1. backstories
    How You Transformed Penn Badgley Into a Creepy DreamboatIt’s hard work to make a guy that handsome into a believable creepmobile.
  2. twitter justice
    The Latest YA Twitter Pile On Forces a Rising Star to Self-CancelAmélie Wen Zhao won a huge book deal, but succumbed to a campaign alleging Blood Heir’s insensitivity months before its publication.
  3. end of an era
    The Millions Will Live on, But the Indie Book Blog Is DeadSerious readers’ favorite source of outsider reviews, just acquired by Publishers Weekly, was essentially the last of its kind.
  4. appropriation
    New Plagiarism Accusations Spark a Twitter Debate on ‘After’ PoemsAnother poet accused of theft — or is it just a centuries-old form of homage?
  5. plagiarism
    Poetry Twitter Erupts Over a Plagiarist in Their MidstAiley O’Toole was a young poet on the rise, until colleagues found she’d stolen their verse.
  6. backstories
    How The Alienist Re-created 1896 New York in Budapest“Just when we thought the show was going to die a sad death, someone said, ‘Have you thought of Budapest?’”
  7. Why Did a Texas School District Ban the Year’s Most Popular YA Book?Katy Independent School District superintendent Lance Hindt appears to have flouted his district’s policies to pull the book from shelves.
  8. Kirkus Editor-in-Chief Explains Why They Altered That American Heart ReviewEarlier this week, the magazine pulled a review amid online criticism of the book.
  9. young adult fiction
    The Toxic Drama on YA TwitterYoung-adult books are being targeted in intense social-media callouts, draggings, and pile-ons — sometimes before anybody’s even read them.
  10. tropes
    How Stranger Things Subverts the ‘Douchebag Boyfriend’ ’80s-Movie TropeWhen it comes to the show’s teen love triangle, it becomes more about subverting classic ‘80s tropes than honoring them.
  11. sculder
    A Brief History of Mulder and Scully’s Once-Controversial RomanceThe shippers versus the noromos.