1. vulture lists
    63 Celebrities Recall Their First Concert MemoriesPeruse the memories of celebs ranging from Haim and 50 Cent to Brian Williams and Greta Gerwig.
  2. favorites!
    Comedians Recall Their Fave Key & Peele SketchesFrom Nick Kroll and Ken Marino to the Lucas Bros. and David Cross.
  3. memory lane
    John Oliver, Will Arnett, and More Share Their Favorite Jon Stewart MemoriesBush vs. Bush, 2003.
  4. party chats
    The Walking Dead’s Daryl Would Feast on MichonneHe plays Candy Crush to get into character.
  5. party chats
    Mae Whitman Has a Parenthood Moment Onstage“Lauren Graham is my idol and my hero.”
  6. mad men
    Sarah Silverman and More on Mad Men Memories“I don’t think I’ve ever, in any R-rated movie, in anything, seen period blood.”
  7. party chat
    PSA: Kumail Nanjiani Is Not Kunal Nayyar“I had a reviewer tell me that I’m also in Big Bang Theory.
  8. party chat
    How Silicon Valley Tops ‘Hand-Job Math’“It involves other species.”
  9. party chat
    Will Girls Run the World on Game of Thrones This Season?Could the War of Five Kings turn into the War of Five Queens?
  10. party chat
    Who’s Got the Best Beard on Game of Thrones?We asked the cast to find out.
  11. baby watch
    J the V Stars Promise ‘Unexpected’ Baby BirthIn the meantime, Rogelio can’t stop drumming on that baby bump.
  12. paleyfest
    Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez: The Latino Community Needs to Unite“They see us as one community and we need to be one community.”
  13. carpet dispatch
    The Unsexiest Moments From Outlander’s SetHorse flatulence, spiders, and modesty pouches.
  14. paleyfest
    How Broad City and Workaholics Raised Red Flags at Comedy Central“We really fought for it, and it made it in.”
  15. oscars
    Vulture’s Behind-the-Scenes Oscar-Party Timeline“It’s like, ‘Common, knock it off.’”
  16. the writer’s room
    ACS Writers on Adapting the O.J. Trial for TV“The show is about how it affected us all.”
  17. party chat
    Stephen Colbert Comes Out As Irish-American“The real Stephen Colbert had a beard the whole time.”
  18. party chat
    Colbert Always Knew Steve Carell Had a Psychopath Inside of Him“I was in no way surprised that Steve could be a soulless, terrifying person.”
  19. party chat
    Do You Want a Now and Then Remake?The director of the 1995 slumber-party staple has had discussions about bringing it back.
  20. party lines
    Questlove’s New Favorite Drummer? Blue Ivy!Yes, that Blue Ivy.
  21. iggy azalea
    CeeLo, Charli XCX, and Kenny G Weigh In on the Iggy Azalea ControversyKenny G: “I don’t listen to that crap.”
  22. party chat
    Game of Thrones Cast Attends Awards Show Together, Has FunFrom Sunday’s Screen Actor’s Guild awards.
  23. party chat
    Wendell Pierce on Selma Snub: ‘The People’s Reaction Speaks for Itself’“We are missing out on so many great stories.”
  24. oscars 2015
    Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs on Selma Snubs, Lack of DiversityWhat did she have to say about the Academy’s so-called diversity problem?
  25. on the scene
    The 2015 Golden Globes: Vulture’s Epic On-the-Scene Party TimelineFour days of parties!
  26. behind the curtain
    7 Hollywood Insiders on What the Sony Hacks Reveal About How Hollywood Works“It’s like a shoving match, but verbal.”
  27. party chat
    What Other Hollywood Executives Have to Say About the Sony Hack“It kind of terrified all of us.” 
  28. party chat
    Gone Girl Writer and Co-stars Offer Hot Takes on Ben Affleck’s Penis“I appreciate his dedication to his craft.”
  29. party chat
    Joss Whedon on Feminism, Avengers Leaks, and Marvel’s Big Slate“Should Idris Elba receive an email from me, there might be an attitude of scold.”
  30. party chat
    Mark Ruffalo Isn’t Sure Which New Marvel Films He’ll Be Making“I’m still waiting to hear how many they want me for!”
  31. party chats
    George R.R. Martin to Prioritize Book Over ShowGo, GRRM!