bloody questions.
  22. quiz
    Take Vulture’s Breaking Bad Superfan QuizHow well do you know the people, places, and things from Vince Gilligan’s imminently departing AMC series?
  23. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Which Jared Leto Is Older? It’s true; he’s a vampire.
  24. quiz
    Rom-Com Film Quiz: Guess the Rotten Tomato ScoreCome as close as you can to the correct percentage.
  25. quiz
    Vulture Quiz: Can You Guess 20 Movie Comedies From Their IMDb Plot Keywords?Is “talking through one’s buttocks” not clear enough for you?
  26. Take Vulture’s Matt Damon Hair Quiz and Guess What Movie Each Do Is FromShort hair, long hair, nineties middle-parted hair: How well do you know Damon’s dos?
  27. quiz
    Quiz: Can You Match Mark Wahlberg’s Abs to the Movie?Can you tell his Pain & Gain abs from his Boogie Nights abs from his Basketball Diaries abs?
  28. quiz
    Summer Movie Quiz: Guess the Rotten Tomato ScoreCome as close as you can to the correct percentage.
  29. quiz
    Quiz: Name That Tune, TV Theme Song EditionCan you name these memorable television jingles?
  30. Quiz: Which Pharrell Is Older? The man does not age.
  31. vulture quiz
    Mother’s Day Quiz: Match Advice to Movie MomsFirst take this quiz, then call your mom.
  32. you win or you die
    Game of Thrones Death Generator: How Would You Die in Westeros?Disemboweled by the Hound? Falling off the Wall? Mace or ax? See how you meet your maker!