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  1. rolling the dice
    Joe Manganiello Wrote a Draft for His Very Own Dungeons & Dragons MovieSomeone’s feeling very Dungeon Master.
  2. trailer mix
    Tupac Tries to Lead From the Inside in New All Eyez on Me Trailer“You gotta enter in somebody’s world in order to lead.”
  3. whijo forever
    Blessed Be, White Josh Was Rightfully Made Series Regular on Crazy Ex-GirlfriendCue overenthusiastic Daryl response.
  4. last night on late night
    Somehow the Girls of Girls All Still Talk to Each Other in Their Golden YearsSenior citizenship is what it takes for Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shosh to all share a scene.
  5. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Paints a Portrait of Friendship-Bracelet-Worthy Trump–Fox News BondIntroducing Trump, a more opinionated TV Guide.
  6. gag gifts
    Adele Gave Harry Styles an Extremely Braggy 21st Birthday Present21 was kind of a milestone for Adele, you know.
  7. casting couch
    Christian Bale and Amy Adams May Hustle America Anew With Dick Cheney BiopicWith Steve Carell as a potential Donald Rumsfeld.
  8. diversity
    Marvel VP of Sales Says Fans Seem Uninterested in Diversity or Female Characters“What we heard was that people didn’t want any more diversity. They didn’t want female characters out there.”
  9. second first looks
    Enjoy a First Look at Emily Blunt’s Face in Mary Poppins ReturnsStill in profile, alas.
  10. career counseling
    Elton John Was Instrumental in Ed Sheeran’s Yearlong HiatusWise counsel.
  11. a pleasant surprise
    You Can Watch the Rick and Morty Season 3 Premiere Right NowSome salve for those tender April Fools’ Day burns.
  12. found footage
    Sinbad’s Lost Shazaam Movie Found Just in Time for April Fools’ DayThe internet believed so hard it came true.
  13. Jude Law’s Persnickety About Prospect of Dethronement in New King Arthur TrailerKing Arthur, now Hamlet-infused.
  14. knuckle sandwiches
    Justin Trudeau Has a Rather Undiplomatic Response to That Matthew Perry BeatingOh, Canada.
  15. fake trailer mix
    Colton Haynes Is Daddy (Warbucks) in Kathy Griffin’s Fake Grannie TrailerTogether at last.
  16. last night on late night
    Victoria Beckham and James Corden Do Carpool Karaoke … As a Mannequin Remake?It’s Lars and the Spice Girl.
  17. right click
    Bleachers Gives ‘Don’t Take the Money,’ Featuring LordeThe band is as ’80s-inspired as ever.
  18. dream casting couch
    Jon Favreau Reportedly After Beyoncé to Be Live-Action Lion King’s NalaWhy wait for a king when Beyoncé’s already a queen?
  19. behind the scenes
    Holy Hell Does Charlie Hunnam Have Some The Lost City of Z Horror StoriesA beetle burrowed into his ear, among other obstacles.
  20. last night on late night
    Donald Trump, Paul Ryan Do Thelma & Louise in Samantha Bee’s Trumpcare BreakdownGlorious, in a certain sense.
  21. in richard simmon's eyes
    Missing Richard Simmons Creator Left a Boom Box on Simmons’s Stoop to No AvailThe boom box was a failed grand gesture once more.
  22. trailer mix
    Yes, We Will Watch Constance Wu Puke in the Trailer for Hulu’s Dimension 404A first look at the show that bore a Lea Michele–Robert Buckley romance is here.
  23. method makeup-ing
    It Took 200 Hours in a Makeup Chair to Turn Gary Oldman Into Winston ChurchillTime well spent.
  24. drug possession
    Adam Pally Charged With Cocaine, Marijuana PossessionCops reportedly caught Pally smoking marijuana from an e-cig.
  25. billboard charts
    Drake Gets Another No. 1 Album and a Streaming Record With More LifeMore Life, no problems.
  26. lowering the veil
    Aaron Sorkin Reportedly Surprised to Learn Hollywood’s Diversity Problem Exists“Are you saying that women and minorities have a more difficult time getting their stuff read than white men?”
  27. fan theories
    Mandy Moore and Her Horrified Face Don’t Endorse Your Grim Tangled-Frozen TheoryNot so clever this time, fans.
  28. controversies
    Jessica Henwick Talks ‘Hard’ Choice to Do Iron Fist Amid Appropriation Firestorm“I’m Asian. I’m an actor. If anyone understands the conversation, it’s me.”
  29. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Trailer: Frances McDormand Fights CopsOne way or another, Frances McDormand gets her message across.
  30. the creative process
    A Starbucks Order Mangling Gave a Rogue One Planet Its NameGareth … Scarif. Pretty close.
  31. open to interpretation
    James Blunt Dispels the ‘F*cked Up’ Notion That ‘You’re Beautiful’ Is Romantic“It’s about a guy who’s high as a f*cking kite on drugs.”
  32. roll clip!
    Liam Neeson, Anna Kendrick, John Boyega Want to Be Stephen Hawking’s New VoiceEddie Redmayne isn’t dealing with this dude again without a big payday.
  33. foresight is 20/20
    The Fate of a Character Missing From the Love Actually Sequel Isn’t So CharmingImprobably good luck can’t last.
  34. last night on late night
    Take That Joins James Corden for an Extremely British Carpool KaraokeTake That takes America!
  35. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers on How Health-Care Fight Has Reduced John McCain to an EmojiHold on to your prostate screenings, it’s going to be a rough ride.
  36. star wars: the last jedi
    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Won’t Change at All Because of Carrie Fisher’s DeathThe movie won’t reflect her passing.
  37. right click
    Kendrick Lamar Is Back With a New Single, ‘The Heart Part 4’All signs point to it being the first release from IV.
  38. terms of employment
    Artie Lange and HBO Disagree Over If HBO Fired Him From Crashing for Drug ArrestLange was arrested for cocaine and heroin possession last week.
  39. The Casting JonBenét Trailer Cues Up the Creepy Precocious Kid FactorCreepy child acting galore.
  40. murder mysteries
    In Cold Blood Killer Wrote His Own Manuscript That Truman Capote Knew AboutThere is reason to suspect Capote tried to suppress its publication.
  41. creative collaborations
    The Black Eyed Peas Are Making a Zombie Graphic Novel for MarvelIt’s called Masters of the Sun — The Zombie Chronicles.
  42. personal preferences
    If Mads Mikkelsen Wanted to Kill You, He Would Use His HandsEverybody has their own preamble to cannibalism, we suppose.
  43. for better or for worse
    Ellen DeGeneres May Be the Root of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s Marital StrifeSometimes these things just happen, and sometimes, it’s Ellen’s fault.
  44. dream casting
    Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis to Star in The Spy Who Dumped MeMission: Impeccable.
  45. drug possession
    Comedian Artie Lange Arrested for Coke and Heroin PossessionThe Crashing actor says he understands if HBO has to fire him.
  46. sports ball
    Bill Murray Goes Full Proud Papa Rooting for Xavier in NCAA Tournament GameWatch Bill Murray watch sports.
  47. casting couch
    Mission: Impossible 6 Gets Another Strong-Jawed Star in Henry CavillBringing more brute force.
  48. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Is Still Waiting to Get Tired of All of Donald Trump’s WinningYou have not seen Seth Meyers mad until you have seen Seth Meyers discuss Meals on Wheels.
  49. dashed dreams
    Rihanna Won’t Star in That Adam Driver Musical After AllA promise, stolen.
  50. trailer mix
    Children Disconcertingly Pull Focus in New Transformers: The Last Knight TrailerSmash, precocious remark, smash, smash.
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